Caracal Enhanced Model F and AR-15 | TFBTV | SHOT 17

This episode Patrick gets a chance to shoot the brand new to market Caracal Model F as well as their outstanding, military grade AR-15 rifles. Check out continuing coverage of SHOT Shot 2017!

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    We moved the rear sight so it’s on the same focal plane as the front

    No, you did not. You did something really stupid. Then included a bandaid for it with the 1/2 rear sight notch.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Why is it stupid?

  • st381183

    I don’t see a UAE financed and built gun in my future….ever

  • Big Daddy

    Why 1/9 twist?

  • gunsandrockets

    The “quick sight” is an interesting idea. But I would have to handle one myself to see if it lives up to the focus claims. It occurs to me that repositioning the rear sight that way leaves a lot more real-estate on the slide for mounting a RDS.

  • Machinegunnertim

    I read nothing but great reviews from people that had the quick sight on their F or C model in the past. But personally I wouldn’t use it on a full size gun.