See All Nite Sights | SHOT 2017

See All Nite Sight

See All Nite Sight

The tritium-lit See All Nite sight provides fast and intuitive targeting. Using a single element design that dispenses with the front post, the See All allows accurate shooting even without precise eye positioning. The shooter simply puts the arrow on the target and the bullet will arrive where the arrow points. It’s not necessary to center the arrow in the sight; simply point and shoot.

The tritium illumination means that the sight will work day or night for years to come, and any available light fills the sight to make the reticle visible without washing out the target.

The See All Nite is available in a rail-mount model and a pistol mount model. The rail-mount model will work with any Picatinny or Weaver rail on rifles, shotguns, pistols, or crossbows. The pistol-mount See All Nite replaces a standard rear sight on handguns without rails.

I will admit that I was having a little trouble getting the feel for the See All Nite at the booth. The rep told me that it can take a number of shooting sessions to “get” everything working right. But, even in my limited experimentation, I could see that shooting with it could become reflexive and quick in little or no time at all.

The pistol-mount See All Nite retails for $179.99 and the rail-mount retails for $199.99.

See All Nite Rail Mount

See All Nite Rail Mount

See All Nite Pistol Mount

See All Nite Pistol Mount

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and


  • Keiichi

    That is a massive sight… at least it’s suppressor height, I guess…

    What does it weigh?

    • Steve Truffer

      Like 2 ounces. Its a lens and a fiber optic block in an aluminum trough.

  • Kevin Craig

    If it’s that bright in the daylight, how are you going to see the target, or anything else except the sight, in the dark?

    • Twilight sparkle

      I think you’re perceiving it as that bright because see all sights are fibre optic

  • Andy

    I had a rifle mounted one and it was awful. I can only imagine trying to keep the triangle lined up on a pistol. These are slloooooowwwwww.

  • Aaron Hsu

    I like these sights a lot. IMO, the trick on these is to think of them more like a red dot. Don’t focus on the sight, and focus on your target with both eyes open. The sight has a target focus, so the triangle should be crisp and clear when you are focusing on your target. I had the older design, which I felt wasn’t quite good enough once you got out past 200 yards, but their new design is more precise. If you are looking for something to do point blank hold shooting from 0 to 200 or 300 yards, then it’s quite fast. Importantly, it has the advantages of an open iron sight while incorporating some of the advantages of a red dot sight without the fragility or bulk.

  • Joe Gamer

    I’ve wanted to try these ever since I first saw them. IMO they are too pricey to take a chance on right now though, There are many other options with firmly established reputations in that price range.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I got to see this at SHOT 2016 when it first came out, I got a feel for both and much preferred the original see-all to the see-all-nite style, and asked if they would make the original version with tritium, that would really be a great sight solution that dispenses with a front sight. Still waiting to see such a combination.