KGMADE EOS-22 Integrally Suppressed 10/22 Barrel

An integrally suppressed rimfire rifle or pistol is at the top of my “hopes and dreams” list for 2017. And luckily there are already three or four quality options available. Even so, it’s always great to find a new contender. KGMade, based in Marietta, Georgia, is producing the EOS-22 – a barrel/suppressor combination for the 10/22 and 77/22 platform.

From a first-look, I’m guessing the EOS-22 is “hammer-silent”. If my math is correct, I count 12 baffles on this monocore suppressor, with plenty of space for gas to slow and cool between each segment. The design also keeps standard and high velocity ammunition subsonic (and quiet).

The whole setup looks awesome; I’m looking forward to learning more at SHOT in just a few weeks.

KGMade EOS-22 Product Description:

We set out to build the quietest and most reliable semiautomatic .22LR platform available, so we started with America’s favorite .22LR autoloader, the Ruger® 10/22™. Its simple design is inherently reliable, accurate, and user serviceable. After countless hours of R&D, we created the best integral suppressor for the 10/22™ on the market today. The EOS-22 integrally suppressed barrel upgrade, reliably keeps standard and high velocity ammunition subsonic through its Patent Pending design. It not only has excellent decibel reduction, but it also has a much more pleasant low tone than others on the market. The EOS-22 also does not need to be disassembled and cleaned like a traditional rimfire suppressor. Simply rotating the ultra-tough titanium sleeve cleans off the buildup. The EOS-22 can be fired thousands of times without requiring disassembly.

EOS-22 features:

  • Simplistic design only composing of 3 parts
  • No tools required to remove outer tube
  • Drastic reduction in weight over factory barrel
  • Patent Pending design keeps even High velocity (over 1200 fps) bulk pack ammo subsonic
  • Direct barrel replacement for a 10/22™, no machining or modification required (Must use a stock that will accommodate a .920” diameter barrel)
  • Full Auto Rated

EOS-22 Specifications:

  • Caliber: .22LR
  • Length: 16.5”
  • Diameter: 0.920
  • Weight: 19oz
  • Full Auto: Yes
  • Rifling: 1:16” 12 Land 12 Groove

Materials :

  • Barrel and Core – 416 Stainless
  • Sleeve Grade 9 – Titanium
  • Endcap Grade 5 – Titanium

MSRP: $525




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  • Christopher Wallace

    dat coo

  • Sid Collins

    Assuming paperwork is involved in this purchase?

    • SGT Fish

      well it is a suppressor/silencer, so ummm, yea…

    • Ragged Hole

      It is an NFA item so…yes 😉

      It is really easy to do I dragged my feet for a lot time and made a bunch of excuses for why not to pickup a suppressor but realized life was to short to wait. I now have an SilencerCo Omega, Octane 45, Warlock, and Sparrow.

      Trust are. no longer a good option but it is easier than ever to buy one as an individual. I hope the HPA act passes but if not cans are a ton of fun and great investment!

  • Sid Collins

    Assuming paperwork is involved in this purchase?

    • SGT Fish

      well it is a suppressor/silencer, so ummm, yea…

      • Keiichi

        For now, hopefully…

        Fingers, toes, etc. crossed for getting the HPA passed this year.

        • Cymond

          Fingers & toes crossed indeed, but not holding my breath …

  • Gary Kirk

    Nice, might need another 10/22 now..

    • Phillip Cooper

      Gunny cubemate and I were just talking about building out some suppressed 10/22s if the HPA goes through… this could be awesome!

      • Gary Kirk

        I’d like to see some reviews on these first.. Accuracy, and reliability first and foremost.. The 10/22 can be a bit finicky about ammo, wondering what this will do with lowering the velocity and all?

        • Gary Kirk

          With the added back pressure it may help.. But don’t personally want to be a beta tester..

        • Atlemt

          Ive shot one, While it isnt a target gun, I could hit steel plates at 100 yards with no problem (and I am not a great shot)

          • Gary Kirk

            Well, with my current configuration.. I’m Sub MOA out too 75, hence my statement that I may need to get another 10/22

        • Ragged Hole

          I have had close to a dozen 10/22s including a couple Kidd Customs and never really had a finicky ammo problems. I have replaced half of my bolts with Kidd or CPC modified ones or at the least replaced the standard extractors with the VQ exact edge ones. The 10/22 is a great platform, the only problem with them is that Ruger makes it, lol. If you guys ever put together a competition or benchrest 10/22 Kidd makes really high end amazingly well built 10/22 rifles and parts. My Kidd Supergrade has two stage 4oz/4oz trigger, LW fluterbarrel, inlet, bedded, rear anchored, and free floated in an TS Vantage stock that easily shoots .3s @ 50yds as long as I do my part, could not ask for a better rifle.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yes, and judging by your reply.. You aren’t using bargain basement ammo. You’re a serious rimfire shooter. Mine is running standard box brand whatever I can find @ 40gr.. I love the 10/22 for the aftermarket.. And am wanting to pick up a 77/22 for my next critter gitter..

          • Ragged Hole

            Yeah, I mostly shoot CCI Standard, Wolf Match, and SK but that stuff mostly runs $0.07-$0.09. I understand and agree with what you are saying though I have seen a lot of shooters at Appleseeds have fits shooting Remington Thunderbolts, Golden Bullets, & Whinchester. I think The federal Automatch is the best bang for the buck that runs well.

            Ammo just makes a such a HUGE difference in rimfire accuracy and reliability much more so than dropping 1K in mods. Once you find some really good ammo and figure out what your rifle likes you can really shrink your groups down into the sub-MOA range.

            77/22 is a great gun I got to shoot one once and loved it, would love to get one too. I have a thing for CZs right now, just got an ultra lux to shoot in CMP Rimfire Sporter matches and am obsessed, bolt actions are sweet!

          • Gary Kirk

            A CZ is on my list, but since they’ve discontinued the 77 series.. Want one soon as I can get one, Don’t care what model since they’re pretty “modifiable” .. When I chuck the change for a CZ, I’ll just order what I want.

  • thedonn007

    I would buy one if HPA passes, also if someone makes on for the Ruger American Rimfire.

    • Cymond

      From what I understand, the American Rimfire barrel is not easily replaced.
      I’m waiting on my stamp for a muzzle suppressor, and am considering getting an American Rimfire and having the barrel cut & shrouded SBX style.
      Brimstone could probably do it, but I haven’t asked yet. brimstonegunsmithing com/products/ruger-10-22-barrel-shroud-service

      • thedonn007

        Huh, well good thing I bought a Ruger American Rimfire with a threaded barrel. Mine is 18″ with fiber optic sights, so I would probably buy another one if I wanted to go with the SBX style shroud.

      • Zach Chance

        Ruger really dropped the ball by not designing the American rimfire with the same barrel as the 10/22

        • Pete – TFB Writer


  • Leonardo Padrino

    Is it just me or does the RDS sit too high?

    • raz-0

      It is not just you.

    • Zach Chance

      It was an ACOG, and all we had at the moment when we took these pics lol

  • Shaun Connery Oliver II

    Make the squirrel gun great again!!!

  • Sardo Numspa

    I have a Thompson Machine Operative integrally suppressed 10/22 barrel siting in a Tacsol receiver and the baffle stack comes out for cleaning and its more quite than a flea fart and by far one of my favorite guns .

  • Zach Chance

    It’s a shame he used hyper x for the accuracy test. Normal bulk pack or CCI standard would have been far more accurate

  • Zach Chance

    KGmade Suppressors are available at Silencer Shop

  • Tierlieb

    I hope the “patent pending design” stays patent pending, because Heckler & Koch patented the highly technical concept of “holes in the barrel that bleed gas and make bullets go slow” already.

    Besides that: Nice.

  • Thomas Wright

    Can they do this to a take down barrel?