Wilkinson Tactical CR-12 Shotgun | SHOT 2017

Wilkinson Tactical CR-12

Wilkinson Tactical CR-12

Wilkinson Tactical is showing its new 12 gauge AR-style shotgun. It is built on a slightly modified AR-10 lower receiver. It has nickel-boron coated internal components that don’t require lubrication for reliable operation. It comes with a free-floating handguard and adjustable stock. The controls are fully ambidextrous.

The CR-12 upper can be switched out with an AR-10 upper receiver and the changes to the lower for 12 gauge operations do not interfere with rifle shooting. Standard AR-10 mags work flawlessly.

The CR-12 will come with two 5-round magazines and 10 or 12-round magazines will also be available.

Wilkinson Tactical is targeting the summer of 2017 for getting the CR-12 onto shelves. The projected retail price is $2495.

Wilkinson Tactical CR-12 Shotgun

Wilkinson Tactical CR-12 Shotgun

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.


  • Bierstadt54

    I do love cool shotguns. Looking forward to a review.

    • salty

      as soon as its complete in 2023 just like everyother shotgun based on ar10 that gets announced at shotshow then never appears….

  • Twilight sparkle

    I don’t trust a company that says their gun doesn’t require lubrication

    • Nicks87

      Yeah I tend to agree, I have a Patriot Ordnance piston AR that the guys at Cabelas told me didn’t need any lubrication. I didn’t believe them but ran it dry anyway just to see if they were right. After about 60 rnds of sustained fire, when the gun starts to really heat up, it started failing to feed completely and failing to eject. They also said it was ok to shoot steel cased ammo through it, which was BS as well. I didn’t even get through a box of Tula before it was malfunction city. After a good cleaning and lubrication the gun ran fine, go figure.

  • Jake

    $2495? Im going to assume that is in Zimbabwean dollars

  • Mazryonh

    This reminds me of the RAS-12 shotgun, also based on an AR-10 lower, but without the proprietary rimless 12-gauge ammo. With the Saiga-12 currently banned from importation this 12-gauge platform has a better chance than it would have normally, but it has an uphill battle to fight.

  • Joe Malloy

    I recently bought a Genesis Arms GEN 12. Thus far it has been flawless. I have shot all types of rounds through it, from cheap, short brass 2-3/4″ target loads to heavy 3″ slugs. Not a single misfire or jam. The trigger pull is light without being touchy. Recoil is surprisingly manageable even when firing rapidly. I highly recommend it, and they’re available now.