BREAKING: Gander Mountain Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy & Will CLOSE 32 Stores

Gander Mountain

Many people predicted the fate of Gander Mountain and now more information is surfacing. By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy it allows Gander Mountain to clean up their dirty laundry, consolidate as needed, and potentially sell the company without too much disruption for their customers. Gander Mountain‘s timeline is looking loosely like this:

  1. Solicit Bids for their company in late April
  2. Present the Winning Bid in Bankruptcy Court in early May
  3. Close the Sale of their company by May 15th

If it seems like a fast and aggressive timeline; it is. Gander Mountain made a public statement Friday regarding the matter:

Like many retailers, Gander Mountain experienced challenging traffic patterns and shifts in consumer demand resulting from increased direct-to-customer sales by key vendors and accelerated growth of e-commerce. Despite aggressive actions to improve the efficiency of the company’s retail operations and support functions, the underlying financial impact from under-performing stores and unproductive, excess inventory hampered efforts to create a sustainable path forward.

A lot of these statements echo throughout the entire firearms industry. Brick ‘n mortar retailers, both large and small, are continually battling low prices seen on the internet viewed as a race to the bottom. Low prices, regardless of where they are found, are openly welcomed by consumers, but as seen with the case of Sports Authority, Gander Mountain, Radio Shack, and many others it can lead to their potential demise.

Gander Mountain also posted a statement on their Facebook page that can be seen below that was called “A Letter to Our Customers.”.

Gander Mountain

“A Letter to Our Customers”

In all, Gander Mountain will be closing 32 of its 162 stores in the immediate future. That amounts to 19.7% of their stores that span over 26 states. The breakdown of store closures looks like this:

  • Texas [10] – Houston, Killeen, Laredo, Lubbock, Round Rock, San Antonio, Sugar Land, Texarkana, Waco, West Houston
  • Alabama [4] – Gadsden, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa
  • Georgia [3] – Augusta, McDonough, Snellville
  • Illinois [3] – Algonquin, Champaign, Springfield
  • Minnesota [3] – Mankato, Rogers, Woodbury
  • Indiana [2] – Greenfield, Merrillville
  • North Carolina [2] – Raleigh, South Charlotte
  • Wisconsin [2] – Eau Claire, Germantown
  • New York [1] – New Hartford
  • Tennessee [1] – Chattanooga
  • West Virginia [1] – Charleston

At this time, Gander Mountain also stated that all employees will continue to receive their paychecks as scheduled and will retain any benefits they are owed.

In the coming months you will be seeing a lot of moving and shaking between Gander Mountain, Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shops.


The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • iksnilol


    What was that about spreading false rumors and whatnot ? Up yours, GM, up yours.

    • baserock love

      Yeah, i wonder if those people are gonna how up lol.

      • Paul White

        can’t afford paid posters if you’re bankrupt

        • baserock love

          I bet those people are busy shopping their resumes around and drinking heavily haha.

          • Paul White

            Don’t we all do that on Saturdays?

          • iksnilol

            Only on saturdays?

          • Marc

            On days that end with a Y.

          • GriffonClaw

            But only after a days work 😉

          • iksnilol

            I like your thinking.

  • Gambler X

    Not really breaking when we all knew it was gonna happen.

    and piss on em, overpriced, bad service….

    • JumpIf NotZero

      This is actually one time I’ve seen Breaking being used in a way that isn’t exactly wrong. Although it should be understood that no news can be breaking on a blog that doesn’t have edition deadlines and regularly scheduled postings. At least this is one that has some immediacy and more relevant information may be coming.

      Breaking just means LateBreaking from a time when you pushed something out on paper or broadcast and your viewers had to symmetrically see it. The internet is by default an asymmetric viewing experience so it doesn’t work like this.

      Breaking: SIG wins XM17 – sure, ok.
      Breaking: HK shows new rifle – no.
      Breaking: Wilson has an expensive gun – lol definitely no.

      Something that can actually develop from this story, and it’s an unexpected item in context of a feed of typically things that are directly related to guns themselves. It’s been deemed the most important story. Right way is just to keep it at the top a little longer. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Gambler X

        “Breaking: Wilson has an expensive gun – lol definitely no.” lol
        If Wilson made an inexpensive gun, that would be worthy of breaking news.

      • Russ

        Totally agree. All that “breaking” nonsense is getting really annoying.

        • Pastor Dan

          “Breaking” news is usually quite well broken by the time I hear about it.

          • pvw20

            Maybe it’s broken all over again.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Living in a small town in the ’70s and ’80s, the GM catalog was my prime source for hand loaning supplies and components. Then they morphed into some sort of outdoor boutique. Sad to think of the people out of jobs, but as to GM as a whole, I could not care less about their financial problems.

    • Calavera

      Same here. Our local GM started stocking leg hold and box traps for every conceivable animal in a state where trapping was simply not a major activity. Three isles full of traps. Meanwhile, in the adjoining section, trendy women’s safari clothing at Orvis prices (“Out of Africa” swept the Oscars that year). Men’s outerwear stocked racks and racks of Arctic parkas. Not too many folks in that neighborhood had plans to hunt East Africa, or to equip polar expeditions. It always made me wonder if the GM front office weasels had ever really spent any time in the outdoors, or bothered to research their customer base.

      • John

        That was in 1986. Gander Mountain was around then?

        • Calavera

          I was being facetious. Sand and Khaki-colored safari dress predominated.

    • SPQR9

      There was nothing in common between the mail order company we loved and the brick and mortar Gander but a trademark.

  • AZgunner

    Poor customer service and prices at or above MSRP aren’t really a recipe for success. Why would I shop at Gander Mountain or Cabelas when I could go to a smaller local shop and save significantly? Or order online, ship to a kitchen table FFL, and save even more? It’s a shame for all the people losing jobs, but major retailers are very far behind the times. This is the free market at work.

    • George Smythson

      Agreed; I’ve not had a pleasant experience in either store, though a couple of times Cabelas came close to actually providing something akin to customer service (but not at the gun counter… Dundee, MI to be clear (and yes I have purchased two guns there)); Gander Mountain is a no go as far as I’m concerned–the one in Taylor is absolutely horrid… I’d consider paying more for actual customer service and to support the local economy–but won’t for poor service and surly help.

    • jonp

      If I’m going to pay Gander prices for firearms I’m going to do it at my lgs. Their firearms are not at Gander prices…..
      Ganders customer service at the gun counter sucks. The guys don’t know crud, are rude and I wouldn’t buy a thing there. This at a new one that just opened last year and is on the chopping block.
      This is too bad as I bought several firearms in a Gander in Wisconsin. Prices good and the guys behind the counter were pleasant and knew what they were talking about.

  • Geoff Timm

    I suppose what really happened will be the subject of several MBA dissertations. Geoff Who suspects some folks just can’t help abandoning what they are good at, to follow some “theory” I note the fall of the newspaper business around the country.

  • baserock love

    Was hoping the Bryan texas GM was on the list. Picking through the liquidation bones of that place would be literally the only reason i could ever justify shopping there other than powder and primers which for some reason seem to be the one thing they didn’t decide to charge 10% to 20% more for than literally EVERY STORE WITHIN 20 MILES

    I hope they fix their business model from this and have competitive pricing, believe me, i would love to shop there.

    • tts

      The liquidation sales suck now so probably not even worth going for that.

      They’ll mark down some garbage for 80%, advertise that, and leave everything else at MSRP.

      Anything that doesn’t sell on site they box up and resell elsewhere for full MSRP so they don’t really care anymore what does and doesn’t sell on site.

    • SP mclaughlin

      I live right by the West Houston one, it’s barely been open at least 5 years.
      I go to TAMU and I need to get some more smart wool from the one up there…

    • Ranger Rick

      I sure thought the Lewisville and Sherman, Texas stores would make the lists; always a ghost town when I went in while over at Cabela’s tge parking lot was full.

      • baserock love

        It’s amazing to me that they aren’t closing the Bryan one. they have like 10 people on staff working at all times, people who are all great don’t get me wrong, but staff always outnumbers customers in the store 5 to 1. Like if there’s even 4 or 5 cars in the parking lot i’m surprised. The place is seriously a ghost town. Meanwhile the academy across the street always has a full lot.

        I personally don’t get the academy praise i’m seeing. I haven’t priced academy’s guns, but for everything else they seem to price gouge as bad as GM. Ammo prices are utterly absurd at both stores.

        • Paul White

          they sell American eagle at 6.49 for 20 near me. about 2 CPR more than I’d pay in bulk for wolf gold for (IME) better ammo.

          • baserock love

            american eagle xm193 or american eagle .223?

            THeir xm193 is overpriced just the same as gm here last i looked.

            I only ask becaue you said “better than wolf gold”. I seem to have better accuracy luck with the xm193 but the AE .223 is total crap.

        • Ranger Rick

          Up here in north Texas the 22 prices were always fair at Academy, the only ammo I purchase there. I also shop their after season sales for camo and other items and find deals

      • BillC

        Dude. I went to a Gander Mountain for the first (and only time) on Monday of last week. The Frisco Texas location. I needed a bullet puller. Their reloading “section” was essentially two shelves. Of course they didn’t have it.

        It was eerie, because I was the only “customer” in there. The parking lot was empty, I thought the place was actually closed. This was at 6pm.

        • Ranger Rick

          That’s the norm there.

          • Rooftop Voter

            It has been the norm here at one FL location for years. The local PD has never investigated any fender benders in this lot as there are never any cars parked close together to cause it to happen.

    • Pumpkin King XXIII

      I was hoping that one or the one in lewisville were on the block. i doubt they will discount the good stuff much anyway. They will probably simply restock other stores inventory with the good stuff and leave the crap to sell.

    • Paladin

      It would be even better if their closeout sales synced up with whatever sales Academy is gonna have when they move…….
      Maybe it’s for the best though. Not sure if my wallet could handle both events at once.

  • Mike

    How they expected to sell guns above MRSP is beyond me.

    • Calavera

      During the great ammo famine of 2010, our local GM was charging $39 for a 25-round box of Remington Golden Saber .357. I turned around and walked out. Haven’t set foot in one since.

      • Paul White

        Now now, they weren’t price gouging; they just always charge that much!

        Which is why they’re dead or dying

    • Dr. Phil

      It is my thinking that all GM employees attend “smug and arrogant” training before being released to the sales floor. They sure are proud of their merchandise and based on their pricing criteria, they don’t want any of the stuff to leave the store. Once in awhile, I will wander in there just to browse the ‘sales’ and always leave empty handed.

      Nothing blows my skirt up and the locals refer to GM as GM Jewelry Store. We don’t have a Cabela’s or a Bass anywhere near us but the idea of a Bass going up nearby has been kicked around for years.

      The article does not list FL as having any store closings so maybe they want to flog this dead horse for another year. They could rent the parking lot out for Spring Break and not have to worry about interfering with traffic as there is no traffic at this location.

      • yessah3

        Cabelas can have some deals. Arrows, powder, primers, and even some guns are reasonably priced. Bought a generator there for dirt cheap. Problem is, there is almost always cheaper online. I remember when cheaper than dirt was actually cheap, but their shipping is ridiculous now.

      • bob

        We have both Bass and a G.M. G.M. will price match Bass, but do so willingly. I had them price match some ammo one time which entailed G,M actually calling Bass to verify the price. When the clerk got off the phone,she commented “I do not know how they can stay in business with such low prices.” Kind of ironic,isn’t it.

  • Curtis Anthony

    My Gander Mountain is closing? Out of the three horribly priced boxed stores in the area they couldn’t even compete with them. City regulations had made it impossible for mom and pop brick and mortar shops to exist here.

  • IN Dave

    Now where all the stupid people go to buy their guns? I was in a gander mountain a couple weeks ago (my typical go to gander mountain to fondle a gun before ordering it online for a lot cheaper). There was a guy in there that was looking at a bushmaster rifle, the same model that the gun store that sits directly behind gander mountain had on sale for $175 less. When the clerk walked away I told they guy he may want to hold up on the sale until he checked out the place that was within walking distance and I told him the price difference. He said “thanks, but I will just buy it here, I have $75 worth of gander mountain gift cards I need to use”.
    I replied, “you do know I said $175 dollars cheaper, right?”
    “But I have gift cards” he said
    Flabbergasted I said “Good call, people like you are the reason I don’t shoot a public ranges!” And left.

    • EzGoingKev

      If he was married there could be more to the story.

      • Wow!

        LAMO, too true! That actually makes a lot of sense.

    • disqus_0jln85eNvY

      Hahaha wooooow

    • McThag

      Should have bought $75 in ammo then saved $175 on the gun.

    • El Duderino

      Pubilk Shcool Mathermetrics rite thar.

    • Alex Yamach


      I HAVE heard that liberals are starting to buy guns because of their fear of Trump.

      I think you might have met one of them…

      • Kafir1911

        Nah, they hate, really hate guns, remember. Guns are evil. It is always the gun. They said so.

        • bob

          Yes,But they hate the Man who Beat Billary even more. They are in a quandary as what to do,so sad…Ha Ha Ha !!

        • Colonel K

          I disagree. There are liberals who like guns. I’ve met both of them.

      • Jason Adams

        I doubt that a liberal’s wife would have allowed him to let one of those guns loose in the house anyway. It might terrorize something.

    • Colonel K

      Sounds like an import salesman my sister worked with in her first job. He was selling their fans for $10 less than they cost the company. When she pointed this out to him, he replied, seriously, “We’ll make it up in volume”. They too went out of business. Go figure.

    • Jason Adams

      There are some people who money is so plentiful that it probably didn’t matter to him. All he wanted was a way to cash the gift card in. But I would have said buy the ammo with the gift card here and go there and buy the gun.

  • codfilet

    If there’s one thing you can count on in a gun forum, it’s people whining about prices. Out of all the special-interest collectors forums I visit, gun guys are the absolute cheapest, for sure.

    • Calavera

      That’s because we’re not mere “special-interest collectors.” It’s a way o’ life. Cheap and proud! Say it loud!

    • Ranger Rick

      I wouldn’t say “cheap”, perhaps consumer savy and knowledgeable about pricing. Probably the same way your wife is when it comes to grocery shopping, she knows which stores charge more for a gallon of milk.

    • T Rex

      Only dumb@$$€$ with more money than good sense pay full retail plus to price gouging outlets like Gander Mountain for the same merchandise that Academy offers at a fair competitive price. The reason GM faces bankruptcy is because they simply couldn’t attract enough dumb@$$€$ who equate shopping for a fair price with “cheap”.

    • Paul White

      I got a Savage Hog Hunter from Academy for 480. The same gun at Gander was 549. Same damn sku, upc, model number, etc.

      A Bersa Thunder is 290 at Academy, 350 at Gander.

      A Glock 19 is 500 at Academy, 620 at Gander

      a Remington SPS Tactical in 308 is 650 at Academy and 730 at gander.

      I’m not averse to paying slightly more for better service, but those are proportionately huge jumps in price (15-25%), and frankly Gander doesn’t provide better service than Academy either. A *marginally* better selection of firearms on site, at least between our local locations, but that’s about it.

      If being cheap-assed means not paying 20% more for the same damn item with comparable service between the competing retailers, then I’ll gladly be a cheapass

      • Paul White

        I will say they sometimes have good sales; I think I got my LC9s there because it was marginally cheaper than Academy had it listed at, and Gander actually had it in stock. But day to day? they’re typically significantly more expensive. Hell, 350 rounds of blazer 9mm is 99 bucks (though there is a MIR) at Gander…or 85 at Academy with the same MIR available from manufacturer

    • baserock love

      Well every enthusiast interest has it’s idiots.

      Those idiots of course being the ones who would EVER shop at a place like GM considering any other store within a 50 mile radius is going to sell everything they do for 20% less.

      Shooting is an expensive hobby, one that requires a money investment every single time you do it. Why would we not revel in price gougers going out of business?

  • iksnilol

    Indeed it was, he is not to be seen here seemingly

  • Raginzerker

    Glad to see Dickson city, PA missed the chopping block, always love going do there

    • Jack Daniels

      Yes that’s the one I frequent. It’s a fine store and a little smaller than most GM’s I think. I generally shop the “sales” and refuse to pay full retail anywhere.

      • Alex Yamach

        That may be one of the key problems with GM – the size of their facilities.

        Overall, it’s difficult for brick & mortar stores to compete with online sales. If you have a physical store, it needs to be large enough to carry the items and services that the customer wants/needs to purchase face-to-face. It doesn’t need to be large enough to store a couple of C-5A Galaxy transports with support equipment, otherwise, you’re paying a fortune for expensive floor space.

        And then you’ll end up charging near retail on your guns ‘n ammo. Guaranteed death spiral in the retail world, especially in this very price competitive market.

        I wonder who or what is setting the corporate direction for GM – I suspect they don’t really know a whole lot about the sporting goods business.

  • GunnerMcGunner

    Overpriced in every way. Why bother with Gander mountain?

  • Jack Daniels

    I live on LI but have a place in PA near Scranton. The enthusiasts on LI would love to have a GM out here and pay full price for just about anything. The anti-gun crowd that spills over from NYC really tamps down hunting and firearms in general. We recently got a Field & Stream store (part of Dick’s) and the place is always packed. Not very many local gun shops remain although there are a few I support. This area of New Yawk is just not geared towards the sporting man/woman.

  • Austin Ware

    Do they have THAT many more stores in Texas or has Academy just decimated every other sporting goods store? To be honest, I don’t understand how places like GM and Sports Authority stayed open as long as they did. Huge stores in expensive retail locations and no one inside buying things at MSRP.

    • Flash Gordon

      Academy has pretty much buried everyone else. There is a Bass Pro 4 miles from the Academy in Round Rock. Never a sparse parking lot at Academy.

  • valorius

    Amazon and Walmart online are anhillating retail chains. They get drones and self driving vehicles up and running, and we’ll all be on welfare.

    • john huscio

      Neither of them sell pistols.

  • Flash Gordon

    This is very simple…their pricing is abysmal. The 2nd day the Round Rock store opened I picked up a Sig P228 for $259. It was marked as a P229 and had to make sure they got it right on the 4473. I go to the store regularity to check to see if there is every another screaming deal as it is close to work a local eateries. I have not seen deal like that since. Their “Sale Price” on a Yeti cooler $249, MSRP $250.

    The pricing on their guns and labeling of their used guns is usually just flat out wrong. A buddy of mine was looking or a new Sig P320 subcompact in 9mm. They had 2. Each brand new and identical in spec. The serial numbers were only 7 away from each other; 010 and 007. One was priced at $549 the other $599. When I questioned the guy at the counter he knew about the pricing but said “That is the way corporate prices”. He did not sound like he was blazing the trail to correct the error. I routinely saw used pistols priced higher than new identical models. It just never made any sense. Magazines. were usually above MSRP as well.

    This store will be one that will be closing. There is an Academy 2 miles away, parking lot nearly always full. Cheaper Than Dirt opened their flagship store in the same area…shuttered after less than a year. CTD is another story and they were never cheaper. My point is, if you are going to advertise you are America’s Gun Supercenter, pricing should reflect the obvious volume discount the retailer is getting. I hate to see folks lose their jobs but won’t miss the store at all.

    • Gary Kirk

      I was in the Fredericksburg store a few years ago, and picked up a box of federal cape shock 375 H&H (knew it was overpriced, but needed to zero a rifle) labeled at like $110, but the morons there pricing just scanned a box of 30-06 that was in the wrong place and posted $34.99 prices on the whole stack. I grabbed all the had.. Only time I ever really bought something there, usually only go to browse, then buy elsewhere..

      • Marc

        Reminds me of the time my local grocery store started carrying Blanton’s bourbon. They had it marked at $24.99. Needless to say, I cleared the shelf of it for them.

    • baserock love

      I’ve always wondered how on earth places like cheaper than dirt and lucky gunner still exist. Their pricing like GM is just utterly atrocious.

      Do people who shop at these places just not have access to google?!

      • A.WChuck

        Shhhh…Lucky Gunner is an advertiser on TFB. TFB needs people to buy from LG.

        • baserock love

          Well like GM, i would LOVE to buy from LG….but their prices are just absurd. There’s just no reason to.

      • Cory C

        I shop online more than in person, so I get your point. However, I care very little about saving money. Sure, if I can save a tremendous amount by buying through one medium or another, I’ll go out of my way to do it. But my main priority is just getting what I want when I want it. Sometimes (usually) that means buying online, but not always.

    • Spear Fish

      Gasheesh a P228 for $259.00, you definitely got at least one good deal there! That had to have been mispriced, I doubt you’ll ever see a deal like that again at ANY store, not just Gander Mt..

    • BigR

      Cheaper Than Dirt, “ain’t” that cheap!!!!!

  • john huscio

    Their bold gambit to sell used guns at new prices failed horribly.

  • El Duderino

    What, no one wanted PMAGs for $21.99 plus tax?

  • john huscio

    Saw a gen 3 19 at gander with a $700 tag on it.

  • yukon cornelius

    I was kinda hoping the evansville indiana store was on the list. Not only higher than hell prices, but people working behind the gun counters acted as if they had invented shooting irons and anybody who came into thier area need merely to genuflect, kiss thier ring finger, and stand in awe of their all encompassing knowledge. I quote “there is no such caliber as .30 carbine”, “.45 GAP is the same as .45 acp” and, i swear, pointing to a mini 14 with a harmonic stabilizer, “we sell silenced firearms”.

    • Rooftop Voter

      Sounds like the same person I dealt with many years ago in a motorcycle shop; I asked if he had any spoke weights to balance a finished wheel and tire assembly. He politely informed me that if the spokes are trued up and the wheel runs straight, it is in balance. Facepalm. I used solid core solder and wrapped it around the spoke to achieve balance. Yeah, they are out there.

  • SPQR9

    Good riddance frankly. For years I lived in a metro area with one and a Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sportsmans Warehouse etc. as well as independent shops. Patronized them all. Gander Mountain was the closest store to my home and I never shopped there once.

  • Some Dude

    Not enough suckers paying $29.95 for 30rd Bushmaster GI mags?

  • PersonCommenting

    Honestly I dont know how Cabelas and Bass pro do it either. I like their selection but prices are crazy. Gun Library is nice and you can score a deal. Ammo sales happen which is nice but are infrequent. I will say Cabelas has always stepped up and donated to NRA and other causes. I just dont know why people go to these places over local gun stores that potentially have knowledgeable people.

    • Pumpkin King XXIII

      Well most of their donations come from the round up program. Where you and I say sure round it up. We don’t get a tax write off for it but they I’m pretty sure do.

  • Vet for Trump

    There is GM here in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, but it is in a VERY inconvenient location on 501 South between Conway and Myrtle Beach. You would NOT believe the traffic jams on that route, especially during the Summer vacation season. 501 is the major route to MB, and it is only 2 lanes each direction.
    Anyway, their prices are no match for Walmart and Academy Sports on firearms.

    • BigR

      Vet, we don’t have a Bass Pro in my area, but I’ve heard their prices aren’t much better than Gander Mountain!!

  • BG

    Breaking news: Gander Mountain’s market value is $500 million. Asking price is a steal of a deal at $2.5 billion!

    • Pumpkin King XXIII

      Wonder how much the outstanding liabilities to the creditors are?

    • Bill Revoir

      BG, I wonder if the new buyer will get 25% off if they sign up for a GM credit card??

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Only been to Gander Mountain once. Looked at their prices on Glocks and walked out. In fact I remember calling my buddy while in the store and telling him that they were out of their damn minds trying to sell Glocks for more than $600.


    Hahahahahahah, I told you my West Virginia store was trash! ????

  • Mystick

    This comes 5 minutes after they announced “nothing to see here”… called it – complete disinformation.

  • Pumpkin King XXIII

    Actually they were not selling glocks for $600. Lmao
    They were trying to sell glocks for $600

    • Zachary marrs

      Yes, they were selling glocks for over $600

      • Scott D

        Read it again Zachary…and try to find his humor this time

        • Zachary marrs

          That was supposed to be funny? Not a very good attempt. Saying “no they didn’t” isn’t comedy

          Gander sold a ton of 600 USD glocks. Their entire business model involved selling guns over MSRP

          • Jason

            You’re a little slow aren’t you Zach. Bless your heart.

          • Zachary marrs

            Thats cute.

    • Alex Yamach

      I get it!


    • jonp

      I’ve actually seen guys buy their overpriced firearms. I never get in between a man and his stupid.

      • Zachary marrs

        Watch out, people are going to insult your intelligence for not getting some “humor”

  • Charlie Victor Alpha

    I went into the Gander Mountain in Lakeville, MN once to inquire about range fees. They wanted something like $25/hour for a lane, I just laughed. No range, I don’t care how fancy, is worth $25/hour.

    • Jeff S

      You’ve got it good then… Much of Northern Virginia, even heading west and into WV will charge $20/hr – at a crappy outdoor range too. Not to mention you’ve got to become a member for $XX/year to have the privilege of paying $20/hr.

      • Charlie Victor Alpha

        That’s crazy. Locally I can pay $20 for a nice indoor lane(full price, can’t remember the mil discount), for all day shooting. I often travel to Oklahoma City, at H&H Shooting Sports I only pay $5 for a indoor lane for all day shooting with my mil discount(not sure the full price).

      • Suppressed

        I pay $20/year for access to an outdoor range with no RSO where I can pretty much do anything I want (holster work, shoot behind cover, literally run and gun, etc.), but there are downsides too, like the occasional idiot doing holster work, shooting behind cover, literally running and gunning, etc.

        • Alex Yamach


    • Alex Yamach

      The GM by me has a nice, well lit range with overly complicated target controls (GM, I only want the damned target to go out to the range that I want and come back – I’m NOT programming a Space X supply delivery to the ISS!). A bit pricey.

      There’s also the virtual range – tried it once, not bad for working on target ID & reaction time.

      Haven’t been to GM for several months. Better make sure I’ve used up all of my “gift certificates”…

  • jerry young

    One big mistake was thinking new bigger buildings without adding more affordable products was a big mistake, they tore down the old building in which they occupied half then built a new building and spread out their existing inventory to fit the larger building, there’s more room to shop for the same old high priced stuff, I go there every so often mainly because they are the closest major sporting retailer in my area about a 5 mile drive unless you count Dicks which is right around the corner from Gander Mtn but they cater more to the yuppy crowd so unless they have a sale where there’s something I want I don’t shop there, the next closet places are about 30 miles and we don’t have a Bass Pro anywhere close to that, I do more shopping online it’s more convenient than driving all over the place for a inexpensive over priced item.

  • Paul White

    I think most of us do feel bad for the employees, but it’s just an obvious near inevitability and the pricing there was so outrageous it’s hard to not feel a sense of “finally the inevitable has happened”

  • ss228

    Across the board, their prices are/were way too high…I agree with the majority of comments here. It also seemed that the company did little to no research about the customer demographics. It’s a shame that stores that have been open for a year or less are closing the doors. The store near me is one of those, and after the novelty wore off the first month or so, the store was empty except for those who had more money than good sense, or had gift cards, or employees.

  • DudeGuy4473

    So here’s how this is probably going to work. The guns are not going to be marked down, they will continue to be sold at their current prices until the closing date, after which or shortly before, they’ll be shipped off to other stores. What you may save money on will be the lower dollar accessories and maybe ammo. Though I won’t say when exactly there closing, I will say that y’all should drop by early May. Just saying.

  • i1776

    Oh how we will miss them. NOT.

    • JamesDrouin

      Neither will many others.

  • raz-0

    The whole gander mountain, cabelas, bass pro thing isn’t really a race I have a horse in because there aren’t any of them near me, so they don’t sell me stuff for the most part.

    But even from the cheap seats, it was pretty apparent that there was going to be a shaking out that wasn’t going to go well for them. They seemed to be building a hell of a lot of very expensive stores to just split markets more or less. When you are doing that, your plan is competitive intrusion. They all seemed to think they wouldn’t be the one put out of business for some reason.

  • Mark M

    Gander Mountain in my town has piss poor customer service and sky high prices. It takes 45 minutes to an hour in line to even speak to a gun counter rep. New Bass Pro opened 45 minutes away. Prices aren’t significantly better, but the customer service is. I would be willing to buy from them based on that fact alone. Prices matter, but so does customer service

  • Tim Cich

    Went to Gander prior to hunting season last fall to pick up a new Savage 308 rifle that I ordered. They jack wagons even charged me to ship it to the store along with there normal ship of goods. Get down there at 10.30 AM to find One Person working behind the gun counter. After taking a number and waiting an hour, I was able to begin the process of picking up my gun. They had you fill out the paper ATF form and then they took this and entered the data into their link to the NICS system for Gov Permission. What a waste of time as when I got a rifle from Cabala’s, I entered all my data electronically and when finished, one copy was printed out for my sig and the other went into records and the ATF. When you have only one person assigned who can sell or answer questions about guns at the busiest time of the year and people just walking away in disgust. You lose sales and future customers. It also speaks to the poor management of this company. Then you go there in the fall to pick up Black Powder and find that the NY stores don’t carry it due to the extra paper work required by the state. They also sell reloading equipment, but not the gun powder. In the future, I will buy my powder when I travel out of state in bulk. I will purchase my guns from other vendors and have them shipped to my local dealer for paperwork, and all other stuff I will purchase off the internet. You take my experience and times it and you will understand why they failed.

  • BOBO

    I bought a gun once at GM but only because they matched an advertised price. Their price was $190 more than the sale price that they matched.

  • Alex Yamach

    MY GM has a nice selection of guns…. at premium prices.

    It’s pretty bad when you look at the showcase of used pistols…. WELL worn…. and the prices approach that of a NEW gun of the same make and model. What is wrong with THIS picture?

    An Academy store opened nearby recently – can’t say that I was overly impressed with them, either, in price and knowledge of the staff.

    But Academy seems to have the funding and momentum to take out GM, at least at this time.

    One thing in favor of GM:

    When the Democrat-incited bogus “assault rifle” brouhaha of a few years ago kicked off, Dick’s (appropriate name) responded by removing all AR-15 type rifles from their stores.

    The local GM simply took them off the racks and placed them in the storeroom. Out of sight, out of mind. If you asked, they would bring them out for examination and purchase (at near full retail, of course). They’ve since been returned to the racks in full view.

    And, so it goes…

  • misterrabbit

    They HAVE an online store. They are competing online. They are using ecommerce. It is not a reason.

  • Any time I bought anything from Gander was when it was significantly discounted. And I’m talking about fishing gear and stuff. Their guns and ammo prices are crazy stupid. This is no surprise.

  • ToddB

    Its rare I venture into a Gander mountain, but went with someone else while his wife shopped somewhere else. They had USED glocks priced the same as NEW ones in my local gun shop. ‘Gee we cant figure out why sales are down’.

  • ChiptheBarber

    About 2 yrs ago I pulled a Gander Mtn sale flyer out of the newspaper. The leading item was a Ruger SR9C for $599. The same morning I rec’d an email sale from Larry’s Pistol & Pawn running them for $249 or $259. That’s another brick and mortar store. Soooo I don’t want to hear their excuses. Good Riddance.

  • GrumpyCat

    Surprised to see the Huntsville, AL store was not listed on closings. Last visited a year ago and it was sad and depressing inside, like a bankrupt K-Mart. And as others note: everything was overpriced. The shelves seemed bare. In comparison Cabelas is stuffed to the ceilings. High prices too but there is an air of quality to their merchandise lacking from Gander Mountain.

  • Warpig

    Thousands of dissatisfied customers can’t be wrong. Poor management wins again…at running it out of existence. Free markets have a vote in their dollars!

  • Colonel K

    When did Radio Shack ever offer low prices?

    • Random Disabled Person

      Back when Radio Shack actual use to sell electrical parts/components as their core product?
      Although that hasn’t applied since their get rich on pagers, then cell phone business model.
      RS’s customer experience, Buying a specific odd battery for more than it costs at MRSP and shipping because you can’t wait(already annoyed because you’re getting screwed but what can you do then comes…), “No, I do not wish to buy a cellphone”…, ..”No I do not want switch carriers”.., “….No I don’t….” insert 20 other dam annoying time wasting up-sells B.S…….. The staff was forced to do if they wanted to stay employed. For the past 2.5-ish decades you couldn’t build a simple led/light battery powered circuit from the parts bins on hand in most stores. Add to it you had buy their 3/multi packs of colored lamps/LED to get the one color you wanted which were all absurdly priced making Gander Mountain not look as bad in comparison. Then you had to buy multiple bags, often it was cheaper to buy their toys and smash them for the parts inside than buy electrical components outright. They lost their way…ran off the customer base they had, while chasing the next big gold rush scheme. Two fails divided by zero to the Gander Mountain power.

      There is a convince tax, but you can’t add multiple dollars to something that costs around a quarter and expect to stay in business. Worse you can’t add several hundred to an item and expect to stay in business, the days of milking people for their isolation/lack of retail options are long gone.

      When Gander mountain has their store closing sale, people will still buy their store out at 20% off, due to Price Anchoring. Meaning GM still get close to MRSP by the people who bought items there. That budget $1000.00 AR looks like a steal at $750. meanwhile they will become pissed that they can’t even sell it for $500 …… While the rest of us well be scratching our heads.

      Someone will probably get a bunch nice stuff dumpster diving. Since they would rather throw it away, than sell it for fair price or even discounted close to whole sale price. Bigger tax write off I guess?

      Sadly the people who ran GM into the ground all have golden parachute contracts. Which will of course make sure they have jobs until able to jump ship. Meanwhile the people who tried to work in a bad employment environment, will have to scurry to find new jobs, right when the summer sales slump is coming. With the influx of kids willing to work for less while on summer break. Keep them in your prayers.

  • bob

    On line vendors is NOT what killed G.M.It was Extremely high prices combined with TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!

  • disqus_0jln85eNvY

    Market leader? ….you mean market loser. Next time don’t try to maintain a straight face while you attempt to sell me a glock $100 above retail price…

  • uisconfruzed

    Can I get a deal with what’s on the shelf???

  • Leigh Rich

    We were told of this last year. None in my state. Sadly it is business. Dicks Sports just built and opened a big ass store in my town.

  • JamesDrouin

    “Despite aggressive actions to improve the efficiency of the company’s retail operations and support functions, the underlying financial impact from under-performing stores and unproductive, excess inventory hampered efforts to create a sustainable path forward.”

    Perhaps they should have used “intelligence” instead of “aggression”.

  • Eric Gildersleeve

    At any given time I could visit the Lewisville store and be one of a dozen people staff included in the store. Prices were very high often times higher than Bass Pro and Cabelas which were within a 45 minute drive or less. Other retailers including an Academy which was basically across the street would have the same stock on most items and prices would be 20-30% less than Gander Mountain. The only time my wife and I would shop here was in their clearance aisles.

  • Dan Hermann

    I used to love Gander Mountain back in the 80’s as my favorite DISCOUNT sporting goods store. Somewhere along the line they changed into a Cabelas and jacked up the prices thinking they could make tons of money. It doesn’t work that way. Look at Walmart. By selling low you push more product and the profits add up. By not selling anything you go bankrupt.

  • gwhh

    They are closing at least 3 stores in PA. They announced in January and February of this year. They are closing Washington, Moon Township, and West Mifflin store fore sure.

  • LilWolfy

    Some companies haven’t gotten the memo yet that they are in the 21st Century.

    Doesn’t help that they sell at MSRP or more, with poor CS.