Benchmade Valet: Gold Class Edition

Valet Knife

If you are looking for a top quality folding knife that has a price tag that matches the style, Benchmade announced a new Valet.

According to the company, the new Valet is “reborn as a work of art” as a Gold Class knife. The knife is made in the United States with blade steel imported from Sweden. The blade on the Valet is made of ladder pattern Damasteel that has a 58-60 HRC. The drop point blade has a plain edge and is carried tip up. The pocket clip is reversible.

As with the original Valet knife, the blade opens with a thumb stud and uses an AXIS mechanism. The AXIS is a patented system that consists of a hardened steel bar that goes through both steel liners in the handle. Springs ensure it engages the knife tang to provide a solid lock up.


Overall, this knife is 6.69″ in length and weighs less than three ounces. Although this Benchmade folder is a thing of beauty – seriously, take a look at that blade – it is not in my budget. The suggested retail price is $700. At that price point, I imagine this blade will be sold to a handful of collectors. I don’t expect to see it in the local gun shop anyway.

Richard Johnson

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  • nate

    I want one of these

  • Just the facts

    If I were to buy a $700.00 pocket knife (and I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would) I would want the handle to look a little better than the ones on the utility knife folders they put next to the cash registers at Home Depot for the impulse buyers.

  • Eric B

    I needz it

  • Marc Ciurdariu

    Makes me wanna pew-pew.

  • Red State

    I could never carry it for fear of losing it and if I don’t carry it what is the purpose of buying it? This is nuts.

  • YS

    I used to collect Benchmade’s Gold Class knives. They used to be limited release with 100 (or less) produced, and they publicly announced how many they made on their old website. Now, limited means 200 or more, and they don’t publicly announce exactly how many they produced, making these knives less desirable.

    If they’re going to flood the market with these Gold Class knives, I would rather buy few of the limited edition Blue Class knives instead. They usually produce 250 to 500 of these knives making them relatively affordable and still somewhat collectable.

  • QuadGMoto

    This appears nearly identical to the Benchmade Emissary 3.5. This one is slightly shorter (6.69″ length vs. 8.00″ length) but with the same blade hardness, blade design, and operation. The handle is even very similar, and the clip is identical. The only real difference is that the Emissary’s blade can be locked closed or fully locked open with a sliding switch, and it can be found for under $200.