Concealed Carrie Handbags For Your Favorite Handgun | SHOT 2017

Concealed Carrie, makers of handbags, computer bags, briefcases, and other accessories offer stylish options for those times when you either don’t (or can’t) body carry or perhaps wish to carry an additional weapon.

The bags are designed to combine concealed carry with fashion and quality.These bags range from small to roomy.  The bags offer ambidextrous draw and most also include the ability for a top draw.  Each bag comes with a zipper lock to prevent unintended access or snoopiness.

Man's briefcase--I don't see why it should not work for a woman though... On the left is the removable tablet cover and stand.

Man’s briefcase–I don’t see why it should not work for a woman though… On the left is the removable tablet cover and stand.

The company also markets a men’s brown leather briefcase that can carry all your stuff plus your computer while keeping your handgun safely concealed.  This briefcase has a removable case for your tablet with a built in stand as well.  As a female, I would also carry this briefcase!

Concealed Carrie logo

The handbags come in both leather and synthetic and most have shoulder straps.  Each bag has an adjustable firearm holster in a separate concealed compartment. The bags look and feel high quality and with many different styles including hobos, totes, and cross-bodies.

My favorite is the brown leather satchel. There is no printing at all!

My favorite is the brown leather satchel. There is no printing at all!

My favorite piece is the brown leather satchel.  It is large and can carry a lot of gear.  With the demonstration weapon stowed in the prescribed pouch, it was completely concealed without any evidence of the weapon.  The brown leather satchel is Concealed Carrie’s bestseller and also comes in black leather.

The prices range from $110-$349.  These prices are comparable with handbags of similar quality but without the concealed carry compartments. They have many other options at their website:

Helen Kline holds black belts in both Chinese Kenpo and Six Sigma (meaning she is equally capable of controlling you on the mat or in the boardroom). She is also an NRA Instructor (for over 6 years), focusing on both special populations and women’s self defense. She is a firm believer that people need to master the basics before trying to “go all high speed”. She joined TFB to try and bring balance to the Force…


  • PersonCommenting

    CCing is rarely a good idea. Very specific circumstances I would think.

    • KestrelBike

      Super-troll or was “off-body” forgotten before the “… CCing is rarely…” part?

      • PersonCommenting

        Yes lol

        im correcting it.

    • Helen K

      Yes. On-body is definitely preferred. But there are definitely circumstances, especially for women, where on-body is just not possible, depending on dress code, etc. at work.

      • PersonCommenting

        Yeah but so many people do it it more than just the unavoidable situations.

        • Tinkerer

          Then it’s the user’s fault for misusing the gear, not the gear’s fault.

          • PersonCommenting


  • Joe Schmo

    A great way to have your purse stolen AND your gun stolen.

    • Tinkerer

      Situational awareness is your friend.

      • Joe Schmo

        Situational awareness isn’t going to stop a 6’5″ 250lb criminal from rushing someone who has their gun in an extremely inaccessible place. Proper on the body carry is your friend.

        • Helen K

          Actually, have you ever practiced drawing from a properly designed concealed carry purse? Really no different than a contractor’s sling bag. Yes it is a little slower, but, honestly not that much. And there is more ability for subterfuge.

          Using that “situational awareness” I would simply pull the purse closer, and access my gun from the side or top, and already have it in hand and ready to draw and engage. Or I could just shoot right through the purse. On the hip, it is pretty obvious what you are about to do, and telegraphs.

          If someone is actively rushing you, you are already late to the party. And unless you practice drawing and shooting while someone is rushing you, I would bet neither men nor women are going to be terribly effective.

          • Wow!

            You SHOULD be practicing drawing and shooting while someone is rushing you. That is like one of the basic force on force drills like how “up drills” are the core for live shooting. Purse carry is fine… for a backup. There are many holsters designed for women in all kinds of outfits. People need to stop looking at the purse as the first option, it isn’t.

          • Tinkerer

            I’m not sure if one can practice growing eyes at the back of one’s head, in order to see a rushing assailant from behind.

          • Wow!

            If an assailant attacks you from behind you won’t be able to use any firearm in the first place. That is like saying seat belts don’t work against explosions, so the safety of seat belts is invalidated

            Rarely are attacks unprovoked like that and with no warning at all. In most situations, a situation will escalate which can take from several seconds to a few minutes. To defend yourself you keep distance and as it escalates you order the adversary to not approach. If the adversary does, things go from 0 to 100 fast where immediately from there it is a rush to draw your weapon before the adversary realizes it is “on” and draws his weapon or moves forward to stop you (of course you are also moving away “off the line” so it is kind of like an extreme form of tag).

        • d s

          I too fat and old,I carry mine in my hand.

    • Michael Powers

      Every been to a concealed carry class where the instructor plays “take your gun”? In one class, i saw the instructor, over 2 days, take everyone’s gun. And this was after they knew what to expect. Most people are oblivious and carry without retention holsters. On-body carry sounds great until you leave your gun at home.

  • Fruitbat44

    From my perspective – which is from a comfortable armchair – off-body seems to be the least best option for concealed carry. Btw ‘Concealed Carrie’ -owwwww- 🙂 However it is an option and I’m guessing that carrying a gun in off body CC is better than not carrying a gun at all. And the pieces do look rather stylish.

  • Garmanarnar

    Off body carry: not even once.

  • Just Sayin’