Lancer Announces M-LOK OEM Handguard Updates

Lancer Systems, known for their fantastic* AWM magazines and advanced composite works, has announced an update to their OEM series of handgaurds for both SIG and HK firearms. The new update transitions the carbon fiber handguard offerings to Magpul’s M-LOK system for greater compatibility with accessories. The platforms included in this update include the Sig516, Sig716, and HK416 OEM-replacement units. Offerings for Sig’s MPX and MCX have already received the update.

*In my personal opinion. Plus, they are offered in a translucent model which is wayyy tacticool. 

Previously, the handguard used a proprietary system that required Lancer’s Picatinny and scant few others to interface critical accessories. With the M-LOK system in place, the shooter has far more options for mounting.

“Customers can look at this as a sign of further developments for Lancer,” comments business area manager Kas McManus. 

Does this mean more M-LOK carbon fiber goodness to come?

The new handguards will debut at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta this year. For those interested in lightening up or lengthening their handguard, check our Lancer Systems at booth #3674 or at their website here. Pricing has not been formally announced, but the changes are not likely to impact pricing with Magpul’s free licensing of the M-LOK system.

Nathan S

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  • CS

    Glad too see this, as Lancer’s existing handguard design used very well made proprietary rail adapters that aren’t cheap nor readily available; especially the 5 inch sections. Mlok or keymod for that matter is a welcomed change.

  • DanGoodShot

    Lately its been looking like keymod is on it’s way back to the shelves that it came from…

    • Rick O’Shay

      I personally prefer mlok. I don’t get the love some people have for keymod.

      • DanGoodShot

        Same here. But that wasn’t always the case. When they 1st came out I couldn’t decide which to go with. I wanted light but durable and strong above that. I also didn’t want to pick one and that end up being the one that goes to the way side. That would be my luck. So I waited to see which one starts getting used in larger contract purchases.I was hoping for mlok. Especially once it started looking more like a peice of my shops shelving connections. From what I found Mlok is a bit stronger of a lockup (thats I think is debatable as their both strong there.) Mlok is easier to produce and it has been getting used in more contracts. Not to mention I think it just looks better. Lol. Ok I’ll end my rambling now…