AAC Ti-Rant 9M: A New Modular 9mm Suppressor | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV, James visits with AAC engineer, Mike Smith, to discuss the new AAC Ti-Rant 9M in 9mm: a modular suppressor that can be lengthened or shortened and disassembled without any tools. Titanium construction and a number of mounting options make this a great choice for 9mm pistols and carbines.
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  • Maximilian Johannes Benning

    Honestly, I think that this big push to modularity is a result of companies knowing of 41f ahead of time and creating a new product that will keep people buying after new regulations

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      Yeah because AAC new about 41F 3 years ago when they developed it for the tirant 45 right. (SARC)

      Take off the tin foil hat dude