Stag Arms Featureless Rifles | SHOT 2017

Stag Arms is quite famous for the companies left hand ARs, offering variants where other manufacturers tend to not operate in the Southpaw domain, Stag has curved out a niche in the market. This year is no different, with .308 Win rifles and a featureless rifle being added to the line up. The featureless rifle is built using a partnership between Stag and Hera Arms in Germany, working on producing a thumbhole stock with an aluminum insert to prevent holding the stock like an “assault rifle”.


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  • Eric B

    There’s a lot of “the featureless rifle features…” Funny.

  • jay

    Man some laws are retarded!
    That “featureless stock” is down right dangerous. In a normal world, where lawmakers have a grain of common sense, that stock would be banned because of safety reasons, as it prevents you from having a solid, safe, grip on the rifle. Only in a “head in the clouds”, socialist utopia, this stock makes sense.
    If this people multiply,….God help us.

    • Marcus D.

      Well, given the fact that the rifle it is intended for has so little recoil, it is apparently not too hard to get a good grip with these or the Monsterman grip. So safety is not as much of an issue as the fact that it is so butt ugly I wouldn’t touch one even if it had a bag over its head. And if it is unsafe, for the California Legislature that would be a feature, not a bug. You see, the whole purpose, expressly so, of these laws is to eliminate all “black rifles” from the State through bans of new versions and attrition of the old ones (by sale out of state or being turned over for destruction, since they cannot be transferred in state if they are “assault weapons”). It is the same in NY and Ct. At this point, they don’t want to take the step of eliminating all semi-auto rifles, but if “work arounds” like the Hera keep being made, they will be tempted to do so after Governor Brown terms out.

  • Holdfast_II

    Not featureless enough for Stag’s home state of Connecticut.

    • valorius

      Trump should slap a 35% tariff on Stag until it moves it’s facilities to America.

  • Vizzini

    At some point you have to stop bending over backwards to comport with ridiculous laws and make your stand. That rifle is just the equivalent of getting down on your knees to enemy gun-grabbers.

  • valorius

    I’m a lefty and see no point at all to a “left handed AR”. With the shell deflector and ambi safety of A2 and later models, the AR is for all intents and purposes 100% ambidextrous.

  • Bob

    so, am I to guess that the “aluminum plate” is to satisfy chitholes like CA etc etc.
    I see no purpose for it otherwise.
    What am I missing… I know I am getting old and all that………….

  • 22winmag


    Now show me the good stuff.