First-Light TORQ | SHOT 2017

First-Light TORQ

First-Light TORQ

The TORQ from First-Light USA is a small hand-held anglehead flashlight that just might be one of the most versatile small lights you’ll find. It features a bright 155 lumen lamp powered by two standard AA batteries. It has a 320-degree rotating head and, when combined with the rotating finger loop allows the TORQ to be placed and pointed in a wide range of configurations.

The patented finger loop provides maximum retention and allows sure and easy handling in a shooter’s off hand when used in conjunction with a handgun. The wide base is large enough to permit a solid hold while remaining small and light enough to not become a hazard in the hand or when clipped on clothing.

The light is bright and focused and the TORQ also has secondary light colors and a safety beacon function which flashes repeatedly. The Law Enforcement model of the TORQ has a white light tactical strobe while the NV model adds an IR mode for night vision use with momentary, constant, and IR beacon functions.

The clip is reversible and the TORQ is constructed of durable polymer for years of use. It is available in Coyote Brown or Urban Gray and retails for $99.99.

First-Light TORQ

First-Light TORQ

First-Light TORQ

First-Light TORQ

Shelby Murdoc

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  • Jack Morris

    In a market filled with tiny, inexpensive 1,000 lumen flashlights, I don’t see this selling so well…

  • me

    For $30 I can get a chinese-made 160 lumen, solar charged light. These guys want $100 for an underpowered flashlight that takes 2 AA batteries?

    This year’s products are so underwhelming.

  • iksnilol

    Too expensive for what you get.

    Anybody now of any other anglehead flashlights? Preferably that take AAs.

  • Nicholas C

    I wrote a review last year.

  • Nimrod

    So how big is this thing? Kind of hard to tell without dimensions or in comparison to one’s hand.