Savage MSR: AR-15 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Rifles

Savage MSR-15 Patrol

Savage MSR-15 Patrol

Savage teased us about the MSR-10 and MSR-15 last month, and now the actual product has been announced and the particulars are out in the public.

The MSR rifles will have what you have come to expect in this price range, but with a distinct Vista Outdoors flavor. The Savage rifles will have quite a bit of BLACKHAWK! products bolted to them, and the Savage website is already listing Weaver, Bushnell and Federal items as accessories.

Both the Savage MSR-15 Recon and the Savage MSR-15 Patrol have forged 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers that are hard coat anodized, as one would expect. The barrels are 16 1/8 inches long and are made with 4140 steel with a 1:8 twist, 5R rifling, M4 feedramps, Melonite QPQ finish, a midlength gas system and a .223 Wylde chamber. The MSR 15 models both feature a BLACKHAWK! KNOXX AR Pistol Grip and AXIOM Carbine Stock and a rear BLACKHAWK! flip-up sight.

The Savage MSR 15 Patrol has a mil-spec trigger, a new a-frame, front sight, gas block combination and a BLACKHAWK! handguard.

The Savage MSR-15 Recon has a BLACKHAWK! AR Blaze trigger, a freefloat M-LOK handguard, The Recon also boasts a very cool looking lower. It appears more billet-style than the traditional mil-spec look of the Patrol, more like the MSR-10.

The Savage MSR 10 is a .308 AR platform also being offered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The MSR 10 Long Range and MSR 10 Hunter are “compact platform” rifles, with custom-forged upper and lower receivers, a free-float M-LOK handguard, BLACKHAWK! grips and the BLACKHAWK! AR Blaze trigger.

The MSR-10 Long Range features a non-reciprocating side charger on the left hand side of the upper, Magpul PRS stock, and 20 inch and 22 inch barrels, depending on caliber.

The MSR-10 Hunter features a traditional charging handle, BLACKHAWK! AXIOM stock, and 16 1/8 inch and 18 inch barrels, depending on caliber.

You can read all about the Savage MSR-15 and MSR-10 here at Savage

Savage MSR 15 Recon

Savage MSR 15 Recon

Savage MSR 10 Long Range

Savage MSR 10 Long Range

Savage MSR 10 Hunter

Savage MSR 10 Hunter

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  • plumber576

    Great. More new stocks and grips to replace.

  • Shaun Connery Oliver II

    Will there be a target version? #Savage Fan

  • Jack Morris

    That is the dopiest looking pistol grip I’ve ever seen.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    That is some ugly furniture.

    • Rocky Mountain 9

      Absolutely hideous. I’m surprised nobody at Blackhawk stopped and said, “Hold on a minute, we’re letting this out the door?”

      • JumpIf NotZero

        That’s the thing with products like this… someone had an idea, then his boss approved it, their boss approved that, then no one from marketing said anything and all their bosses approved that, no one from sales, no one from testing/QA. This wasn’t just one person, this was 40 people not having an idea of how ugly and industry-invisible this thing is.

    • thedonn007

      I agree, it is as if they are trying to make them look as ugly as possible so that they stand out in a crowd of AR rifles.

    • Malthrak

      Aside from the grip being a little more flared out, it all looks like pretty standard black rifle stuff to me, very close to standard Magpul stuff.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        idunno, the foregrip looks decent, kinda like the SA Saint but with Mlok instead of keymod (which is nice) but the rest looks weirdly squished and stretched, like something you’d see on an airsoft gun by ICS or APS.

    • Southpaw89

      While I cant disagree, sometimes ugly and ergonomic are synonymous, and that furniture does look like it might fit the hands quite well.

  • Raginzerker

    I like the stock on it, my first hunting rifle was a savage, guess I should make my first ar one too

    • JumpIf NotZero

      So much No.

      But it’s your money, do as you please.

      • Raginzerker

        Dude I’m not serious, I could care less about ar rifles, and even if I was to get one, the opinion of some random twit on the internet isn’t gonna effect what I get

    • codfilet

      I like the looks of them. I’m planning to get an AR-10 type rifle this year. I’ll look at these.

      • Raginzerker

        If I was to own any ar it would probably be a 10, not to huge on the ar platform, but I really do like savage as a company

    • Paul White

      I honestly don’t see why at the prices listed. Even if street is 400 less, they’re still expensive for what they seem to be for the 556/223 version.

      • Raginzerker

        Not being serious, I wouldn’t spend a nickel on an ar, never cared for them

  • RSG

    I wish they would’ve released a 556 side charging rifle, also. I already own enough AR’s, but something different would’ve gotten my attention. Oh well. Maybe Savage will read these comments.

    • iksnilol

      It is side charging.

      • RSG

        No it’s not. Only the 308 is side charging. The 556 gun is not.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I saw side charging and got excited, but then I saw left side non reciprocating and got disappointed again. Every single semi auto non-AR I own or intend to ever own has a reciprocating right side charging handle. I like to keep it all the same. I guess Ill just keep building them the way I like.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    The MSRP on the AR10s is a little high them I was expecting but if they can provide similar accuracy to their bolt guns it will be a great value assuming reliability. The 6.5 is temping. I’m wondering how still the rail will be. Hopefully due to the niche these won’t be backordered for all of 2017.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “So… we’ll rip off DD for the rail mounting… but we need some way to stand out… How about we put some trashy grip and stock on it!? Then people will surely know this is a Savage.”

  • Bob

    Cool and Meh at the same time.

    Meh for another AR in an overcrowded AR market.

    Cool that Savage, a respected name in the traditional FUDD Market is getting into ARs

  • Twilight sparkle

    If it has a side charging handle why does it also have a T handle?

    • iksnilol


  • TJbrena

    The Recon looks pretty good. If it’s competently made the only thing I’d need to do is swap out the stock and grip, if I bought one.

  • iksnilol

    M-Lok, 5R, .223 Wylde, side charging and M4 feedramps?

    Sounds like a good AR to me.

    • Stan Darsh

      Only the $2300 .308 Long Range model is side-charging, but the chambering and rifling are nice choices.

  • ClintTorres

    Jaysus! They must have stole some designers from Hi-Point.

  • nova3930

    Depending on how proprietary their “small format” is I’m all in on one of the LRs in 6.5. Just under $2300 MSRP with a magpul PRS Gen 3 installed isn’t bad if the trigger is even decent. That ugly POS blackhawk grip can be swapped pretty cheap and easy.

  • Bob

    2300 bucks? add another 300 and I’d get a FN SCAR 17
    don’t get me wrong… I have quite a few Savage bolt action rifles that work very fine and shoot groups at 1/2 inch in a .243 Prairie dog rifle.

  • David

    If it really is only the .308’s that have the side-charging upper, I’m really disappointed. Savage had an opportunity to really have something that stood out if the 5.56/.223 versions offered that.

  • bmstylee

    Ya know if I am buying a 6.5 CM it’s going to probably be in a bolt gun.

  • Wow!

    Am I the only one who is not suprised? Its another AR, that was obvious from the get go. I don’t understand the negitivity being displayed here. I thought everyone was excited for Savage to get into ARs like we were excited when Ruger did.

    • I’m glad Savage joined the MSR race, just like I was with Ruger. More options, and continued competition to drive creativity

  • oldjake

    What’s all the complaining about $2,300? When is the last time any of you paid retail? I expect to pay maybe as high as $1,700 for something like this and with the features and especially the barrel this has, compared to other AR-10 pattern rifles, it looks like a good value to me. Finally somebody has put a rifle length barrel on one of these. I’d like to see a 24″ heavy barrel option.