Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV’s SHOT Show coverage, James gets the rundown from Smith & Wesson on the new S&W M&P 2.0 and all of its new features, including the steel sub-frame, and various upgrades to the frame, trigger, and slide. S&W made a considerable amount of improvements to the M&P series while keeping the price in the same neighborhood as the M&P 1.0.

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James Reeves

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  • Anonymoose

    I want a longslide one in .45 with an RMR cut…been waiting for one for years…

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      With lazor sighting.

  • 22winmag

    If I hear the term “subcompact” one more time…

    • Twilight sparkle

      What do you have against the term subcompact?

      • Bill

        I, and other grammar nazis, think “subcompact” should be between full-sized and “compact.” “Micro” would be my label of choice.

        • Twilight sparkle

          The prefix sub in this context means under or beneath. This just means the size of this firearm is below the size of a compact firearm, which makes perfect sense to me. If you wanted to apply the term micro to something it should be reserved for only the smallest of concealed handguns like the glock 43… if we were to continue this line up the 26 would be subcompact, the 19 would be compact, and the 17 would be full size; and that’s exactly how manufacturers use these terms. I’m not really not seeing the grammatical error with the term “subcompact.”

    • iksnilol


  • USMC03Vet

    Springfield did the 2.0 better.

    Suck it, American Outdoor Brands.

    • Ken

      I saw a used one for $400 locally last week. I guess they’re unwanted already.

  • guest

    M&P: when you want a Glock but don’t want it to be a Glock, and when you think there are not enough buttons/switches on a gun.

    • John Yossarian

      When you want a real trigger with actual sear and would like to get a strong grip on your pistol, with the fingers not separated by ridges. When the thin outcropping of a trigger dingus feels like crap and you don’t want to pay an extra $100 for the experience. That’s when you choose M&P.

      • Twilight sparkle
      • guest

        boo hoo hoo trigger is wrong boo hoo hoo grip shape wrong boo hoo hoo my tender hands can’t hold on to it

        This Breaking Bad quote sums it up best when it comes to Glock vs knock-offs and clones:

        “So… it’s grade school tee-ball vs. The New York Yankees. Yours is just
        some tepid… off-brand, generic cola. What I’m making is classic Coke.”

        • Raginzerker

          LOL look guys! A butthurt glock fanboy! Listen how he tells that glocks are better than all other guns out there!

          • No one

            You know, Glocks are like those one guns where it’s so much edgier and cooler to blindly and vocally hate them for no reason then it is to actually like them no matter how quiet you are about it, SIG, H&K and 1911A1 fanboys in general are about a thousand times more vocal and obnoxious about how much better they are but they get a free pass because they’re not Glock fanboys at least!

            But, since you appear to be salty, what company do you buy your Glock clone from anyway while pretending to be a beautiful unique snowflake?

          • iksnilol

            Honestly? For every 1911, SIG, HK fanboy I’ve seen/heard, I’ve seen heard about 15-20 Glock fanboys.

          • Raginzerker

            Lol I have a glock snowflake, got it used for a good price, just love those people that think that glock is the best thing since the wheel

          • Raginzerker
          • Raginzerker
          • guest

            Notice how I never told it is the best gun, but yeah, it’s there in the top-list somewhere. Once Glock came out everyone started copying the concept, M&P being not at all impartial to this. So yeah, if a gun is that good that it gave off so many clones by different mfgs then yes, that speaks for itself.

            That fact non-withstanding – a LOT of people chose guns by taste rather than application or need.

          • Raginzerker

            I’m not knocking the gun, just the hardcore fanboy’s, I own a glock

      • No one

        Yes because the M&P is well known for it’s great trigger!

    • Just say’n

      ….or you absolutely hate the Glock’s ridiculous grip angle, and want to buy American (yes, I know Glocks are made in Georgia, but still….)

      Shoot what fits ‘ya!

      • ChroniclesofRidiculeTHIS

        Shoot from behind the gun (not under it) and you won’t find it so ridiculous.

      • john huscio

        Get a gen 4 Glock. Grip feels great.

    • imtoomuch

      Except that Glocks are stuck in the 80’s/

      • No one

        Ahahaha,a 1911A1 fanboy claiming something is stuck in the past. go pick up a dictionary and look up what the word “Irony” means.

        Also, for a gun stuck in the past, it sure seems that every pistol manufacturer and their mother wants to copy this so called stuck in the 80s design.

        • imtoomuch

          I’m not a 1911 fanboy. Nice try though.

          Glocks are stuck in the 80’s. Other polymer pistols are evolving. Glocks are the same old, stale design. They need to study ergonomics.

          Troll on Glock boy.

          • No one

            Glocks got it right the first time, utilitarian without a bunch of pointless features that you mostly never use anyway without caring about looks. Which is funny considering everytime someone tries to “improve” on the design, it just comes across as pointless addons or ending up worse. or the ones that actually do legitimately shine get mostly ignored for not being a “cool” brand like the Steyr M9-A1 series which is fantastic but almost never seen.

            Also, It’s too bad your post history betrays you and you are infact a 1911A1 Kool-Aid drinker like the rest of them who just blindly hates on Glocks to appear cool and edgy. you could at least have the class to tell the truth but, guess not.



            3 hours ago

            I didn’t realize self-defense was the only time guns were used. Oh
            wait, they’re not. Even so, there’s tons of men and women that carry
            1911’s daily. I’m not one of them. I just laugh when buffoons claim
            the 1911 is dead.


            View in discussion


            16 hours ago

            But, but the 1911 is dead! Oh wait, that’s just the Glock humpers saying that.”

            “Somebody has no idea what they’re talking about. Maybe your “tuning” is what made your 1911 unreliable!

            Sure, polymer, striker-fired guns are all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean the 1911 is obsolete.”


            No one

            16 days ago

            Butthurt Glock fanboy at it’s finest. LOL Glocks, as many people
            are finding out, are overrated. That’s why other polymer, striker fired
            pistols are selling so well. Before you you try it, I own Glocks and
            have shot even more Glocks owned by friends.” This one comes off as the typical “I’m not racist, but!” line btw. Also, this one was you defending SIG of all companies which has by far the most annoying fanbase of any company next to H&K.

            I could keep going if you wish with all your “1911 Isn’t dead!” “Lol Glock fanboy!” posts, but I think I’ve proven a point.

          • imtoomuch

            I own Glocks, troll. I just hate their rabid fanboys like yourself. You also ride a Harley, don’t you?

          • Just say’n

            Shot both, thought long and hard about it and I chose the M&P over the Glock for EDC (Sheild vs. 43). It just fit me better. Ironically, I ride a KTM (Austrian). Mostly the same reason, fit me better.

            (sorry for the hijack, you weren’t asking me)

          • No one

            I ride a 1953 Indian actually, but hey, if you want to meet a rabid fanboy, take a look in the mirror sometime, like half of your comments on this site are defending the 1911, the other half are bashing Glock even when it’s completely without reason at times.

            And Iks, if you genuinly have never heard loudmouthed 1911, SIG, or H&K fanboys, you must never read comments, forums, or just go to gun stores or ranges very much, they are by far the most defensive and rabid fanboys in the industry and always insist their platforms are absolutely flawless and sneer at you like elitist snobs basically all the time for actually putting function over form first.

          • iksnilol

            Buuut… you’re the one being the loudmouth Glock fanboy.

            And I’ve rarely met/heard 1911 folks claim everything else sucks and that theirs is the way to salvation and whatnot like Glockies are wont to do.

          • guest

            Nothing *really* sucks, however, a lot of shooters definately suck. For example those that blame their own deficiencies on inanimate objects. Not saying any names iksnilol…
            The topic here is not better vs worse, it’s the established vs unncessarily redundant.

            BTW take a good read of the comment you just posted, and see if you can spot any hypocrisy there.

          • guest

            What ergonomics? You seem to be on the same boat as iksnilol here, with the “wrong shaped grip” and what not.

            Speaking of the 80’s and Glock: would sure be fine if someone introduced a better concept, yet M&P, SD etc are all living off the same “80’s” concept without adding much to it.
            So ok, different grip, gazillion buttons no one needs, but besides that what did they bring to the table? Nothing at all. Literally – zero.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Is there a “yawn” emoji on this thing? Asking for a friend.

  • Tim

    But it doesn’t tell me where the grip zone is

  • Pikey Powell

    What he wanted to say about the trigger- “It’s good but not like really good as in the pro series” HAHAHA

    • Johnsmyname

      “It doesn’t suck as much as a standard stock one, but yes you will be replacing it with an aftermarket.” LOL

  • Suppressed

    I understand articles getting accidentally stickied, what I don’t understand is when they’re on the 3rd day of it without anybody fixing it.

    Or is this news such a big deal that the sticky is intentional?

  • ExMachina1

    Is it me or is this posting stuck at the top of the main TFB page? Took me a while to scroll down and see that there were a ton of new posts.

  • Bill

    Black 5 inch 9mm please. Can’t carry FDE in a cop uniform, at least in mine. Colors clash, can’t have that.

  • Gregory

    Has Smith & Wesson done anything to address the issue of the magazine release on their M&P pistols? All it takes is just a slight bump on the magazine release for the gun to drop its’ magazine. This is a big issue and the reason why I got rid of two M&P pistols I owned. I could not trust the guns as a defensive weapon, living with the knowledge that at any time an accidental bump on the magazine release would result in a gun that became a single shot pistol.