Crowd Funding For Gun Companies | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

Have you had an idea for a shooting product only to have the bank turn you down? How about other crowd funding sites not approve your campaign because it was gun related? That is what happened to Sam and gave him the idea to start Firefunder. Now you can run a crowd funding campaign to get that next idea off to a solid start in a gun friendly place.

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Patrick R

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  • PersonCommenting

    Hmmm, idk how I feel. I grow tired of the crowdfunding thing. People use to save up their own money to start businesses. Maybe I dont like how the words are set up either idk. I do patreon for some places but I dont think of it as a donation. I think of it as I am paying for content. And dont like when the word donation is used. idk. Maybe I am just old school.

    • They still do. Kickstarter is really only for that last hurrah until you put something into production. On Kickstarter you are expected to have a working prototype and are really only looking for help to put the item into production.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        Id say for most crowdfunding level products though, a prototype isnt that (relatively) expensive to produce. It often takes a lot more time than money to get to that point. The expensive part is getting the initial capital to get it into full production.

    • YS

      I’m with you there.

      It’s either an investment, or a pre-order. If it’s an investment, I want part ownership of the company, the revenue, or the patent. If it’s a pre-order, then I should be able to expect a 100% on-time delivery or a full refund. Instead, these crowdfunding are the worst of both worlds.

      • PersonCommenting

        They are indeed. Its just a handout in the end.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        Kickstarter gives you exactly that in the end; either investment or preorder with refund if it goes bust. I believe this service originated from someone who tried to use Kickstarter but was not allowed so Im going to guess its more Kickstarter like.

        • YS

          Except according to Kickstarter, their success rate is mere 35.75%. They define success rate as successful, unsuccessful, canceled, and suspended projects. I think this means 64.25% of the projects just go poof.

    • Joseph Goins

      It used to be that you bought part of the company when you gave it free money without purchasing goods. I’m not a fan of the movement either.

  • Noishkel

    This might actually help me out with a dream of my own. I’ve had an idea about starting a business where I replicated really old and out of production gun parts. All run through a ‘wish list’ system where each short run only gets made when enough people order one.

  • Brick

    How about other crowd funding sites not approve your campaign because it was gun related?

    Hell, what about major banks refusing to give business loans? Where it’s “against policy” to loan money to a firearm company.

    • Joseph Goins

      Liability (Bad Manufacturing x Mass Shootings)
      + Limited Growth Potential Pre-Election
      + Damage to the Bank’s Brand by Associating with Guns
      = Risky Investment

      Deep down, you really have to see that the industry is very risky.

      • Dan

        Agree’d 2A doesn’t guarantee you’re right to funding.

  • Dan

    Oh boy, while this may get us some neat items i’m guessing the other 99% will be stuff like the polymer nutsacks that attach to rails.

  • Mr Saturday Night Special

    If you aren’t moved to give don’t do it.
    If you are then give.
    No need to sit around and crow about it.

  • I hope this platform becomes popular so we can finally get some USA made Dragunov’s