Brownells Offering Firearms Sales, Own Offerings | SHOT 2017

Brownells has traditionally been a gunsmithing and parts destination for a number of decades but at SHOT 2017 the company has come out with offering full firearms for sale through their dealer network. We reported on this back in November and the company is in full swing of offering all manner of firearms to the public. At present time the company has over 3,000 models of firearms for sale and that number is expected to go up as well. In addition to the generic firearms for sale, the company has been putting together a few of their own. Most interestingly is the complete reproduction M16A1 that the company is going to be offering in various parts kits, so customers can purchase all the correct parts to complete their own A1 retro build. Much ado has been made about Colt’s repo M16, and although Brownell’s parts entry doesn’t appear to be as completely matching as the Colt one, I doubt very few gun owners who aren’t dedicated Colt collectors will notice or necessarily care about the minute details.

However what really surprised me at the Brownells booth was the amount of modern firearms on display. The company has usually taken a very traditional and conservative approach to parts and accessories, appealing to older designs in existence. But with the newer items such as Agency Glocks, Fight Lite MCRs, and V Seven ARs it appears that the company is committed to taking a step in appealing to a younger generation of shooters who are much more fascinated by the latest developments in the shooting industry.


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  • Edeco

    Woo, retro. I’d seen about Colt doing retro ones but hadn’t much hope for a major triangle-furniture comeback, since, yanno, Colt will prolly produce few and price high. GJ Brownells.

  • Bub

    Colt is doing a limited run of 2500 at $2500 each. IMO they missed the boat on this one. A larger run and lower price would have been a better option for the company and the customer. Colt seems to be going for the collector market and not the shooter market. Brownell’s version looks interesting and I for one will be watching for more details.

  • Porty1119

    Any pricing info on the M16? I know that those NoDak Spud receivers go for avout $150 each, so I’m guessing $800. I’m wrapping up my A1-ish build in the next few days; it has an A2 upper but a pencil barrel and original Colt A1 furniture.

    On a related note, this is the coolest thing to come out of SHOT in my opinion. I love retro rifles!

    • Anonymoose

      You buy the parts. Assembly is required.

  • Paul

    Brownells is selling the components, not the complete M16. Barrels, receivers,furniture, etc.

    • Incorrect. The rep I was talking to specifically mentioned the complete rifle being for sale. The company does sell the components as well, but this one is their own creation/offering.

  • Romeo

    Did Brownells mention when the their M16A1 clone rifle will hit the shevles, and at what price point?