TPM MP5SD: Barreled Upper Receivers Available

Agonizing over the extended wait time of the transfer of an MP5SD from TPM Outfitters has been a test of patience. Although I am excited to write the review, the yearlong wait is painful. I know, I know – First World problems.

For those customers in the US who already own other HK-patterned guns, TPM is now offering an SD barreled upper. You supply the trigger pack and SD silencer you are in business. Not exactly plug and play, but it’s a great option for anyone who wants arguably the best American-made MP5SD.

How did I stumble across this new SD upper option? I may have been looking into one of their MP5K builds. While you’re checking out their uppers, take a look at their lightweight SD silencers as well.

TPM Outfitters on HKPro

Due to increased demand We will be offering New TPM OUTFITTERS P5SD barreled upper receivers with the following specifications, These are built with LSC Flats. We use a RCM MP5SD 18×1 threaded barrels, RCM MP5SD trunions, Correct HK MP5SD cocking tubes, Correct HK MP5SD front Cage, HK MP5SD rubber forearms, RCM upgraded bolt group with RCM 120 degree locking piece, MP5SD recoil spring and A1 Buttstock. Comes with a HK MP5 manual. You will need a MP5SD suppressor that is threaded 18×1 and HK trigger pack to get this to function. They will be $2799 to HKpro members and will be built to order and 6 week build time.

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  • Martin Grønsdal

    Will the SD version have the same limitations on shots fired before a mandatory cleaning, aka the MP5SD?

    • Patriotunknown


    • Bernardo Costa

      The 500-round-ish mandatory cleaning would most likely, if not positively, remain unchanged, since they’ll take the standard MP5SD suppressor to be able to work, and that’s pretty much the only thing in the whole system, being the gun itself roller-delayed and therefore very debris-resistant, that would actually become a liability after being fouled after some heavier shooting. My $0.02 though. Hope it helps!

  • Devil_Doc

    How much!?!