Never SAW It Coming – Full Auto Failure

My experience with firing a SAW from the standing position is very limited – like one time limited. And even when everything goes completely right, the adrenaline rush of squeezing off bursts from a light machine gun while compensating for gravity and inertia can be hair-raising.

The video below shows what can happen when normal operations start to go bad quickly. From the looks of it, the rear take down pin from the trigger assembly walked out, separating the gun from the shooters grip. The front pin remains in place while the gun appears to finish off its last remaining rounds, all the while pivoting towards the soldier. Yowzah.

In reality, the assistant gunner was quick enough to break the links on the belt and prevent the impending disaster.


On the M249, the sear is in the trigger assembly, meaning that in the absence of the assembly itself, the machine gun is free to run as long as the ammo keeps flowing.

Luckily, it appears everyone walked away unscathed. A few more links on the belt and this would have been a very bad day.

Full SAW video here:

TFB’s Miles V. sent me this additional video of another runaway M249. He adds:

Belt-fed machine guns require a different approach to safely operating and maintaining them in the Infantry. As an example, whether an M249 SAW, or a M240B, both are considered “Area Fire” weapons as opposed to a “Point Fire” weapon such as the M4 or M16A4 (out to a certain distance, after which they too become an “Area Fire” weapon system). Another point is that the M249 SAW doctrinally cannot be used to initiate an ambush, or enter a room in a MOUT scenario. This is because of the open bolt operating feature and the possibility of a malfunction on the first round. Similar principles exist with safety. Clearing a belt-fed requires the user to point his head down, thus exposing only his kevlar helmet to the chamber while at the same time popping the feed tray cover, also while holding the bolt to the rear.

The example of the M249 SAW in this video having the trigger group come clean off because of a faulty retaining pin creates a situation known as a “Run Away Gun”, wherein there is nothing to stop the bolt from cycling rounds from the belt on fully automatic. More commonly this happens when the sear is broken or otherwise inoperative and doesn’t involve the entire trigger assembly coming off. Standard operating procedure for this malfunction is to keep firm control of the machine gun, while pointing it in a safe direction downrange, allowing the rounds to continually fire. If the belt being used is under 50 rounds or so, the gunner just needs to let the gun run its course through the entire belt. If the belt is over 50 rounds, it is the responsibility of the gunner on an M249 SAW to either “break” the belt by quickly disconnecting the links, or to actually twist the belt into a position wherein the gunner has essentially caused an intentional malfunction, by not allowing proper travel of the belt into the feed tray entrance.

M249 on Wikipedia


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  • TangledThorns

    Less danger if they were prone. Oh well. Let’s send these soldiers new pairs of underwear!

  • Johnsmyname

    Wow, now that would be scary!

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    I always hated that thing

  • Ark

    When I inevitably get drafted into Trump’s all-out war against anyone and everyone who called him mean things on Twitter, can I not be a SAW gunner? Thanks.

    It seems only marginally less dangerous to be behind it than in front of it.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      We assault Nordstroms at dawn!
      Bravo Platoon! Take housewares!

    • Don Ward

      The hilarity being that it’s Trump’s opponents who are the ones triggered and are barking at the moon over the fact that he uses a common social media platform to Tweet.

      • Toxoplasma

        No, not really.

        • Don Ward

          Yes. Really. Just turn on any television station.

          • Toxoplasma


      • William M Durham

        not really relevant to topic do you think or are you just a snowflake with nothing to do but screw up a site/conversation

        • Don Ward

          Oh. I’m sorry. Did you get triggered? Or are you somehow still butthurt that your guy lost in the primary or election?

          • William M Durham

            Be a Republican and conservative since I was born a Alabama Conservative, I am now 68 and vote straight ticket ever time there was an election an I vote ever time there was an election since I was 21 allow given the privilege to vote an I am now an old staunch conservative at the age of 68 with 20 years military service an 4 + years in VietNam, way before your time, now what about you baby boy

          • Don Ward

            Uh huh. And you just got yourself the strongest Conservative president since Reagan. How about enjoy it?

          • William M Durham

            Bernie Sanders would have been a good man but the sweet demo-rats and clinton screwed him royal when they saw all his support, good bunch of crap bags,
            Trump will prove to be a good president while clinton is a public lying traitor who willing lied to Congress at least 2 times and totally screwed American security and stare secrecy with her just flaunting the law and allowed secret and above information on a unsecure server in her home, FBI has recently released a paper sateing clintons pals at state shopped for someone to down grade secret and above info to confidential[which is still against the law]

          • Ron

            “Bernie Sanders would have been a good man ” total BS, he is a loon who has no concept of how to do anything but stir up the passions of those who lack critical thinking abilities in the name of feels. The other day in his debate on health care, when the lady from Fort Worth informed him she cannot grow business because of the laws he helped write and only response was tough, demonstrated his total lack of understanding of economics. He just did not get since his only job has been working for the Government that outside of Government people cannot just miracle money into existence.
            Socialism is socialism. Democratic Socialism is just the long road to all the other forms of socialism.

          • rrangel

            Bernie Sanders would have been a good man except that HE”S NOT. He’s socialist and he would have run our nation into the ground.

          • Blake

            Wow you really don’t know what triggered means do you? Seeing as you’re the one who responded with nothing other than an attack – and an emotional one at that – you are the triggered one. But keep just throwing words around and projecting, it’s cute.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Not exactly, we don’t like him because he’s a Russian stooge and a traitor.
        The idiot part is pretty common among politicians but he’s got it pretty bad.

        • Don Ward

          Yeah. He’s not a Russian stooge or a traitor. That is spittle-flecked Reynolds wrap hat stuff.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            What do you call someone who expresses open admiration for Putin?
            An idiot?
            Russia is the enemy of my country.

          • Don Ward

            The 1950s called. They want their foreign policy back.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Do you pay any attention to world events?
            The Russian ships off our coast RIGHT NOW?
            Russian planes conducting mock bombing raids on our ships in the Black Sea?
            Does any of this sound familiar?
            I get it, you dont want to believe so reality is on a different channel.

          • Don Ward

            Hey. I hate to break it to you. We’re going to have rapprochement with Russia. I know the Left is all in favor of getting into a shooting war with the 2nd largest nuclear power in the world because Vladimir Putin isn’t LGBTQ friendly. But I’m not. As for Ukraine, I’d be a lot more sympathetic if they weren’t actually no kidding strutting around with neo-Nazis.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Thats a real nice straw man you got there.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            I guess you never heard of the Azov Battalion in that rock you live under?

          • Bill

            We HAD rapprochement with the Russians until the former KGB agent took over.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            We currently have 3 warships ships in the Black Sea and several in the Baltic and you’re worried about an unarmed Russian spy ship in International waters off NE?
            How dare Russia place their country in the middle of our NATO bases.
            Joe McCarthy called. He said you’re a tinfoil idiot

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Dude, just move to Moscow.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            That’s the best you have when someone pokes a hole in your “straw man” retort?
            Maybe you can drop another childish meme into the conversation to show us all what a fuggin useful idiot you are.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Whatever komrade.

          • chrismalllory

            You complain about Russian ships being off our coast and the next breath you champion the US having ships off Russia’s coast. Hypocrite much?

      • Blake

        I don’t think you know what “triggered” means. Besides the most horrific of social justice warriors, Trump is the most triggered-prone person I’ve ever seen.

        • Don Ward

          Trump is a SJW now? What ARE you smoking?

          • Blake

            I’ll cut out the small handful of other words that comment and only leave the important ones, since you apparently have a hard time reading. Besides social justice warriors, Trump is very easily triggered.

            You do know how to read English right? Because what I just typed doesn’t even come close to “Trump is an SJW”. If you need further help just comment again and I’ll see what I can do.

          • Don Ward

            Do you even know how to write English? Seriously?
            Again. I’m SOOOOO sorry that your guy lost in the primaries or the election. I’m sure the American public was just beating down the doors to support your candidate.
            Who was it? JEB! Bush? Evan McMuffin? Gary “Aleppo” Johnson? Hillary Clinton?

    • Heretical Politik

      We’re going to be using RPKs. The Kremlin is calling the shots in Putin’s satellite state now.

      • iksnilol


        • DW

          What a small dream yuo have comrade GET THAT VSS

          • mrpotatocat

            I claim AS VAL

      • ja

        Why not Turkish made light MGs?, yesterday we was A Saudi, Turkey,Quatar SUNNI satellite state.

      • Major Tom

        I want a PKP tovarich.

      • Ark

        I guess there’s a bright side to everything.

    • rrangel

      Preposterous on its face. Your post reads like a projection from one of those fascist “anti-fascists.”

  • Anonymoose
    • USMC03Vet

      He’ll be pushing for this even in the afterlife.

      • Gary Kirk

        Could’ve been sooner than he was anticipating.. The 249 can be fun, on the range with one in decent shape.. But most in inventory are so shot to s#!t, it ain’t funny.. Surprised this type of incident hasn’t happened more often..

  • Vhyrus

    Never saw it coming….

    • VanDiemensLand


  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • I had a front wheel go walkabout at 70MPH a few months back; it was like a slow motion scene from a movie as I watched it bounce merrily into oncoming traffic and miss several cars by mere feet. I remember thinking, “Wellp, I sure hope that ends up as a cool story for someone to tell their friends, and not a bitter eulogy for one of them to deliver”.

      Of course I sang several verses of “You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Loose Wheel” while waiting for breaks in traffic to go retrieve it.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Been there.
        I never had a wheel let go but I had a few jerky moments racing motocross. And broke every bone in my body.
        I was out in monahans when I what’s twelve in a dune buggy and broke my nose in s head on collision and my dad said, hey there’s no hospital. Want some ice?

        • Tom of Toms

          “No ice.”


          “I’ll have a beer though.”

        • phuzz

          “Try not to bleed on the buggy son”

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            My father allowed me to do a bunch of stuff at a very early age but the rule was “Start crying. Go home.”

        • Norm Glitz

          Rub some dirt on it. You’ll be fine.

          • TheNotoriousIUD


      • jcitizen

        My landlord had a wheel come of the front right of his water truck when he was delivering it to the cattle. He was killed in the subsequent roll over – I haven’t heard if the tank was full, but that would be 8000lbs of water crushing the cab, I’d imagine! GAH!!!

        • Yeesh. I had a blowout on a fast curve once, and I’m still not quite sure how I managed to keep from just rolling away over the horizon.

  • PersonCommenting

    So the grip fell out?

  • Michael Hintz

    Hold on and ride the lightning!!!

  • Russell W.

    I’m going to be that guy today.
    The m249 doesn’t have a front pin on the trigger assembly, it notches into the receiver. Also the individual next to the shooter is most likely a safety as there are no assistant Gunners for the saw. As to him being quick, looks to me that the saw rotating broke the links as that guy made no apperant movements to break the belt but just held them.

    • 2012Viking

      Thank you… I was a SAW gunner decades ago when the SAW was still new and I didn’t have an AG… I was wondering how soft that military had gotten to have an AG for the M249, lol

  • Gary Kirk

    Nathaniel F. Posted the same video in the comments section a few days ago..

  • Pete Sheppard

    Point for the M27 IAR.

    • The only point.

      • Ron

        Let me guess you have never seen the feed back from its testing or the AARs from units using it combat?

        • I’ve never read them but some Marines have told me their experiences, the M27 isn’t a replacement for a LMG. What was made clear is that M27 provided additional suppressive fire capability while still retaining most of the accuracy of the traditional rifleman. But they still considered the machine gun to be the corner stone of the squad.

          • Ron

            So what you got was the “feels” but I can tell you we saw no loses of battle, losses of fire fights or forces overrun because of the lack of them. In the end the SAW is better at making noise and worse if you are actually attempting to maneuver on a target or hit people. We gave up some psychological effects turning them into organizations weapons, but not much else in real effects.

    • Major Tom

      More like point for the LSAT or whatever it’s called anymore.

      Or just call in a 240L instead.


    well, what times the safety standown..why in the world is he holding by the bipod?

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      Some people do that with machine guns, I did sometimes when I used a GPMG, but I would personally never do that with a Minimi as it has the handguard. Depending on how much firing they were doing maybe this part got too hot to comfortably hold, I haven’t fired a Minimi too much so don’t know if this is an issue. That had no effect on the situation in this case though. What made this situation dangerous was actually that he followed the drill for a runaway gun. When the gun start to runaway he lets go of the bipod with his support hand to reach back and twist the belt, obviously not fully understanding that the grip had come away so at this point the gun would just fall uncontrolled. If you look right at the end of the video you will see his left hand on the belt right against the receiver, where he has twisted the belt to induce a malf.

      • CommonSense23

        No what made this dangerous was holding the bipod. One it’s not accurate. And two without his other hand it allowed the gun to swivel off and and down.

        • Mr Mxyzptlk

          Watch the video again, the gun is still pointing down range when he lets go of the bipod. If he was holding the handguard exactly the same thing would have happened when he reached for the belt with his left hand.

          • Tom Currie

            If he had been holding the gun properly, hopefully he would have been smart enough to NOT reach for the belt but to just maintain control of the gun and let it expend the ammo

        • There is a very clear separation between the receiver and trigger pack in the video. Don’t think that was caused by jolding the gun by the bipod.

          • CommonSense23

            I have had the same malfunction with a MK48. Had a proper grip with my support hand allowing the weapon to be properly controlled into my shoulder.

          • Oh, I see what you’re getting at. Well, I would still pin this one on the gun, not the grunt!

          • Tom Currie

            You’re right about that Nathaniel, the initial failure was not caused by holding the weapon improperly — it was almost certainly caused by failure to properly inspect the weapon the last time it was assembled. Holding it by the bipod didn’t cause the malfunction, it just allowed a the malfunction to very nearly qualify the gunner for a Darwin Award.

  • Ranger Rick

    “Another point is that the M249 SAW doctrinally cannot be used to initiate an ambush, or enter a room in a MOUT scenario. This is because of the open bolt operating feature and the possibility of a malfunction on the first round.”

    I’ve been out of the business for a while, but “doctrinally” ambushes used to be initiated by the most destructive weapon available whether that be a machine gun (M60, M240, M249) or controlled detonated explosives (det cord, TNT, Claymore mine).

    Does anyone have info on current “doctrine” ?

    • CommonSense23

      Yeah, never heard this one before. It makes absolutely no sense not to engage with the most casualty inducing weapon.

      • Ron

        Marine Corps to initiate with a claymore or a close bolt weapon, too much chance for a clunk instead of bang with an M60 or SAW so it became Dogma.

        • Tom Currie

          “Clunk” — funny, that’s a noise I never heard MY M60 make — nor any of the other M60’s in the platoon. Although, come to think of it, I might have heard that noise from an M60 that a bunch of grunts were carrying around.

          • Ron

            The second question would be, why would the ambush patrol leader be carrying a belt fed weapon? He would either have the clacker for the explosives or rifle/carbine.

          • DashVT

            This is a good point. The squad leader should alway initiate the ambush and he never carries the SAW. The doctrine could have more to do with avoiding communication issues with the SAW gunner trying whisper to the SL on the ambush line.

            In terms of reliability, I wouldn’t say the open bolt SAW and M240B are inherently unreliable, but for the first round where a “thunk” could be fatal I definitely have more confidence in an M4 with a round already in the chamber.

            Also, by the time the squad leader initiates the ambush, the whole ambush line will be alert and ready watching the enemy in the kill zone, so after that first round is fired it’s usually only a split second until every weapon is firing in the ‘mad minute’ so I don’t think having the SAW initiate would make much difference in lethality.

      • It makes pretty good sense when introducing yourself to the locals to not rely on a gift basket that’ll leave you with your pants down and your sidearm flappin’ in the breeze if it experiences a very common malfunction.

        • Tom Currie

          Which “very common malfunction” would that be? The failure to load the gun properly malfunction or the forgetting to pull the bolt to the rear before trying to fire it malfunction.

          • Take your pick. User errors are most definitely common malfunctions; the point is that if your opening action effs up– on the basic principle that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy intact– you want it to be something that can be cleared a little more instantly than feed issues on a belt-fed weapon, because if it’s going to take a while to get up and running again you want the enemy to have other things on his mind while you do it.

          • Tom Currie

            So what you’re saying is that the “inherently unreliable” part of the open bolt weapon is the operator.

          • Well, they do say that there’s one common factor in all your failed relationships…

            Seriously though, fuggups happen, and considerably moreso to people whose day job involves being shot at by angry people with automatic weapons; the best plans always account for the possibility of something important going wrong at the worst possible time, and try to arrange things so that if that happens it won’t wreck the entire operation.

      • n0truscotsman

        It was a SOP in certain units because the M60s were utter POSes, but I always disagreed with it because of the reason you highlighted above.

    • DashVT

      Current doctrine for the US Army, at least as of 2015, is to initiate the ambush with the squad leaders M4 (PL in a platoon ambush) or a claymore. I was always told the reasoning was the inherent unreliability of open bolt weapons.

      • Ranger Rick

        Thank you.

      • Tom Currie

        Which makes me wonder just when (and how) open bolt weapons suddenly became “inherently unreliable” — perhaps it was somewhere around the same time that Browning pattern machine guns became “too complicated” for ordinary soldiers to assemble properly (despite those soldiers being the “best educated and best trained” in the history of the US Army, compared to the functionally illiterate and barely literate soldiers who maintained and used Browning machine guns in over a hundred countries around the world since 1933).

        • n0truscotsman

          That was a “thing” back when we had the M60 in service. It changed within certain units’ SOP as the M240 and M249 became more commonplace.

      • MeaCulpa

        Initiating the ambush with the squad leaders weapon seems logical from the standpoint that no one should shoot before the guy that decides if shooting should take place. If the squad leader decides against an ambush last minute it would be pretty bad if the SAW gunner started the party. I don’t think it has anything to do with the realisability of the SAW/M2/M240 and everything to do with accountability.

        • DashVT

          I think you’re probably right about the primary importance on accountability but I did hear the open bolt explanation given many times. Some open bolt weapons like the M240B are extremely reliably but I stil have more confidence in my first round going bang in an M4 with a round chambered.

      • BSK

        That means that M27 IARin open bolt isnt doctrinally best to initiate an ambush?
        Or M27 IAR is more realiable in full auto open bolt than other open bolt LMG/SAW s?

        • DashVT

          The weapon in the hands of the squad leader is the right one to initiate the ambush. I don’t know the specifics of the M27 but squad leaders don’t carry machine guns.

        • Ron

          The M27 fires from a closed bolt.

        • jcitizen

          It does seem that the doctrine is tipping toward the IAR for ambush firepower – at least in the urban environment – but who knows how those think tanks develop “doctrine”.

    • Madcap_Magician

      I was curious about this, too, since as of ten years ago, textbook ambushes were supposed to be initiated with whatever the most casualty-producing weapon you had available was, which typically meant Claymore mines or machine guns. The bit below about initiating with the unit leader’s weapon makes a certain level of sense as well, I suppose, at least as long as everyone is playing the same piece of music and the machine gunners don’t get caught with their pants down when the PL decides to start.

      • Ranger Rick

        That’s why the PL was usually near the MG if he wasn’t on the clacker or both.

    • Saint Stephen the Obvious

      When I served I was told that buttons were equipment so you could use an M2 on them.


    • Fruitbat44

      Not current, but years ago back in the British Army one method to initiate the ambush was for the ambush commander to tap the GPMG gunner who would then open fire, but if it was noted that the ambush commander should be ready to immediately start the ambush by firing his weapon should the GPMG experience a jam. Another method mentioned was, as mentioned above, was for the ambush commander to imitate the ambush by command detonating a claymore . . .

      • Ranger Rick

        As how I was trained.

  • DanGoodShot

    If this was a dark sence of humor pixar movie, kinda like ‘toy story’ but ‘Gun Story’… once the guns got put back in the armory, they all start talkin’ to each other. The conversation would start with,(voice of John Ratzenberger)”Hey Reggie, I dropped my pants today and made that silly human sh@t his!” “Ah, I knew I’d stop befor I hit em’, but he didn’t!” “That’ll teach em’ ta neglect my maintenance again.”

    • Joshua Madoc

      Dark comedy from Pixar? You sure you’re not actually talking about TF2?

  • William M Durham

    If i remember correctly the saw has the same bent piece of metal with one end up and the other sideways to lock the 2 pins in so if the pins came out the locking clip was not on the trigger housing. either bad maintenance or sloppy assembly, same system on M60, if I recall. Gun is just the old M73 machine mage into a troop carrying version, old M73 was in the M48A2/4 Tank and could fire 2 to 3 thousand rounds or more, course I have only seen around 3000 fired straight in long burst before a barrel had to be changed.

  • EdgyTrumpet

    They have to go back.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Why was this better than the Stoner again? 3 sling mounts?

  • Don Ward

    Wow. Such projection. Having actually read these tweets, the vast majority are his campaign’s and White House press releases condensed to an easily accessible 140 character which completely bypasses the slant of the mainstream media.
    Secondly. This is a Firearm website. Are you somehow upset that a strong 2nd Amendment candidate is in the White House? Would you rather be panic buying AR magazines and ammo because Hillary got in? Seriously. The juvenile political attitude of certain individuals in the gun community is absolutely stunning.

    • In what alternate universe is Trump “a strong 2nd Amendment candidate”? He made it perfectly clear during the campaign that he doesn’t really care one way or the other, and all of his stances before then were pro-AWB and soft on gun control. One of his sons is an avid shooter, which is the only real hope we have of seeing anything useful out of this administration in regards to supporting the Second Amendment aside from SCOTUS nominations.

      Also, I don’t know what tweets you’re reading, but before you make an easily-disproven moonbat claim like “Donald Trump doesn’t use Twitter for throwing petty temper tantrums”, you should check first to see if it’s a public Twitter account, since anyone is free to go look for themselves.

      • Don Ward

        Ummm. What alternative universe are YOU living in? Have you been paying attention to politics in the past 2 years?

        • I can’t help you if you’re livin’ in a fantasy world, man, but attempts at gaslighting aren’t terribly effective when all of this is a matter of well-documented public record.

          • Don Ward

            OK. Now you’re using make believe terms like “gaslighting”. Seriously. If you can’t have an adult conversation without using fake terminology, then I don’t know what else I can do.

          • At this point, you’re either not clever enough to use Google, or you’re pretending that you’re not clever enough to use Google.

            Neither of these things make you seem especially clever.

          • Don Ward

            No. Why are you using make-believe words like “gaslighting” which are only used by Leftist college professors and triggered SJW college students?
            Unless you are one yourself.

          • Phillip Cooper

            In the interest of accuracy, that term has been used since the 1800s. It has been brought back into vogue by leftists, however.

      • rrangel

        When he’s endorsed by the NRA and advocates for concealed carry. When he appoints a judge to SCOTUS who follows the Constitution of the United States. Or did you vote for Hillary?

        • You used a lot of words and letters there which could have been condensed to: “R“. Is the new alternate universe here one where the Republican PAC NRA and [waves hand] “advocates for concealed carry” don’t auto-endorse the Republican Party candidate regardless of literally any other circumstances? They’d endorse Senator Incitatus if he had an R next to his name, and nobody’s winning any betting pools in Vegas gambling that an incoming Republican President would use a gift-wrapped Supreme Court nomination on anyone other than a conservative originalist. Not a single shred of this adds up in any way to Donald Jehosephat Trump giving two tenths of a damn for the Second Amendment.

          Do I need to go through the trouble of interruptive HTML tagging some links to all of Trump’s support for gun control before he threw his hat in the Presidential ring? None of this applies to him beyond the R.

          • rrangel

            Trump supports what he should be supporting no doubt. So you’re saying that when an president appoints an originalist that’s not a good thing? Heck, maybe you should just argue, that Hillary Clinton should be president instead.

    • Saint Stephen the Obvious

      TexasUberAlles is just mad that a politician is actually keeping his promises and doing something different than past presidents.

      I can see TUA in a therapy session… “Show me on this doll where the president touched you…”


      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I can see Trump in a therapy session….”Show me on the doll where CNN/SNL/Nordstroms/Bad Hombres touched you…”

      • Yeah, I don’t remember any past presidents actively and illegally colluding with Soviet intelligence agents before and after the election, so I guess you got me there! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • chrismalllory

          They usually conspire with Israeli intelligence agents. Every president from 1964-2016 has been nothing but an Israeli puppet.

        • Tom J

          Please provide proof of that claim. Please explain exactly what information was exchanged. I seem to remember Obama telling Putin that he’d have more leeway once he got re-elected. Where was your outrage over that?

          • My outrage over that was anywhere and any time the subject came up; I’ve never exactly been shy about my loathing of Vlad The Impaler and his neo-soviet aspirations, or my disgust with Western leaders in playing nice with him.

            Are you really doing a Reagan-was-somehow-blameless-for-Iran/Contra thing here to attempt to absolve Donald I of responsibility/complicity for his closest advisors’ appalling breaches of national security? Some of the CIA’s spookiest spooks were scared enough of the content of Flynn’s communications with Russian agents (before and after the fact) that they knowingly committed big time felonies to release some of that information rather than give him access to our entire intelligence apparatus; if you want specific details, feel free to ask the noted sage “Google”, then ask yourself why you seem to be fine with Flynntrump’s behavior, but– and I’m just usin’ the SWAG method here– were ready to pillory Hillary when she committed far less egregious security breaches during that dumpster fire of a campaign. How would you have responded to Clinton publicly calling for foreign spy agencies to hack Trump’s emails, and promising them “great rewards” if she was elected?

            Senator Barack HUSSSSEEEIIINNNN Obama voted for the anti-whistleblower law those CIA poltergeists broke, by the way, and he continued to support its application as President right up until the traditional Effin’ Stuff Up On The Way Out The Door that all Presidents do.

          • Kryptek

            Youve got quite the imagination.All Flynn told his Russian counterpart was to not do anything drastic in response to Obamas actions on his way out .The FBI already said he did nothing illegal.the only laws broken are the felonies commited by Obama holdovers whos only agenda is to do whatever they can to make the President look bad.Hardly the heroes you make them out to be.I only hope they actually get the mandatory minimum ten year sentence (or more) to send a message to the rest of the Dems and RINOs that treasonous acts will not be tolerated.I cant wait for 2018 to get here so the people will have their opportunity to show the Dems and RINOs what we think of their obstructionist and treasonous antics.

        • rrangel

          Complete and utter shameless ignorance from a poser. Former President Barack Obama, did actually collude with Russia while kowtowing to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and Vladimir Putin. Obama didn’t do a damn thing, to prevent them from annexing Crimea either, remember?

          Remember that time he didn’t know the microphone was on? He said “that he’ll have more flexibility” to Medvedev “after his election.”? Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, approved selling a company to the Russian atomic agency, that produces one fifth of US uranium. Gee, what is uranium used for? The claims of Trump “illegally colluding” with Russia, is leftist bull, manufactured out of whole cloth. Thankfully the nation elected the right man for the job.

          • Yes, Dear Friend, I am aware of these things which the previous administration did; I too was less than pleased with them, as I perhaps may have indicated in the very missive to which you have responded. If it helps you plan your day, I’ve also despised Hillary Clinton since the late 1980s and have never made any secret of that, either.

            …Wait, speaking of secrets– is “Whole Cloth” the name of the CIA eavesdropping program which overheard Flynn making deals with Soviet Russian intelligence agents which were being monitored as part of an ongoing active spy ring investigation? You should be careful, it’s a felony to reveal sensitive information like that.

          • rrangel

            You could have fooled anyone reading your obnoxious posts. In fact, it’s as if you just learned that Hillary Clinton, gave away uranium to Russia because you were too busy attempting to denigrate Trump.

          • Yes, clearly– my posts are the “obnoxious” ones here.

  • Petto

    Ok , we know Marines hate that thing already

  • nate

    a lot of SAW’s in inventory are just getting way too old and used

  • LilWolfy

    This has been a known issue with the SAW for decades.

  • LilWolfy

    You don’t initiate ambushes doctrinally with open-bolt, belt-fed machine guns huh?

    Someone might want to call up Ranger School and the SF Q Course and tell them they’re doing it wrong.

    • Ron

      What is the patrol leaders doing ceding control of the fires within the ambush to a someone else, or is he carrying the gun?

      • LilWolfy

        There’s only one patrol leader, and he doesn’t cede control of initiation of fire on an ambush. He initiates it, and is usually located with the SBF position, while the Alpha Team Leader runs the assault line.

        • Ron

          If he is pushing the lever on the clacker he is, but he unless he is pulling the trigger on the gun, he is giving up control, additionally it requires him to collocate with the gun, which may or maynot be the best location for the patrol leader.

          Alpha must be local vernacular, the Marine Corps uses the same terms as the Army does doctrinally and instead we divide our ambush patrols elements into headquarters, assault element, support element, and a security element.

          • LilWolfy

            Same. In patrolling courses, the Alpha Team Leader is usually the Assault element leader. You have all the same elements, including HQ, Assault, Support (M240 on SBF), and security teams to seal off high speed avenues of approach to the OBJ area.

            Patrol Leader is the head of the HQ element of course, along with his RTO. They would frequently co-locate with SBF and just tap the 240 gunner. I can’t recall any chunks with the M240, especially after prepping men, weapons, and equipment in the ORP before moving into the ambush site.

            Depending on what type of comms you have, you can get more responsive and have better command and control than how we used to do things, but still have PACE implemented so that cave man tactics still work.

        • macabre12345 .

          Use the biggest thing you have to initiate AT4 or M3 Carl gustov

  • DetroitMan

    Every soldier going into battle has the comfort of knowing that everything he is carrying was produced by the lowest bidder.

    (I know, we generally get good equipment for our money, and FN makes excellent firearms. This post is intended to be comedic and nothing more.)

  • Don Ward

    Hey. I don’t go and interfere with your politics where you have to grovel to a King. Don’t interfere with our politics when we have to grovel to…


    I mean…

    Look! James is coming out with a new video!

    *Smoke bomb*

  • Look, man, Trump shouldn’t be held accountable just because his accountant made a rookie mistake by accurately labeling all those investments Trump made in Vlad “The Impaler” Putin’s businesses in totally-not-Soviet Russia.

  • CavScout

    Never been a big fan of the say, other than the ability to hit at relatively decent distances.
    But this is why we need to stop POGs from trying to have fun on the range with mag dumps, etc.

  • Tassiebush
  • Hoplopfheil

    Count me allllll the way out.

  • rrangel

    Because that’s how useless the #FakeMedia is. It’s nice to have a leader that actually loves his country for a change.

  • Rap Scallion

    As far as I know the runaway gun from my days in the USMC 1959-70, from the 1918 Browning to the M60 has to just twist the belt, that fixed the only prob I ever had with the 1918 runaway. The problem that caused me to poop, was when a 30 cal round went through unfired and dropped into the pile of hot bass……………the “cookoff” stimulated me more than the runaway!

    Semper Fi

    • jcitizen

      When we go out to shoot belt fed weapons, we always have an assistant gunner with his hand near the belt to twist it off. We’ve had quite a few run away guns, especially the MG3, so this has been very effective, and has stopped the problem every time it raises its ugly head. However, it is a scary thought being as how, you don’t always have an assistant in a fire fight. The film made me want to grab my nuts!

  • macabre12345 .

    They still had a long belt and got lucky the gun jammed. You can see it when he dropped the gun.