Fab-Defense KPOS Pistol SBR Chassis

While en route to Shot Show, Edward O stopped to shoot this run down of the Fab Defense KPOS pistol chassis. The KPOS is available for a wide range of handguns including Glock, Jericho. M&P,  FN 5-7, Sig P226, Cz Duty, Beretta Px4 Storm, Springfield XD, etc. The most common version does make the rifle into an SBR, but an ATF compliant version also exists.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Michael Lubrecht

    Given the well-known meaning of the acronym POS, why on earth would anyone name a firearm accessory that?

    • Mike

      Maybe because there is a version for a Taurus pistol, just joking Taurus lovers

      • Just Sayin’

        Did you say “Taurus” and “lovers” in the same sentence?

    • polama

      Probably something to do with nerds being socially retarded and giving things stupid unpopular names, engineers also suffer from this.
      Still better name than the Masada ACR rifle and the Jericho pistol. That’s like U.S calling a pistol The Dresden and trying to sell it in Germany.

      • Anonymoose

        Except that most people in Muslim-minority countries don’t have a problem with “Masada” or “Jericho.” Anyone who understood who “Massoud” was wouldn’t have a problem with that rifle’s name either unless they were a commie or a terrorist.

      • chedolf

        I have a Japanese friend who helped setup a crypto-currency (like Bitcoin) for some Chinese investors. Their initial choice for the name was “Fucoin”. Fu means fortune/good luck in Chinese. It took some work to persuade them non-Chinese would read it differently.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I know… Why would you name your firearm product Point of Sale…

    • Ambassador Vader

      That was the first thing I thought.

  • Justin

    what good does this even do? you still have most of the draw backs of a pistol (caliber, ballistics and magazine capacity) and the major back of an SBR (Tax stamp)

    if you need to hang that many things off a pistol class weapon you should have brought a rifle.

    • Tinkerer

      What is that “tax stamp” you talk about-
      Oh, you’re american. Never mind.

    • Fox Hunter

      If they can use a sig pistol brace or a cheek rest instead of a stock, you won’t need a tax stamp.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    And the model for Glock Gen5s is CA legal because the gun auto disassembles so you can do a mag change…

    I know I know that law doesnt really apply here but I havent made a Glock comment in a while.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    Seems like a fab… I mean fad product.

    I tried a couple and the fit of the pistol and the KPOS, both had some wiggle (that bothered me).

    If you really want an SBR, buy a real one.

  • malan

    Jericho was a big win, but the mass slaughter of the people inside the city, makes the victory rather hollow. It’s pretty scary though, especially if you consider the association of pistols with executions by many arabs. So in hindsight perhaps not that bad name after all.
    Masada is a famous siege where everyone comitted suicide.