KE Arms 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine Lower

As is evidenced by this year’s SHOT Show, pistol caliber carbines are all the rage among the cool kids. Enough so that I may have to see what it is all about, especially now that KE Arms is manufacturing a Glock magazine compatible lower…

I'm intrigued--I may have to get one...

I’m intrigued–I may have to get one…

The KE Arms KE-9 lower receiver is precision machined in-house from 7075 billet aluminum to mil-spec standards. It has a broached magazine well and the entire unit is Type III, Class 2 hard anodized (mil-spec 8625). The magazine catch is included (and is also machined from aluminum billet and hard coat anodized). The KE-9 also includes the ejector which is secured with 2 set screws. To complete the lower you would need the remaining part (from your parts kit of choice; it should work with mil-spec compliant kits).

The KE-9 is compatible with most 9mm uppers (the upper will need to have mil-spec spacing between the take down pin lugs and bolts machined to clear through Glock magazine feed lips).

Close in pic of the hammer and upper mag well.

Close in pic of the hammer and upper mag well.

The bolt catch hole is threaded and include a screw for installation. Last round bolt hold open is dependent upon the upper used.

The very appealing thing to me is that it accepts OEM Glock (and aftermarket) magazines. I’m starting to get stingy about my gear and it’s compatibility with other things I own.

It is going to come in at an MSRP of $199.95, and KE Arms expects to be producing more 9mm AR products in the near future.

So readers, tell me, do you own a PCC and what do you like or hate about it?

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  • Dickie

    Love it

  • Mutenri

    Still waiting for one that will take CZ75 mags…

    • b0x3r0ck

      Pretty much what CZ should have launched the EVO with?

      • JSmath

        CZ is doing pretty well with the Scorpion though, as much I would love a CZ75-compatible AR block or lower.

  • DMZ

    Wait, the bolt hold-open is reliant on the upper? How’s that work? All the ARs I’m aware of regardless of caliber (including Wilson Combat’s new AR9) that hold the bolt open have those working parts in the lower.

    • Tinkerer

      I don’t really know, but maybe different bolts have different shapes, some of which don’t interface with this particular bolt hold open?

    • Russell Phagan

      The bolt catch is in the lower in the normal place. It will not interface with the follower in a Glock magazine is at the front and will not interface with the AR bolt catch without a linkage system in the upper.

  • joshv06

    Gee.. Looks like a New Frontier Armory lower..

    • MarcoPolo

      That’s what it appears to be. PSA also sells the New Frontier and you can occasionally get them for $119 shipped. Of course the ejector isn’t skeletonized, so you’ll have to decide how much that feature is worth to you.

    • Cymond

      Similar, but different enough the magazine release that it’s not the same item with different markings. I have a New Frontier, so I recognize the small differences. The aluminum mag catch is a big difference.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    At Palmetto State Armory they are $99 fairly often.

  • Tony Spicolli

    Ditto to what Mike L Said. Nearly identical to Frontier and Palmetto Glock lowers. Unfortunately atvalmostvtwice the price of Palmetto. Im guessing Palmetto are cheaper since the anodizing is not great. Probably Frontier cast offs. Still at almost $100 less you could cera-dura-gunkote it yourself and still save money. I mean really, who builds their own rifles these days and doesnt refinish the recievers anyway.

  • Stephen Jakubowski

    still waiting for a 9mm ar that takes beretta 92 mags

    • It’s called the Beretta CX-4 Storm

      • Stephen Jakubowski

        I said ar, I’d rather just have an upper and mag block then buy another rifle.

  • imtoomuch

    1. Why are 9mm lowers more expensive than .223/5.56 lowers?

    2. Is there a 9mm lower that accepts M&P mags?

  • Capn Jack

    Counting my penny s….