DRD 5.56 Aptus | SHOT 2017

DRD Tactical previously came out with their break down 7.62x51mm Paratus rifle, and now they have a 5.56x45mm version. We featured the Aptus on TFB TV with Edward O if you want to give that a look. It should be coming to the U.S. civilian market in Spring of this year, with both SBR and full length variants. Although both are just a barrel change away, so if you purchase the 16″ version and like it, you should be able to file your SBR stamp and then receive the 7.5″ SBR variant. In addition to 5.56×45, the company also has a .300 BLK barrel available that can be used in the same platform.

The majority of the Aptus parts are AR compatible, except for the proprietary bolt carrier (bolt head is AR) and receiver. But the trigger components are compatible with any AR trigger systems out there on the market so fitting a Geissele in wouldn’t be an issue. There isn’t a standard T shaped charging handle, instead a left sided non-reciprocating lever. The finish might appear to be a one-off display model, but no this is the actual production line finish with the companies “Hard Coat Type III Anodize Black Finish”. There is another finish under “NiB Battle Worn™ Finish”.

Breaking down the rifle is quite simple, popping a latch on the righthand side, unscrewing a pin, sliding off the handguard and barrel group. The system comes with a sort of cap for this group to keep the chamber and gas tube safe while in storage. The top rail is monolithic, and the bottom rails are M-Lok, while the side rails appear to have picatinny attachments if those are necessary.

This photo is from Defense Review, showing the different barrel configurations-


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  • Henry Reed

    Defense Review reporting new tactical/survival/takedown SOF (Special Operations Forces) carbine/rifle for the 21st Century! Is this the new face of SOCOM/Delta/Force Recon operators/door breaching/room clearing/SHTF(Shit Hit The Fan) wonder rifle? What an awesome death/shooting/combat machine packed with Ultra Rapid Deployment Tactical Accessory Action (URDTAA)!!!

    • Anonymoose

      Ripped straight from the pages of Mallninja Monthly!

  • Uniform223
  • Ben Pottinger

    Any ideas on the cost? That finish is terrible btw.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      $2,091.00 according to their website. The finish you love is an extra $300! haha

      • Stan Darsh

        Last week they said $1700 for anodized and $2000 for NiB. They must have received a bigger response than they expected and decided to up the price. That’s a shame.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          When that article came out I checked the site and it was still the $2,100 and $2,400. I think the writer misquoted the MSRP. Hopefully somebody slipped that as the expected street price. Bringing this under 2k OTD makes it more enticing to me.

        • Simon

          The Aptus isn’t on the DRD site yet, that price is for a different rifle.

      • Ben Pottinger

        Actually not a terrible price for a “premium” gun.

        The finish is something I just don’t get. It’s like the “ripped jeans” fad. There is nothing wrong with the look of a well used rifle, but paying extra so that your never used rifle looks like you use it alot?! Seriously?

        • Harry’s Holsters

          It’s personal preference. I’ve seen some of the battleworn finishes that I love and some that I don’t care for. This one appears mediocre For some people they look at it as art.

      • Simon

        That price is for the CDR-15. The Aptus is not on their site yet.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          My bad. I hope the original article’s pricing holds true.

          • Simon

            I hope so too 🙂 Though DRD themselves have said the price of the Aptus in black will be $1,695, it’s not just a price quoted through an article.

  • Hunter Carr

    Now, if they only had a folding adapter for a Shockwave blade….

  • Harry’s Holsters

    One of the most under reported guns of shot. This would be hugely successful if that brought it under 2K and their were no SBR restrictions.

  • Elvis

    Wow, they’ve invented the ACR!

    • Anonymoose

      And it takes regular AR barrels! It’s basically what the ACR, MCX, SCAR, etc were supposed to be, but in DI.

  • roguetechie

    I like the DRD dudes…


    Yeah, I’ll take a Skelli X11 for $1545 and be able to left hand eject too .,.

  • Quest

    Looks good. but urgh that handquard is stupid. Could be lighter, have better airflow, and use Mlock or Keymod.

    • Simon

      Production rifle will have M-Lok.

  • zora

    As somebody else pointed out in a previous article take a closer look at the grip. Do you think that’s comfortable? It looks uncomfortable but I hope it pleasantly surprises you when you pick it up.