Vortex UH-1 & GEN2 Viper PST | SHOT 2017

This year Vortex introduced an exciting new red dot style scope as well as offered a refresh of the hugely popular Viper PST scopes. The UH-1 is affectionately referred to as the Huey is the new large window red dot from the legendary red dot company. The refreshed Viper PST takes some tech from the outgoing Gen 1 Razor as well as the Razor HD to finish out a scope that is nothing short of outstanding for those looking for a low cost, high quality scope.

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Patrick R

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  • Sam Damiano

    Going to miss the 1-4 PST’s. I think they decided to discontinue it at the wrong time.

    • Dave Webster

      Primary arms is going to do juuus fine

      • Wingbert

        The primary arms 1-4 is terrible and the 1-6 is the same thing as the strike eagle. PST series is on another level

  • John Yossarian

    Availability on either generation of PST are difficult right now. I can find the flagship going for $920 6-24x PST and $1100 5-25x PST II.

  • therealgreenplease

    They should have put the USB port on the front so somebody could have made a solar panel for the top rail (thus allowing the end user to have a solar powered optic without the manufacturer having to sweat Trijicon’s patent).

  • John Treankler

    If, by “Red Dot” you mean “Holographic” sight, then… yeah, the UH-1 is a red dot sight.