Review: Strike Industries Viper MOD1 Buttpad

Last May I reviewed the Viper butt stock from Strike Industries and found it to be a rather solid option for those looking for a low-cost stock that wasn’t the overly common Magpul MOE stock. One of the complaints that surfaced in the comments is the lack of a rubber butt pad to help absorb shock when mortaring the rifle to clear a malfunction.

Well, they listened to your complaints and have released the MOD1 Butt Pad as an add-on item. The pad showed up packaged in typical Strike Industries fashion, inside a retail ready box with attractive graphics. P1080748

As soon as you pull the pad out of the box you find a nice molded part and a screw to attach the pad to the stock. P1080749

The Viper stock has a small notch at the top to catch the small hook on the rubber butt pad. The screw hole mates up with the hole in the stock as well to give a nice tight fit. So tight in fact that the screw is almost unnecessary.P1080752 P1080753

Flipping the pad over you can see the hook at the top and the protrusion that fits into the hex shaped recess on the stock.P1080755

Once installed the MOD1 butt pad fits onto the stock like it should have been there all along, and in my opinion should be included with the stock as standard. P1080757

Once installed I shouldered the rifle and found that the pad didn’t add any appreciable length at all. P1080765

The rubber coating on the new MOD1 pad really enhances the feel of the stock making a good stock feel like a much more expensive one. P1080768

If you already own a Strike Industries Viper stock, the MOD1 butt pad should be on your to buy list. With a MSRP of only $13.95 there is little reason to not buy one. You can learn more about it at Strike Industries website HERE.


  • John

    Step 1: Go to Wal-Mart.

    Step 2: Buy a .99 cent pair of foam sandals on sale.

    Step 3. Trace shape with market, cut out foam and glue onto buttstock.


    • VanDiemensLand

      That’s some Mcguyver shizzle right there!

    • Gary Kirk

      Red neck engineering at it’s best..

      • Giolli Joker

        What about substituting step 1 with: go to a junk yard and look for a suitable tyre?

        • Tierlieb

          A bicycle tire might work. Don’t try a car tire, those are usually reinforced with steel netting.

          • Phillip Cooper

            well, belts. Thus the term “steel-belted radial”.

    • Martin Grønsdal

      I lost you at ‘go to walmart’…

      • Tierlieb

        Well, you could also buy a genuine Vibram ™ sole flat from an artisanal craft store. That gets rid of of the dreaded Walmart and costs ten times as much. 😉

    • thedonn007

      Glue? I think duct tape would better comolete the look.

  • Herr Wolf

    Or just buy an MFT Minimalist stock for $40 with the pad included

    • TennTexan

      Having used both, I much prefer the Minimalist…

  • me ohmy

    great….looks like a MAGPUL Sneaker

  • Cymond

    I’d like to see a review of the small Strike Industries CQB stock sometime. I haven’t found any good info on length, weight, feel, etc.

  • valorius

    I think the MOE stock is “over popular” because it’s the best option for most people, and at a tremendous price.