Mag Pump Easy Loaders | SHOT 2017

Mag Pump AR-15 Loader

One of the coolest gadgets I saw at the Industry Day at the Range was the Mag Pump AR-15 ammunition loader. This well designed ammunition loader was actually at several vendor’s booths, and everyone I talked to had very positive comments about its performance. The Mag Pump is designed to load AR-15 magazines very quickly, so the loader can avoid finger and hand fatigue. This is particularly helpful during an event like Industry Day at the Range, but could be just as beneficial if the user was at a training course where hundreds of rounds were being expended.

The Mag Pump hopper is an ingenious way to load fast.

Unlike similar products, the Mag Pump’s huge benefit is the top loading hopper. Instead of trying to load one round at a time, or fitting multiple rounds into specific loading slots, the Mag Pump hopper allows the loader to simply dump rounds in. There is no need to sort the rounds into a nice order. The Mag Pump mechanism moves the cartridges into loading position one cartridge at a time. As each cartridge moves into loading position it is directed bullet down.

Magazines insert on the bottom of one side.

Magazines are inserted near the base with the back side up. This ensures the cartridge is properly positioned to be mechanically inserted into the magazine with the bullet facing down. To facilitate loading the user simply inserts the magazine until the tactile and audible lock. After the magazine is fully loaded the user presses down on a lever just above the insertion point to release the magazine.

The handle on the side is cranked to load cartridges (this is the polymer version).

Loading is performed through the use of an oversized crank handle on one side. Loading can take place as fast as the user can crank the handle and keep ammunition in the hopper. This action is much easier than trying to hand load magazines, especially as the magazine gets near full capacity. According to the Mag Pump representatives a motivated loader can easily load (3) magazines in a minute.

The transparent demo model shows a round dropping into loading position.

Here the round is positioned for the spring-activated plunger (deployed by the loading lever) to load the cartridge in the magazine.

The standard Mag Pump is made from high quality polymer, and designed to mount to a work bench or simply sit free on its base. I did not see any Mag Pump’s permanently mounted at the Industry Day, and all seemed to work just fine. The current models are designed for .223 Rem., 5.56mm, and .300 BLK. There is a Mag Pump Elite version made from machined aluminum. Each Mag Pump will also ship with a Mag Dump unloader as well. The company is already in the works for AK-47 magazines (7.62x39mm) and Glock 9mm magazines.

The Mag Dump easily mounts to standard AR-15 magazines.

Mag Dump Unloader

To compliment the Mag Pump, the company is including a Mag Dump unloader with every purchase. The Mag Dump works similar to a Mag Lula in reverse. The Mag Dump is inserted over the top of the magazine, and an over-sized handle is moved forward and backward to eject cartridges one at a time. A demonstration was performed and a full magazine could be unloaded in about 5 seconds. This is much easier than trying this process by hand, or by using a cartridge case for assistance.

Here the Mag Dump rapidly dumps rounds from a magazine.

The Mag Pump and Mag Dump come with a transferable lifetime warranty. When questioned about the extent of this warranty, the representatives said it was lifetime regardless of owner or occurrence. They went as far as to say “drive over it with a truck, if it breaks we’ll replace it.”

The Mag Pump Elite is made of machined aluminum with a sturdier loading handle.

Mag Pump Features

  • Hopper fed loose ammunition loader
  • Polymer and machined aluminum options available
  • Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 magazines
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  • Reduces magazine loading time
  • Eliminates hand and finger fatigue while loading
  • MSRP: $199.00 (Polymer), and $399.00 (Elite – aluminum).

Mag Dump Features

  • Quickly and easily unloads AR-15 magazines
  • Injection molded polymer
  • Patent pending design
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

There have been several magazine loaders and unloaders to hit the market. Probably the most famous is the Mag Lula line, which has been very effective. However, the Mag Pump and Mag Dump are very well designed to load or unload magazines very quickly and efficiently. Easy loading through a hopper was much quicker than many competitors, and the Mag Dump coming with every purchase has me seriously considering a purchase in the near future.

The lever above the magazine port releases the magazine when loaded.

Inserting magazines is easy, and has a positive tactile and audible lock.


Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at


  • noob

    I wonder if 5.56 recoil is light enough that an old timey hopper fed upper would work reliably – ejecting downwards through the magwell.

    Combined with a bipod and a binary trigger, you might have a neat range toy to convert money into a sore shoulder.

    • GOT12

      the new improved version should include a automatic box cutter and suction hose to suck ammo out of the box into the gun:)

      • noob

        and it remembers your credit card. When the hopper is 50% full it uses an app to get more ammo purchased and delivered via quad copter.

        Actually isn’t the USMC getting pilotless Kaman K-MAX helicopters to do this in their Flying Mule drone program. I heard that it’s been going in Afghanistan for a while now with only one drone crash in inclement conditions. About time a civvie version became available.

  • Spencerhut

    It was at SHOT last year . . . to bad you missed it then. We’ve enjoyed ours over the last year.

    • I wish I had caught it last year, seems to be a nice product.

  • Nick

    That thing is pretty cool, but not $200 cool. I’ll stick to handloading.

    Of course, if you have need of this for a range session, you’re likely to be able to blow $200 on a way to make burning through ammo easier.

    • Risky

      Sounds like a good investment for a busy gun range.

      • Nick

        A thought that had not occurred to me.

        It would pay for itself quite rapidly at a range that rents machine guns id imagine.

      • Adam D.

        It could be, yes!
        I’m pretty sceptical about loading gadgets in general, this is the only one aside from MagLula’s Benchloader in which I see real potential.

        The main difference in my opinion is that the Benchloader is more of a busy competition shooter’s aid type of tool (with a ridiculous price tag),
        while the MagPump could be a serious range tool with some mods.

        Mind you, the stress is on “could be”, because it’s not a hand crank design.
        I occasionally help out friends who run a very busy indoor range.
        They have a PKM, for which the belts are loaded with a standard military issue “sausage stuffer”, as they often call it.
        You want simple and effective? Leave it to the Russians.
        The PKM’s hand crank belt loader is one of the most effective volume-oriented firearm accessories I’ve ever seen.
        Simple as a rock, but you can load a belt with it in a snap.
        The Russians even made similar loaders for anti-aircraft cannons,
        also a lot of Warsaw-pact countries adopted the loader with the PKM.
        Now that’s what this MagPump needs. A rotary crank.
        A lot faster and more efficient. Would be significantly cheaper too.

        It’s a nice idea though.
        Not “range-ready”, but it could save shooters time and a sore thumb,
        and you don’t have to fiddle with lining up the rounds like with the Benchloader.

  • ron

    Hey I go through ammo fast enough already.

  • Jay Andre

    The only question that’s relevant is, HOW MUCH? I still like my Maglula AR 15 mag loader! It’s not ”involved” and super simple to work, for super simple people like me!! Remember, “Less is More!!”

    • Wow!

      200 for the polymer version and it is completely worth it if you shoot more than once per month. I can get 20 mags loaded up in 5 minuites. Lets me spend those precious free time reloading ammo than loading mags.

  • Michael Bishop

    Man, if you skip the Glock mag version and instead make an MP5 mag loader, then I am so there. Trying to feed a slew of full auto MP5 variants is a thumb killer for sure.

    • HSR47

      MP5 mags aren’t even that bad; Colt SMG/Uzi mags are the real thumb-killers.

      • Adam D.

        That’s true! They’re also horribly heavy.
        Compared to an MP5 mag, one can’t imagine what they were thinking with those Uzi/Colt mags. Night and day.

        • HSR47

          Well, for starters the design process for the Uzi started in 1948, and production guns have been in the field since at least 1954. Design work on the MP5 didn’t start until 1964.

          Further, they use drastically different operating mechanisms: The Uzi is a blowback SMG, whereas the MP5 is roller-delayed. It may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference. Specifically, when shot with a muffler: There’s really no way to fight the increased ROF you’d experience in an Uzi, but there ARE ways to combat it with the MP5.

          Lastly, they’re radically different designs: The Uzi is designed to be cheap to produce while also being boringly reliable under virtually all conditions. The HK is designed to be HSLD.

          TLDR: The aspects of Uzi mags that we complain about are the result of legitimate design decisions: Reduced spring pressure would have resulted in reduced reliability under certain conditions, and thinner mags would have reduced their durability.

          • Adam D.

            Interesting point, HSR, but I have to admit, I don’t necessarily agree with it.

            Anything that comes from Israel in terms of firearms seems to be excessively heavy for me.
            Nice and reliable stuff for sure (Jericho, Tavor, Galil, Uzi etc.), but oftentimes I get the feeling they’re following some sort of Boris the Blade philosophy. (“Heavy is good.”)

            There are lots of steel magazines with the technology level of the same era, which work as reliable for considerably less weight.
            I tend to just chalk this up for their Boris way of thinking.

  • Drew Coleman

    So their unloader is pretty much the same thing as the Maglula loader/unloader for the AR15?

    I generally use stripper clips for loading any way.

    • Wow!

      Yeah, I wouldn’t buy their unloader but their loader is great. Stripper clips are slower than even a maglula because you have to load twice. With this device, you can load up 20 mags in 5 minuites and spend that time you would spend loading at the range or at home doing something else more productive. I got stripper clips too, but in a bandolier for a BOB, not for range shooting.

  • Wow!

    I got the polymer version and I will tell you it is worth every buck if you are a serious shooter and shoot more than once a month. Loading up 20 mags with uplula can sometimes take 20 minuites, but with this thing I am done in 5 min. Saves a ton of time which I can spend making ammunition instead of feeding it into magazines.