Snowball Machine Gun

Mark Rober converted a leaf blower with some PVC plumbing parts and made a 13 rd snowball machine gun. The set up is rather simple, he uses a plumbing Wye between the barrel and leaf blower hose. At the wye junction he adds a speed loader magazine. It is somewhat similar to a shotgun speed loader. It is a tube with ammo and a push rod to feed the ammo into the chamber. When he runs out, he just grabs another magazine and plugs it into the wye and continues to unleash frozen mayhem.


Here is a video by Rober detailing how he made the snowball machine gun.

Nicholas C

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  • Cal.Bar

    NOPE! It holds more than 10 snowballs so it’s ILLEGAL in CA, NY, NJ and others!

  • abecido

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeds the muzzle energy limits in some countries.

  • .45

    Reminds me of my father making an air compressor powered potato gun some years ago. He shot one of those big honking chest freezers and dented the side pretty hard. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it could have killed someone, but it was eventually burned for reasons I don’t recall. Not long after that I think they were made illegal in our area anyway, so it is just as well.

  • Benigmatica