Strike Industries Releases Updated Flag Ultimate Dust Cover

Like the 1911 before it, its amazing the AR-15 continues to endure as it has. More specifically, its amazing that even certain parts have endured without the aftermarket coming in to update them. Yes, the AR has seen various barrels, handguards, receivers, stocks, and magazines, but only recently has the much lamented but entirely useful dust cover come into the fore.

Started by the ultra lightweight craze, the dust cover has undergone a mutation for a maligned but useful component to an enlightened piece of equipment. Previous stamped steel, the dust cover is now made from a variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, and polymer. Secondly, its gone from a permanent installation to a user-removable one.



V1 Flag Covers

V1 Flag Covers

Building upon their user-removable polymer V1 dust cover, Strike Industries has announced the release of their latest Ultimate Dust Cover, the FLAG V2. The update is purely aesthetic, but appreciated for those who care about such things. The first version featured a flowing flag, which was indeed full-blown Merica’ it could often not match the hard machined lines of various rifles. The newest version fixes that with a bit more mechanically themed Merica’.

The Ultimate Dust Cover is offered in both black and FDE. Pricing is set at $15.95 and is available directly from Strike Industries and starting to ship to their dealer network. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Jack Morris

    I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      “Ultimate Dust Cover, the FLAG V2”

      … Oh someone should be very embarrassed.

  • USMC03Vet

    Dust cover not areodynamic enough and causes operators to be low speed high drag.

  • Negative Nelly

    I very much dislike the backwards flag thing. I get it, I just don’t like it. I also dislike the little Nazi SS lightning bolt logo.

    • Blake

      Seriously, do they not realize how much their logo looks like dagobolts?

      • I’m pretty sure they know exactly what it means, since they also use SS Totenkopf symbols in their ads.

    • DABLE

      I agree, not a fan of the stylized “S”.

    • Jake

      You know that second “S” is actually an “I” right? and that strike industries isnt hitlers private police force? or are we just take all our stupid pills today?

      • iksnilol

        The S is literally the same as the one from the SS logo. It just looks a bit stupid.

        • Oregon213

          SS-style “S'” are a pet peeve of mine… mostly because of that whole thing with the SS killed lots of people – including US servicemen… so, even half an “SS” is objectionable – especially on a item that also has a US flag. What a mess.

          • MrBrassporkchop

            I agree but have kept my lips closed about it for years. Also the iron cross to a lesser extent.

          • M-dasher

            ……you are aware than many US Marine scout snipers get SS tattoos for “scout snipper”….don’t you?

            It’s not exactly an uncommon marking now adays…

          • iksnilol


            What’s that? Do they tactically snip enemy branches and trim hedges?

      • Are you new to the concept of gun accessory companies using Nazi fanboy iconography? Safety Harbor uses a traced DAK palm tree logo and Smith Enterprise uses a straight up SS Totenkopf, this is hardly rare.

        • FulMetlJakit

          Playing devils advocate… Nazis don’t own the lightning bolt, the palm tree or the skull and bones, or even the Swastika, anymore than gays own the refraction of visible light into its composing colored spectrum.
          Are these companies logos perhaps, possibly, (probably) meant to be in some hopefully subconscious way reminiscent of the 3rd Reich’s military, specifically SS units? Maybe…
          They were an efficient, effective, modernized, mechanized and high morale military unit. The politics of those who’s orders they answered to, and incidents of unnecessary brutality is the sticking point, not their combat performance (predominately)
          Also, whatever you want to say about Nazis, they understood symbolism and effective logos and style, which were usually borrowed, not invented.
          Ask a pirate, or a Hindu.
          Have chatted with a girl NAMED Swastika, which is a symbol of peace/luck for them and some Buddhists.
          Catchy logo with morally ambiguous statement, on some legit and some questionable aftermarket parts – Check
          Likely hindrance to convincing antis – Check
          Damning declaration of militant racism – Nope.

          • junyo

            I grew up calling the weird special limes “Kaffir limes”. Later on I learned that kafir is a racial slur used by the Muslims that introduced the fruit to Europeans.

            Now I could argue that I never intended the word as a slur, and had no knowledge of it beforehand, and so I should be free to continue to call them kaffir limes.

            OTOH, it’s just a freaking lime. And the question is, do I want to communicate clearly, with as little friction as possibly, or do I want to die on the hill of my right to use a set of syllables that some people find offensive, and possible inadvertently communicate an attempt at deliberate offense? For a lime?

            The original meanings of the symbology that the Nazi’s co-opted notwithstanding, meanings change over time. “Gay” used to mean “happy”. Now you could go around saying “I’m so very gay today” and claim offense when someone assumed that you were stating a sexual preference, but that wouldn’t be reasonable. The meaning of the word in American English, has been permanently altered. the same holds true for other words/symbols. Nazis bug me, as they do a goodly portion of the population. In general, if you take up arms against my country and participate in genocide, it tends to vastly out weigh any good points. So the value of the origins of the swastika and/or Nazi-isque iconography have to be weighed against the time/effort to convince people that your logo/tattoo – while immediately invoking symbols that to a lot of people signify really bad things – is in fact completely innocuous. Because otherwise people are left to assume that you’re deliberately communicating something. And you have to take responsibility for that. I’ve never fathomed how for a commercial venture the over/under on such explanations are worth it, plus the business lost from people that will never even give you the chance to explain it. I mean, I like a lot of Strike Industries’ stuff, and just when I’m thinking about buying something, I remember the logo, and think about whether it’s worth potentially having to explain, or allowing people to make assumptions about me. And the answer is “Nope”, and I buy from Magpul.

          • FulMetlJakit

            Not exactly disagreeing.
            Just arguing against an intimate object or image being viewed or judged to be reprehensible just because some bad actors liked it. Same thing happened to trench coats after Columbine.
            Imagine if turbans or box cutters were treated like swastikas. Demonizing a co-opted object, which can in itself hold no ill intent, just seems illogical.

          • FulMetlJakit

            (much like the left does with firearms…)

          • junyo

            But we’re not talking about the shape or the image. We’re not talking about the fact that some bad actor liked it. We’re talking about the fact that out of all the other images in the world, out of all the possible iconography, this is what you chose. The symbol’s not the issue, the choice is. And the question of what you’re trying to convey by that choice.

            It’s like if your family name is bin Laden, and you come from a long line of bin Ladens and you had that one crazy cousin (let’s call him Shecky bin Laden) who did something horrible. Is it fair that the syllables “bin Laden” suddenly become an issue at airports? Nope. Because you didn’t have a choice in what you were named. OTOH, you’re just a dude who really likes the way the syllables “bin Laden” sound, you got a guy who drew you a wicked logo, – you can’t make heads or tails of it but he says it’s calligraphy – and so you name your business “bin Laden Cargo Jet Flight School” (get it, because cargo jets are loaded with bins?); why should anyone have a problem with that? Because that’s how language and communication work; there’s context and subtext and inference. And all the effort spent on explaining that one dude named bin Laden, out of thousands, did something horrible, and that besides it wasn’t named after them anyway a) largely won’t help, and b) takes energy away from whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish/communicate, especially since you could have called it “Full Metal Flight School” and been done. I just don’t get the upside to it, and doing something with zero upside is what seems illogical to me.

        • Jake

          haha germany is so scary! better turn on john ‘current cuck’ oliver and he will tell you how to make it to 2020 when guns will finally be made ‘extinct’

          • You kids genuinely do not understand that the whole “cuck” thing automatically makes you look like a bunch of jackass twelve year olds, do you. You actually think you’re cool, or clever or something.

          • Jake

            did rachel maddow tell you that?

          • Sorry to trigger you, li’l dude. If you need a safe space where nobody will interrupt your echo chamber/circle jerk, you can always stick to whateverchan, I’m sure they have a hugbox waiting for you.

          • Jake

            you fit the definition to a T of “elmer fudd”

      • Lowe0

        I get that it’s not the SS logo, and I don’t think the Strike guys are Nazis. But the SS lightning bolt or swastika just give me a chewing-aluminum-foil feeling that doesn’t go away, no matter how rationally I think it through.

    • iksnilol

      Get a lefty rifle, problem solved.

      • MrBrassporkchop

        So a California legal rifle?

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      So I take it you’re not a KISS fan?

      • Gene Simmons is also a hardcore misogynist and militant Zionist who wrote songs about having sex with minors, so there’s something to piss off just about everyone. KISS was very progressive for its day.

    • Redfoot

      The flag always flies into the wind. Checkout the patches on troops shoulders.

    • Gary Kirk

      I only like the flag backwards on my brass knu.. Oh wait, paper weights.. So it permanently leaves the flag as it should be on it’s Mark..

    • JamesG3

      I get that. SI makes great stuff, but I’m not fond at all of the logo, and it is enough to make me move on to another option.

      • TechnoTriticale

        re: …it is enough to make me move on to another option.

        Ditto. Logo and icon designers always need to ask themselves: what message does the design send to all potential customers, and how to they respond?

        In the case of CrossBreed, for example, their branding appears to be quite deliberate, and probably prevents sales to people they actively don’t want to sell to, plus others they don’t really care about one way or the other.

        People and products sporting icons that are, or may be interpreted as, say, CSA, collectivist, fascist, pacifist, sexist, etc. raise the same issue: whatever message intended by the display may not be the message received by observers of the display. Needlessly alienating customers is pretty sloppy marketing.

        If any of this debate is a surprise to SI, well, that’s sort of my point.

    • .45

      OK, it’s not just me with the “wrong side” thing.

  • Jake

    Needs to say “no step on snek”

    • iksnilol

      “I specifically requested the very opposite of your current course of action”

      • John

        “Arrest motion in your current endeavor or the mechanism of this weapon will be activated”

        And when the cover is flipped, snek goes “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  • Blake

    I was just about to buy an FDE one for my AR10, hopefully they release the same designs in their .308 version as I like the traditional dust cover outline much more than the rounded rectangle of the v1.

    • Redfoot

      There are mixed reports of AR10 compatibility (as with most all parts). With that said, they are super easy to take on and off if it does not work for you.

  • iksnilol

    ummm… I am not well versed in the AR-15, but isn’t the dust cover just a spring loaded rectangular piece?

    I mean, how much can you improve there?

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Well you could put half of Hitler’s goon squads logo on it…

      • Kyle_D

        I’m glad someone else noticed it besides me. I can’t believe they don’t recognize the resemblance to the Nazi SS insignia

    • Shane Tomlinson

      Try to install one of each and you’ll never go back to the old kind again. SI’s dust cover is that awesome.

      • iksnilol

        But it only flaps back and forth to prevent debris from entering the rifle.

        This cat has been thorughly skinned.

    • Joe Gamer

      I have one, it’s MUCH easier to install, the polymer is lightweight and looks better than the trash metal most dust-covers are made out of. The different designs also lend them selves to color-fill and other customization.

  • Michael Lubrecht

    Strike Industries – the JC Whitney of the firearms community. If you need tail fin extenders, faux chrome horn tip covers, or fuzzy tactical dice to dangle off your AR: Strike is your go-to bling purveyor.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Just thinking, putting “Multi Cal” on your upper will just lead to more .300Blk in a 5.56 Kaboom POTDs.

    But seriously, how did that make it all the way to production?

  • Gary Kirk

    I’m almost curious as to why someone hasn’t come up with one that is self closing.. I can understand the complicated nature that it would entail, some way to not interfere with ejection, but to close automatically/ keep the elements out could possibly prove beneficial??

    Just a thought.. Don’t try to burn me at the stake please

    • The same thing could be accomplished easier and with fewer parts by hingeing it at the top with a simple leaf spring, but presumably the reason it doesn’t close by itself is that it would increase the likelihood of jamming by interfering with ejection.

      • Gary Kirk

        As I stated “some way to not interfere with ejection”.. But, I believe hinging it at the top would probably cause more problems with ejection.. But all ideas are welcome on this idea, would like to see something new

        • It could maybe be done with a spring that closes slowly, but that would rely on the bolt flinging it wide open. I think the simplest solution would be a plastic tab that makes it easier to flip the cover closed, combined with a minor training addendum to get shooters to do that automatically after placing the rifle on Safe.

          • Gary Kirk

            That still returns it to a manual of arms, I may try reversing the spring and removing the detent on one of my rifles.. See how that goes.. Then basement engineer from there.. Hell, worth a shot?…

  • M-dasher

    the USMC doesnt officially endorse a lot…..that doesnt mean soldiers dont do it… a search “Scout sniper”……its fairly wide spread…and has been for quite a while.

    • noob

      soldiers are not part of the Marines.

    • iksnilol

      Eh, I’d be leery of sharing a trench with a nazi wannabe.

  • Laserbait

    Are these still made in china?

  • Rocky Mountain 9

    Neat concept, but I decided a while ago I won’t buy a single thing from this company due to their logo’s clear imitation of the Nazi SS logo. Not something I want to support or put on my rifles.

    • DIR911911 .

      does that mean you through out all your old KISS albums too?

      • Concerned Mother

        I guess he also doesn’t support the USMC Scout Snipers.

    • Joe Gamer

      I assume you also boycott all of the companies who ACTUALLY supported the NAZI’s?
      Chase bank
      Bayer pharma
      Hugo Boss
      No? Just the ones who’s logo makes you uncomfortable huh? That’s a child’s logic. Judge them by their actions/deeds/ and words, not by some logo similarity.

  • The thing stands for Strike Industries. People are reading way more into it than is actually there.

  • Andrew C

    I’m still waiting on caliber specific ones like 556, 6.8SPC and 300BLK. When they first came out i asked if they could make them.