StripLULA Upgrade for RUAG Clips

If you are like me and still have a large amount of 5.56mm ammo loaded on  stripper clips for easier storage and magazine loading, this newly updated release from magLULA might catch your attention. The makers of the now inconic magazine loader/unloader devices have updated their stripLULA to now include loading from the grey polymer “RUAG” stripper clips.

Simple devices worth their weight in gold when you have multiple magazines to load quickly.

Also, using the stripLULA qualifies you to properly use the term “clip” when referring to loading magazines. That’s worth the $25 price of admission right there.

maglula Ltd., Israel, a world leader of military-quality magazine loaders, has just released a revised StripLULA™ 10-round magazine loader & unloader for AR15 / M4 / M16 5.56 x 45 cal metal and polymer magazines. The updated StripLULA now loads also RUAG’s 5.56 x 45 cal ammo on 10-round gray polymer stripper-clips sold under GECO brand name. This loader is now universal to load all 5.56 x 45 cal ammo on all metal and polymer stripper clips as well 10 loose ammo rounds.

The loader is simple to use, eliminates thumb pain and injury, eliminates wear on feed lips, and prolongs magazine life.

It is lightweight and fits in pocket, reliable in all weather, and made of durable reinforced polymer.

Available from most distributors and online. Look for “Universal StripLULA™” as the revised version.


StripLULA Description:

M-16 / AR-15 10-round StripLULA™ loader and unloader for all such metal and plastic 5.56mm / .223 magazines, including PMAG’s and Lancer.

Loads both 10-rd Stripper clips and 10 loose rounds.
A simple unloader.*
Small & durable.

Loads 10, 20, 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56 / .223 magazines, like:

M16 / AR15 / M4 USGI (NATO STANAG 4179)
Magpul PMAG
H&K metal 416 / SA80
Beretta AR 70-90
SIG Arms (black mags)




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  • FOC Ewe

    Of course, after I retire…..


    This is not really a new product I have had one for a couple of years now and even WITHOUT stripper clips it makes it easier, load 10 rounds in this thing and in 1 second they are loaded. On stripper clips though it is stupid quick and easy.

    • Ron

      I believe I got one of the first STRIPLULA for sale in the US. That was in Feb 08, the day prior to going to AFG. I had placed a pre-order on it a few months prior.

    • SWRancher

      Actually, this is a new product. The previous version of the AR15 StripLULA did not work with the RUAG/Geco polymer stripper clips.

      This is a great update, which I have been waiting for, since I have a lot of Geco .223 on stripper clips in inventory.

  • Joseph Smith

    I love mine as well. I only use USGI clips that can be found at the gun shows for cheap. It even goes to the range with me so I can take fewer mags and spend less time on reloads (have to keep the mileage off our standard cap mags in CO).

  • Spencerhut

    The Lula Strip Loader is awesome, love that thing. I had about given up on the standard GI steel and brass stripper clips since the brass only lasts for a few uses. The Strip Lula is the only reason I did not throw all those GI clips in the trash and just use the AR Mag Lula all the time. Since the RUAG / Geco plastic strips seem to last forever this is a good upgrade to an already great product. Problem solved, time to start saving the plastic clips from the Geco ammo.

  • Ebby123
  • Sledgecrowbar

    There are three kinds of shooters in this world: those who own a StripLULA, those who haven’t heard about it yet, and those who are wrong.

    • Ratus

      StripLULA is life, StripLULA is love.

  • Brian Fulmer

    Does anyone know if the RUAG clips are anything like the Norma USA Tactical clips? I saved the ones I used out of stubbornness. If I can in fact use them, I can self-justify being a stubborn fool for at least two more years!

  • uisconfruzed

    I’ll have happy mags

  • jim

    a picture of the RUAG strip would be nice (Or am I missing something)