Stupid Games – Stupid Prizes Winner – David Blaine

In a no-so-stunning “its about time” moment, “Magician” David Blaine managed to injure / shoot himself while attempting his famous “bullet catch trick.” The “trick” is one of Blaine’s latest acts in which he lines up and shoots a .22 bullet into a specially designed receptacle in his mouth. It was debuted in 2010 as the main event for Blaine’s show.

While I appreciate one’s desire to be a showman, I can’t help by shake my head at the malfunction during Blaine’s recent attempts. The specially designed receptacle shattered upon impact from the 22 round, sending the cut into the back of his throat and causing a laceration.


Per FGT News:

He was then fitted with a special gum shield to hold a metal cup, in which Blaine would catch the bullet.

But the cup was slipping in and out of the grooves of the mouth guard, showing the first sign of later problems.

Blaine held a rope attached to the rifle, while the laser pointed to the spot where the bullet would hit.

As Blaine tugged on the rope, the bullet was fired into the cup — but the gum shield shattered in the process.

Color me completely unsurprised. While one can have confidence in results from ballistic encounters, one can never be 100% confident in the result. Luck (or the “magic”) ran out for Mr. Blaine when he violated all four safety rules.

Per FGT News:

Blaine’s friends have now refused to help him perform the stunt, which he has performed three times since 2010, but he still wants to include it in his upcoming world tour.

He said of the stunt which he performed in November: ‘I committed to doing it live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for 20,000 people.

‘The part that I didn’t really spend enough attention on was building a better mouth guard.’

Viewers of the show expressed their awe on Twitter. Ashley Harrison wrote: ‘David Blaine? More like David Insane!

‘He plans on doing the bullet catch trick in his world tour. How can he be so sure it won’t kill him?’

I sure as heck would not pull the trigger. If another cup failed, that’s a manslaughter charge.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Bill Jordan

    Most shocking thing about this is that David Blaine has friends.

    • Gary Kirk

      That’s why none of them will help him with the trick anymore.. They don’t exist, if he did have friends, they’d probably be all over pulling the trigger..

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    I’m going out on a limb, but I’d bet he’s probably against the 2nd amendment.

    • Bill

      Why is it OK to stereotype them, but get all booboo lipped when they stereotype us?

      • Cory C

        Good point. Also, boo boo lipped is now part of my lexicon.

      • Core

        It’s okay to stereotype everyone equally..

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • Joseph Goins
    • Iggy

      Yay! I’m in a callback.

    • noob

      trying to upvote, but it’s a picture

    • USMC03Vet

      2017 is already off to a beautiful start.

    • Cory C


  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Catching a bullet with an object in your mouth isnt magic. Its jsut stupid. There is no secret. In fact the only person missing the big picture seems to be Mr. Blaine.

  • Nicholas C

    I thought I posted about this? But I didn’t focus on the mouth guard breaking.

  • Rem870

    Somebody wake me when he tries this with a 300 Win Mag

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      He’s gonna try it with a 12g slug next time.

    • Gary Kirk


      • Core


        • Gary Kirk

          120mm H.E.A.T. 😉

          • Core

            M-388 ?

          • Gary Kirk

            LGM-30/W87 …

            If you want to go that far. 😉

    • RavishedBoy

      Too easy!
      I want to see a 12 gauge birdshot, then we talk.

    • Bierstadt54

      Every time I see his name, I just think “I hope he tries it with a .44 Mag.”

  • Rem870

    He must have had youtube expert James Yeager as a technical consultant on the safe way to stand in front of a firing weapon.

  • Midwest Marco

    David Blaine is an Illusionist who by definition creates tricks that appear real, but are totally controlled faked events. He has received tons of free publicity from this “error”. This was no mistake, it was a completely controlled illusion of real mistake.

    • Ron Danielowski

      “…he still wants to include it in his upcoming world tour.”

      Sounds like it.

    • DanGoodShot

      THAT is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Risky

      Just like Evel Knievel’s “test” run of his rocket at Snake Canyon where they made it crash by underpowering it. Brilliant marketing.

    • Cal S.

      So… He created an illusion of a failure that was ultimately successful at being a failure of illusion?

      And I bet he would steal one ship to steal another one. Tricksy, tricksy!

      • .45

        “You are without doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of.”
        “Ah, but you have heard of me.”

  • Graham2

    Someone needs to alter the zero on the laser and do the world a favour!

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Anyone with that much money and fame invested in a media business does not have this kind of screwup by accident. He was falling out of the limelight. Maybe somewhere magicians are still entertaining but TV magicians are basically crap now.

  • Rick O’Shay

    That “video” is painful to watch. And not in a sympathy/empathy way. The man is a narcissist of the highest degree.


    Lost a tonsil to prove his balls : )
    But he sure got them.

  • Swarf

    “The part I didn’t really spend enough attention on” was the important part.

    Tens of thousand of people have successfully sighted in a .22 rifle. Especially a (I f”ing hope) a really nice one. Especially using a laser. Especially at that distance.

    But the box that you’re going to hold in your mouth that is going to keep your medulla unpunctured? Yeah, spend a little time on that.

  • Oldtrader3

    Some people are just too stupid to live?

  • Bill

    Penn & Teller do it and people thinks it’s cool.

    In entertainment it really isn’t about guns and safety – anyone whose watched TV or knows this.

    • Penn and Teller do it the same way every other prestidigitator does it, by standing in front of a blank-firing gun with a bullet already in their mouth. Also it’s a comedy routine, not a clumsy attempt at looking “profound” or “cool” like Blaine.

    • Risky

      Penn Jillette is actually really upset that David Blaine has turned what used to be a trick (illusion) into a stunt (real) and feels like it’s taking magic down a road it shouldn’t.

      • iksnilol

        Oh boohoo, is little Penn jealous somebody has the guts to get shot in the face?


      • Bill

        Penn is about 4753742223900 times the performer Blaine is.

        I tried to get selected as an audience member for the bullet catch at one of their shows.

        I still cringe during that scene in “The Prestige.”

  • Henry Reed

    The stunt was still considered a success, which is why that exact shot was featured in his latest special. He shot it in the right spot, the cup took the brunt of the blow, and his quack of a dental molder failed at making an adequate mouthguard. Once they figure that part out, there’s no reason this experiment couldn’t be attempted consistently.

    • Swarf

      Yup. Keep trying until you get it right, David, everybody’s super excited about your eventual success.

      We’ll keep the slab cold for you.

  • RSG

    All complete BS. All part of his show. And for those that don’t know, the bullets are seriously underpowered. Like barely moving. What I want to know….how is it he’s permitted to fire a rifle inside city limits? Some of these places require permits and there must be all sorts of firearms restrictions.

  • Michael Visco

    This guy is a moron!! He has failed on live TV at multiple magic tricks that he was supposed to be an expert. I would like to know who his dad is….cause obviously it’s someone big seeing as he always gets air time. I can’t stand this guy!

  • Jim_Macklin

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    When does he do the head chop with a pocket knife?

  • iksnilol


    Attention Whales?

    • Cal S.

      No, Wales. Get it right.

      Too few blanks there for the ‘h’.

  • jerry young

    Stupid people doing stupid things! What an A-HOLE well now he’s one with an extra A-HOLE

  • durabo


  • Muri

    David Blaine… More like David is to blame.

  • inchang

    Only Neo or that bad guy from Kung Fu Hustle can stop a bullet

  • John

    Call me when he does this using a .50 cal.

    • John

      Armor piercing.

      • John


  • DataMatters

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.