Viking Style Inspired Custom Engraved AR

Thomas H. posted this in a Faceook Group.

My buddy and fellow Alaskan Dylan Saunders from 7.62 Precision made this Viking themed AR-15

This build is rather impressive. I love the modification of the Magpul handguard as well as the subtle details engraved into the polymer.

Here is the description from

A .50 Beowulf rifle requires a Viking theme, don’t you think? Engraving on polymer and aluminum was done with a Dremel Tool instead of by laser to avoid precision. Once engraved, the rifle was coated in a patinated steel, bronze, and copper DuraCoat. GL-SHOCK buttstock was chosen for the recoil-compensation, and the Magpul handguard gave an excellent base on which to carve bear and dragon figureheads and add serpent and knot artwork. The Seekins Precision lower fits the theme with the texturing on the front of the magazine well and the Seekins logo. The M21 reflex sight is built to withstand the hardest punishment and can withstand the long-term effects of the Beowulf recoil without breaking.

Selector markings, caliber marking, and manufacturer’s name (upper) are in Old Norse inscribed with runes. Runes are Anglo-Saxon in a nod to the origins of both the Beowulf poem and Alexander Arms, but could be more easily done in the correct Younger Futhark runes.

A bear and a boar on the buttstock indicate appropriate uses for the caliber.


There are a lot more pictures on their website. Click here to check it out.

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  • Dickie

    Nicely done

  • Joseph Goins

    I would get this if I didn’t have a mortgage, car payment, and more important things waiting.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I talked to a guy once who said

      “I once had enough money saved up to buy a transferable M60, but my wife thought a car and down payment on a house were more important.”

      • Ranger Rick

        Yeah, wives ruin all the fun stuff…

        • Tinkerer

          Um, well, not ALL the fun… if you know what I mean…

          • Gary Kirk

            Yeah.. The byproduct of “that” fun ruins it…

          • nighthawk9983

            *that* fun stuff can be had in Vegas from a different woman every time for a lot less than marriage and dating.

      • RSG

        Please tell me there’s a divorce in that story somewhere. There are way more suitable women out there compared to transferable M60’s.

  • Paul Rain

    Heil to you.

  • Bernardo Costa

    I have a (admittedly unfounded) very strong bias against any Armalite Rifle, or anything that was originally designed by Eugene Stoner, but, despite that, I think that I’m in love with such beauty. Sign me up for one!

    • valorius


    • Cal S.

      Well, we can’t all be masochistic, self-loathing Communists.

    • Arandor Thinnorion

      Did Stoner kill your parents or something? 🙂

      • Stan Darsh

        Eugene Stoner killed his mother and raped his father.

  • Bill

    Using a Dremel to avoid precision – applies to so many applications of the Dremel to firearms.

  • RSG

    Wow, is that beautiful. Would love to see his take, although I imagine it would be similar, on a Spartan theme. That the engraving is a bit rudimentary and imprecise is what makes it appear authentic. Love the colors too.

  • DanGoodShot

    I really like the authenticity of it. Instead of all the lines, letters and drawings being all straight, symmetrical and perfect they did it exactly how you would see real Viking artifacts. Hand carved with basic hand tools. That’s freaking awesome!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The top photo, without the detail work visible, looks more like an HR Giger style weapon id expect to see in an “Aliens” movie.

  • MAF

    Viking style art on Israeli made AR15 furniture… LOL

  • GhostTrain81

    Wielded by the Dovahkin in the 4th era to slay dragons.

    • RocketScientist

      FUS DO RAH!

  • Uniform223

    This makes me want to go on a Vikings binge…
    Also is it wrong to be sexually aroused by this AR? If I had something like this I would name it Lagertha.

    • Evan

      That show is atrocious on every level.

  • Connor Christensen

    I feel like an AK with wooden furniture would be more Viking-ish. Or a G3 with wooden furniture all carved up seems much more manly. And what’s more manly than being a friggin Viking, therefore they need a real mans rifle, although the caliber itself is quite fitting.

    • valorius

      A Finnish Valmet seems to be the most suitable platform for a Viking rifle to me.

    • FulMetlJakit

      Earlier AR-10 with Walrus ivory grip and a Narwhal bayonet?

      Love me some wood G3 though.

  • valorius

    Should say “Ulfbehrt” on the barrel.

    • Lucas

      You want a barrel that bends?

      • valorius

        Ulfbehrt swords are legendary for their toughness and unbreakability.

  • john huscio

    Full auto is berserker

  • Tinkerer

    Needs an axe-bayonet.

  • Ryfyle

    I’m feelin’ a bit more Aztec or medieval theme at the moment. Cool theme none the less.

  • int19h

    A wonderful concept, but wait… a recoil-compensated stock, on a “viking” rifle? Really?

    It seems quite obvious that the only stock befitting a rifle like this is the Troy Battle Ax.

  • noob

    now need to do rifles themed for the remaining factions in For Honor

    I bet sig has already carved ornate pistols for just about every theme imaginable

  • Capn Jack

    Very Nice !