No. Just no. Even if the new Taurus SPECTRUM pistols weren’t chambered in 9mm short, a white and chrome color scheme with plastic turquoise inserts has no place on my pistol. And I say that with all due respect to the designers and engineers at Taurus.

Fellow TFB writer Richard Johnson recently broke the SPECTRUM release on his blog. Among other details, Johnson writes that the new pistols may be available in up to 10 different color combinations and may also feature interchangeable color panels.

Is ‘invisible’ a color choice?

Also featured is an internal manual safety “screw” for lack of a better term, for use when the gun is in storage. As if I was looking for another SPECTRUM attribute to disagree with; I don’t care for manual locks like those found on some S&W revolvers. In my opinion, these locks are a potential point of failure – either by providing a false sense of safety, or by forgetting to unlock the pistol prior to a defensive situation.



Taurus Spectrum Specifications:

  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Magazine capacity: 6 rounds (flush), 7 rounds (extended)
  • Action: semi-automatic, double action only
  • Barrel length: 2.8″
  • Overall length: 5.2″
  • Weight: 10.2 oz (unloaded)
  • Internal lock: yes
  • MSRP: $286.36

IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5306

I tend to agree with my colleague Richard on his opinion of the design and function of new guns and gear found here at TFB and over at his own blog, However, I have to dissent with his preview of the new Taurus. I’m only left with one question: “who asked for this?”.

Having said all that, I’ve never claimed to be an expert in either gun design orΒ style. So there’s a good chance the market will prove me wrong. In fact, if the SPECTRUM turns outΒ to be hyper accurate and reliable, I’ll eat my words and order one for myself. And I’ll let TFB readers pick the color scheme.

Until then, I praise Taurus for continuing to innovate, but I remain skeptical that this pistol will offer anything more than what the proven the Glock 42 already provides – except for ’80s vintage styling.


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  • Swarf

    That’s not a color negative?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I have to assume cocaine is still very popular down there.

  • Anony

    Limited time Tiffany’s special?

  • Swarf

    Look out Ruger, they’re coming right for you!

    Oh. There they go.

  • PK

    I really dig some of those color schemes!

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ok, which ones specifically?

      • Jared Vynn

        All of them.

      • PK

        Specifically, I think the models with teal and light green will be a huge hit and very big sellers with first-time handgun buyers. Personally, I like the black/brown model and the white/black model. Very sleek looks.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I guess I found something we disagree on.

          Personal tastes.

          • PK

            If we all agreed on everything, the world would be a dreadfully dull place.

          • iksnilol

            Indeed, you lack taste πŸ˜‰

    • Swarf

      Is it the middle one? The black on slightly less black on ’97 Hyundai interior plastic trim?

  • Jim Slade

    No picatinny rail for a tiny little disco ball.
    And it would clash with my nail polish.

    • Terrance (with a lisp)

      Silly boy, Disco balls use Weaver mounts.
      And you match your polish to the outfit/gear, not the gear to the polish.

    • gregge

      You have to hang *two* disco balls, in front of the trigger guard, side by side.

      • Or if you are going for the Mexican market, a pair of fuzzy dice.
        “I hail from a colorful people!” Romeo, “Boondock Saints, All Saints’ Day”

  • Graham Baates

    Perhaps by calling it “spectrum” they’re trying to cover the entire gender market and get not just men and women, but also the in-betweens that might find these guns attractive.

    • iksnilol

      You.. you don’t find them attractive ?

      • billyoblivion

        Whether I want to have sex with it is not the issue, it’s whether I want to be seen in public with it.

        • iksnilol

          Well, concealed is concealed. Is it not ?

          • billyoblivion

            Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to around wearing women’s undergarments, no matter how comfortable they are.

          • Keiichi

            I believe you.

          • iksnilol

            You’re missing out there.

          • Phillip Cooper

            You’re so repressed…

          • billyoblivion



            That’s me.

          • Phillip Cooper

            It’s a joke, Maynard. πŸ™‚

          • billyoblivion

            Yes, I know.

            I have an algorithm that tells me when people are being funny.

            It works most of the time.

        • The other color schemes are sweet. The turquoise, not so much. I expect that color scheme to go on sale at a substantially reduced price. FAR enough below the other calibers to cover the cost of a spray can of Duracoat. I once saw a Raspberry color handgun on sale for $100 below the cost of a straight black one. I think for $100 savings, a can of Duracoat would be on the shopping list.

    • ckeltz3

      No LGBT version???

      • jonp

        uh….that is what that is….

      • Todd

        I think they’d need to make an individual color scheme for each of those letters, but no doubt doable. So six guns, L, G, B male, B female, T male, T female, plus maybe a few xtras for unofficial variants. But I think they have the caliber down…

        • ckeltz3

          Good one…..wait, we forgot the trans-gender!
          Hell, they’ll figure it out.

      • Hey, if it gets more people buying guns and shooting, more power to them. After Orlando, membership in the LGBT gun rights group “Pink Pistols” has skyrocketed.

    • jonp

      This is what is called a “gender fluid” defense gun.

  • Anomanom

    I was sort of horrified at first, but i think the look is growing on me.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ok. Maybe it’s me.

      • JT303

        No, it’s me as well. If ANYBODY came out with this I’d have the same reaction. Maybe if FN made it the tacticool mall ninjas would buy it.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Thank god. I was having that alone and afraid feeling.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Freud in the room? “Came out”?? πŸ˜‰

        • Billy Jack

          It would match all my turquoise 5.11 gear.

    • Billy Jack

      Too late. It’s already been recalled. Plastic turquoise barrels were a bad idea.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Still looks better than the R51…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I’m sure it works better, has a better feeling trigger, etc.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Even if it isn’t drop safe, it would still work better than the R51.

  • Anonymoose
    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Hahahaha. That. Is. Awesome.

  • Carlos Velazquez

    I didn’t know that Taurus and Loreal merged.

    • Dan

      They did, because you’re worth it.

  • Gambler X

    even in the 1980s cocaine cowboys color scheme its still better than the “Curve”

    • A curve ball would just about be better than a Curve.

  • john huscio

    For the discerning USF fan

  • Swarf

    On a less sarcastic note, I’m betting that safety “screw” is more of a safety “cam block” that could be ground away to an actually safe “spindle” in about 18 seconds.

    As a bonus, just imagine the pained look on your lawyer’s face when you tell them you’d done that while you guys are preparing your defense strategy after a DGU.

  • Frank Grimes

    Well whoever designed it is certainly on the spectrum, so the name is fitting.

  • Audie Bakerson

    I’m all for colored guns (if Bloomberg hates it, it’s good enough for me), but whoever picked these colors should learn basic color theory.

    The black and white one wouldn’t be too bad if the colors were reversed (black with white highlights)

  • SignalFromTheRim

    I love it! Chrome, white and turquoise? Yes please! Anything is better than another black handgun!

  • iksnilol


    [[80’s intensifying] intensifies]]

    I knew pastel colors were making a comeback! πŸ˜€

    • El Duderino

      There’s a rather striking chrome/Tiffany Blue Glock at a local shop…not that I’d carry it…but it’s definitely different.

      • My edc is a nickel plated P3at with tiffany blue frame. I couldn’t wait for the LCP, so I did it myself.

  • Neo

    I hate to say it, but it’s a decent looking pistol in all black or maybe black and OD. With a sub-$300 MSRP, I might pick one up after they’re out for a bit and the reviews come in. I know Taurus gets a lot of grief (deservedly so to an extent) but I still love my PS145 MilPro and never had an issue with my 627 and I’ve put a ton of rounds through each. I’ve since went on to buy better guns as I got older and had the funds to do so, but Taurus made some decent stuff. It’s just way too hit or miss.

    • Dougboffl

      “…way too hit or miss.” Hahaha, a good bad-gun pun!

  • If this were a good gun made by a good company in a good caliber, I would totally rock that chrome and turquoise action; it looks like a ’57 Bel Air or Thunderbird.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Would this fit the “barbecue gun” genre?

      • NeoBlackdog

        Only if you’re into flipping another mans meat…

      • Billy Jack

        Maybe a pizza party gun.

    • Amanofdragons
      • O__O


        • Tonewall Jaxon

          had a little kimber…failed right out of the box..took 6 weeks to get it back.

          • I had a friend that had a similar problem with his Kimber. I’m more of the buy a good used gun and tons of accessories and ammo instead of a high dollar new gun. Not that I haven’t bought high dollar guns new, but I’d rather wait a year or two and buy them at a discount and at least partially broken in. I once got a Universal M1 Carbine clone for $200 because the plastic magazine it came with wouldn’t work. It came with 48 rounds of ammo. I can guess how many times it had been fired. LOL. A new M2 magazine catch and steel magazines and it worked like a charm. I made a nice profit when I had to sell it a couple of years later after losing my job.

      • BenjiMac

        I very much like this color scheme. In either the Kimber or the Taurus. My wife prefers plain black.

  • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

    Oh. My. God.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Perfect for daily carry. If it shows all people will think is “that can’t possibly be a real gun”.

    • JT303

      Deter your mugger… with crappy fashion sense.

  • Ryobiwankenobi

    Did Taurus just straighten out the Curve?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Nah they made the curve a little less straight actually

  • El Duderino

    “Yo can I get that Lady Schick look on mah Taurus?”

    “I got you right here fam!”

  • Pod

    Ditch the weird screw safety, chamber it in 9mm and they could have a winner at that price point. If it’s reliable. A sub-$300 9mm pistol that doesn’t resemble a Hi-Point…

    Truth be told, I want Taurus to come out with something respectable since it’s embarrassing. Miami has a lot of pro-2A people (despite being smack dab in the blue corner of Florida) and our highest-profile gunmaker turns out stuff like this…

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Spot on.

    • PK

      If Taurus were to release exactly what you describe, they’d dominate the sub-compact single-stack 9x19mm market, especially with so many color options and that price point.

  • Tim Pearce

    Why are so many gun owners deathly afraid of a firearm that isn’t black, silver, and/or brown?
    Yes, there *are* people who would like a gun in those colors. I’ve had customers specifically ask for that teal color on a pistol.
    If you’re so incredibly offended that you do not represent 100% of the firearm market, you should probably seek some help figuring out why. It’s not healthy.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I wouldn’t own anything in some of these colors, let alone a gun.

      And most of my guns are cerakoted in something other than black.

    • Swarf

      I personally don’t like guns that look like toys or fashion statements when those guns are meant for a potentially deadly job like every day and/or concealed carry.

      To me that is a serious machine with a serious job and it’s not the place for frivolity, sparkle paint, or bumper stickers.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t think there is room for hilarious guns. Like that Raging Judge monstrosity from the 12 Days list. No point to that thing but fun.

      I also believe that I am wrong about stuff all the time and my opinion on this or any other matter is subject to scrutiny, and what another person does with their money is– for the most part– none of my business.

      Furthermore, I’m here for the lulz, and I will make fun of most any story that comes along, and I take my lumps for my dumb jokes, too.

      • Dan

        I’ve seen black toy guns. So what now? Guess you’d better ditch your black guns. Guns are fun, not all guns are for protection. Colored guns are fine. They dob’t look like toys, they don’t feel like toys. Don’t leave them where kids who don’t know the difference can get them and there are no problems. The “guns shouldn’t look like toys” argument is just as stupid as magazine capacity restrictions

        • Swarf

          Yeah, Dan. Just my opinion. That’s why I put all the qualifiers in my post. Calm down, man.

          No one is going to take away your Glock Nintendo Zapper.

      • iksnilol

        Well, as long as it doesn’t affect performance then I see no issue with it on a “life and death” tool.

      • gregge

        I want to see someone make a fully functional real gun version of the Johnny 7 OMA.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I actually like the look of the top pistol but I’m sure the rendering looks 10x better than the production gun will. I personally like the idea some factory color options. My little sister was texting me picts of a tiffany blue and silver Glock 42 she wanted me to get her. She’d never ask me to get her a black gun. If this get more people into guns I’m all for it I just wish someone besides Taurus would do it.

    • Anomanom

      I thought you were joking. I find that you are not.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I’m not. I’m a man of interesting tastes! I appreciate a lot of things.

  • Andrew

    But does it still go off every time you drop it, like all the other classic Taurus’ we’ve come to know & hate?

  • That turquoise literally hurt my eyes to look at on a normal screen. However, the 3 bottom options (black/brown, silver/black/gray/ and black/gray/white) aren’t too bad …

  • Forget concealed carry, the turquoise option could be worn in plain sight and would be mistaken for a bling-bling cell phone 99.8% of the time.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Maybe, but you’d have to color coordinate it with your dress and bag, and I don;t look good in drag…

      • iksnilol

        You don’t have to be in drag to look fashionable/amazing, grandpa. πŸ˜‰

  • Sianmink

    Taurus knows how to sell pistols.

    This is just another trendy TCP variant like the Curve.

  • gordon

    Aesthetically, these are fine to me. I like the first one best.

  • PXN

    “designers and engineers at Taurus”

    Your trollin right? Taurus has neither of those…

  • I can’t say much about the seafoam green/tiffany blue, but the design is horrid as usual from Taurus.

  • Kefefs

    I’m not going to lie, I really want either the white/stainless/turquoise model or the black and white one. They are definitely giving off some Vektor vibes.

    As much as my mind tells me “it’s a Taurus”, my heart remembers my TCP and 1911 that were fantastic and hopes I can maybe get a third Taurus and it’ll be good too.

    • Saw a solid white frame TCP with nickel plated slide about four years ago. Almost bought it just to have a “White Gun”

      • Kefefs

        I’ve seen a couple of those in stores and have always wanted one. They remind me of the S&W 3913 Ladysmith.

        My TCP was the plain black model. I always considered myself lucky to get one that worked flawlessly so I didn’t get greedy and try to replace it with a fancy stainless/white model.

        • I LOVE THE ALL GREY Ladysmith!

        • ckeltz3

          The frames on the TCP are just plastic shells….you can swap out for a different color, I think they’re about $40. I swapped from black to grey & sent it to Galloway for their skeletonized trigger & job & they did the frame swap out for free. I love it now, trigger is awesome. If you want to do the frame swap yourself, check YouTube for for the ‘how to’.
          Check the Taurus web site for the colored shells.
          If the web site doesn’t show them, call & ask….I know from previous dealings with them that not all items actually in stock are listed on the web site, so call them to check.
          If you can get them to answer the phone.
          Good luck with that.
          I finally got them to answer a year ago after my 9th call, with an average wait time on hold of 50 mins each time before I couldn’t take the canned music & recorded voice espousing how great the company & products are. I eventually got someone on the line with a pulse. Persistence pays I guess.

      • Dougboffl

        Whites don’t shoot. Statistics show that. And statistics are correct 71.4% of the time. Stay safe, by a black protection gun.

      • Cybrludite

        My local House of Hock had one of those. My thinking is that it wouldn’t show through a white t-shirt like a black gun would.

    • OMG, I just realized where the white ones would fit in. The Vektors were what the “Peace keepers” in the Hunger Games movies were carrying.

  • JoshCalle

    You clearly just don’t understand
    v a p o r w a v e a e s t h e t i c s

  • If they made it with shiny gold or leopard skin color options we might be looking at the ultimate Pimp Gun.

  • valorius

    This is basically just a bigger, heavier UGLIER Ruger LCP.

  • Cal S.

    There is only one crime here, it doesn’t come in blue with yellow accents.

    Not that I’m partial to that combination or anything…

  • Jack Morris

    I gotta admit; this gun is really f-ing cool looking. I don’t know why, but I love it. Unfortunately it’s made by Taurus, so I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 million foot pole.

  • John

    That looks like something that Elvis would have kept in his bra.

  • DAN V.

    Slide serrations? Form over function

  • Tothe

    Oh, look. A pocket pistol trying to be a fashion statement. I still plan to buy a SIG P938.

  • Twilight sparkle

    It’s not horrible looking really, it would have been better with more traditional slide serrations

    The main problem is that it’s a Taurus…

  • marine6680

    It has some interesting flowing contours… but it’s not for me.

    Some who are more fashion orientated may like it.

    As far as the internal locks… I would bet they are there for import reasons. Glock had a 380 for years before they offered one on the civilian market in the US… due to import restrictions.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Oh god yes! Gimme!

    Okay so it’s basically a retreaux style TCP, but… I just don’t want Taurus to go out of business. I wish they’d try harder.

  • DW

    They have colored the GRIPZONE without having to mark them with letters, good job

  • Goody

    Might dress up my long range rig like this.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      You see, that’s where I agree with wild colors and designs. Big enough to decorate as you wish and out in the open enough to be appreciated.

      Concealed carry rigs don’t get enough air time to be outlandishly colored.

      • iksnilol

        Precisely why I like flashy CC guns. You can have it in weird colors andd whatnot and it doesn’t affect your appearance/make you more visible.

  • Dukeblue91

    The black on black with the stainless slide doesn’t look too bad and is growing on me.
    the gun minus the other colors isn’t to bad.

  • Badwolf

    Shut up and take my money!!!

    …said no one about Taurus… ever…

  • Gregory

    Taurus translated into English means piece of crap.

  • Dougboffl

    Just in time: the GMTG (George Michael Tribute Gun). AKA The Wham Gun. And why does it have a hole drilled in the trigger? (that was not intended to be as funny a statement as it is) Is the hole to help facilitate breaking, reduce weight, National Match hole, for a micro-trigger lock maybe?

  • Ronaldo Olive

    An eventual KABOOM! might become a sort of New Year’s fireworks display!!

  • Stu

    Who are we kidding? The colors are the least of that thing’s worries. It’s a Taurus, so you’ll be lucky to get through a full magazine without a failure. And, for the record, I kinda dig the chrome and turquoise.

  • Iblis

    That is a big nope! It looks like it smells of broken dreams and mild addiction….ewwww.

  • Edward N. Barnes

    Take a Deeeeep breath, man! The Spectrum is available in the traditional colors, too!

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Breathe in, breathe out.

      Yup, still NG.

  • nova3930

    Exactly how much respect are the Taurus technical staff due? Not much I’d think given some of the junk they turn out.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’m sure the engineers are talented. Someone has to sign off on these designs before production. When in doubt, blame management.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Well with George Michael having kicked the bucket I have to think a substantial portion of their potential customers is gone..

    What, too soon?

  • Disarmed in CA

    Nerf 9?

  • Kevin Harron

    I know several Lady shooters who would buy these if it were made by anyone but Taurus. They might even buy a couple of different ones to match with various outfits.

  • Greg Beals

    Looks like a LGBT friendly Ruger lc9 clone.

  • TW

    I don’t care how anyone judges me, but I think it looks beautiful. I like the white and sky blue combo. To bad it’s made by Taurus.

  • tiger

    i like it. Really I do.

  • Feral Gryphon

    Man, the new CS-GO update looks great.

  • tiger

    Hey I loved Miami Vice. Don’t knock it.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Nope, only knocking the ’80s style. Michael Mann is the man.

  • tiger

    Black poly and blue steel is borring. Like driving a Honda. Then again I used to drive a Rotary, so I guess I’am a odd ball.

    • Nashvone

      My first car was a Mazda RX-3. It would rev for days but used as much oil as gas.

      • tiger

        ’87 Rx 7 sport. Best sport car I had & the most troublesome to run right. Mazda has a new car comming soon. Not in my wallet range though.

  • Martin frank

    Make one in .32 and i would buy a dam pink 1!

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    Somebody was playing too much Mass Effect when they designed this.

  • Martin Buck

    I take it they mean “Gender Spectrum”. I foresee many malfunctions due to “limp wristing”. This would only make a violent offender laugh. Not threatening at all. But I suppose the whole world is going “gay friendly”. Smart move to go for that market. But I do like the black/brown variety. Still, it’s a Taurus…

  • Sledgecrowbar

    So the TCP is 5-1/2″ long according to Taurus’s website, and this is 5.2″ long. This is a melted, color-panel-ed TCP for the style-conscious, and probably an entirely new design underneath, instead of making one good gun, let’s make sixteen mediocre ones and then have to recall and repair them all over the first decade of production, when we will then cancel them in favor of new styles.

    I actually picked up a TCP a few months ago as an impulse buy and because it seemed to have some positive reviews on reliability online (somehow I missed all the negative reviews of which there were no shortage either). It’s actually nice, and better than the price I paid for it as far as fit, finish and quality, but I paid the Black Friday price. Everyone likes the trigger but mine has a weird notchy-ness, and there are several claims of feeding issues which I don’t have although I found out where they came from easily enough. I didn’t have any particular opinion of Taurus good or bad before this, and I neither like nor hate them more now, but equally I’m still not more likely to buy another now that I have one from them. They’re no Hi-Point, but like them, Taurus makes guns at a price that work but may not necessarily be as good (in all metrics) as Glock, S&W, Walther, SIG, et. al.

  • Kafir1911

    What? You do not want an urban pimp flavor pistol? I agree with your assessment on the internal lock screw. How stupid is that? And S&W maintaining its lock on its revolvers. Man up S&W, admit it is a waste and is costing you sales. Do away with it. Clinton is no longer president.

  • John

    I’d carry it; that thing’s gangster af.

  • Wayne Keller

    The gays are taking over everything. LOL

  • onederer

    Even my wife rejects using a highly visible pistol with flashy colors. We’re both for subtle coloring, and we don’t mean the over-used “camo” versions.

  • philippes

    If I can get my Brazilian wife to like a Brazilian gun because it looks like Carnival in Rio, I’m all for it.

  • SteveK

    I get it. You KNOW we’re gonna HATE those ugly colors, but you figure it’ll make us at least LOOK at this ad. I guess you could put the turquoise and the green guns in the baby crib to get em started early.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      This is an Ad? Sweet. Let me know where I can pick up my check!

      • SteveK

        Functions as an ad, unpaid, of course. Certainly will make Taurus happy. I actually LIKE the looks of the black frame & silver slide model.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          By that rationale, 90% of the stuff I write about is an ad. “Hey, I found this cool stuff I want to buy, you might want to buy it too.”

          (Since there is no tone in print, I’m kind of agreeing/disagreeing with you in a non-argumentative way.)

          • SteveK


  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    If nothing else, it looks like a very sleek shape that would not be prone to snagging in a pocket or IWB holster. The Black and silver isn’t bad looking, but I’ll keep my LCP and RM380.

  • John Redman

    Why do some gun manufacturers think that women only want “pretty” firearms? My wife’s EDC is a Sig Sig Sauer P-232 or a CZ-75 Compact, depending on her choice of clothing. She refuses to consider a striker fired pistol and thinks pink or pretty is a sexist.

  • LiberalsH8Me

    This is called marketing to the ladies–the fastest growing consumers of guns these days. Smart move Taurus.
    I don’t mind the look either. Not every color combo works, but most look good, and will appeal to women-and even some men.
    If it works-feeds, fires, ejects-without problem then I’d say Taurus has made a smart and bold move.

  • Jim

    I actually like Taurus firearms but sorry, on this one I would have to pass, and not just because of the colors that it can come in, but the overall design plus it is a .380.

  • L. Roger Rich

    Taurus was one of the first company to come out with colored plastic pistols. Not just paint. Then other companies followed. In my collection I have poly pistols in pink, red, white, yellow, orange, blue, teal, green, purple and even raspberry. Guns can be fun colors too.

  • B Hawk

    None of my concealed carry pistols are black. Last year I was accused of brandishing a weapon by an ex-friend, (long story). The police were called, and when they interviewed the “victim”, they asked him to describe the gun. He knew I carried a black G19, for the past 5 years, so that’s what he told the police. The police pulled me over just as I was about to enter my driveway. Long story short, they disarmed me, searched my car and the only weapon they found was my flat dark earth G19. The officer removed the magazine, cleared the weapon, then went to his car to run the serial number. Minutes later he returned; handed me my frame, slide, empty mag and bullets, then left. Not having a black pistol kept me from being arrested.

  • tarnishedcopper

    Looks like something you’d get with coupons from smoking 3,000 cartons of menthol cigarettes in the foot-long size……

  • Billy Jack

    Sexuality Spectrum

  • Paul Strickland

    This is to guns what Lady Gaga is to music. Flashy looks to try and make up for lack of substance.

  • jonp

    “who asked for this”? Well, no one. At least Taurus is thinking outside the box as in 30yrs retro out of the box.
    I’m getting one to compliment my gold Desert Eagle Bling Gangsta Gun

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      They deserve each other. πŸ˜‰

  • I think they look great. “Wimpy” features are more or less normal for pocket guns, and the look is a welcome change from a drab monotony of suffocating operatoredness. I’ve always liked guns for their unique design sensibility – where function absolutely dictates form, but at the same time form is also extremely important both for ideological and ergonomic reasons (i.e. neat looking guns usually work / handle better, and are subject to attachment like swords or cars).

    BUT swords and cars also tried new things and evolved in their design, and guns definitely need it – especially considering how stagnant the technology underneath is. New visual design is often inseparable from new approaches and solutions. These are proper futuristic and at the same time familiar – trying to transplant the idea of gun into modern production design and everyday life. …Well, OK, it’s sort of early 2000s iMacs bio-style for now, but they’ll catch up.

  • Todd

    My main problem certain guns, especially pink, is it looks too much like a toy. I think it’s ok if toys look like real guns, if the kid is old enough to understand the difference (because as a kid I hated toys that did not look real), but making a gun look like a toy will bite us in the @ss when the first kid too young to understand what it is, uses one. Just sayin, it’s gunna happen and it’ll be another point against guns as a whole…

  • gregge

    I see an opportunity for gun accessory manufacturers to make replacement safety parts with extended levers or knobs. Perhaps a large wind-up toy style?

  • Russel Davis

    Looks like an answer looking for a question.

  • Cottersay

    I only own blue (and stainless) steeled guns, but this one is awesome; it’s not your typical plastic fantastic (YAWN) masquerading as a new wonder gun. It is what it is, and no one has to “ask for it”; that’s why we have a thing called “innovation”…

  • It does offer something that the Glock doesn’t, an affordable price tag. Let me see here. I can buy a Glock 42 or I can buy a Taurus, a couple of extra magazines AND 500 rounds of hollow points…… Which will be a better use of my limited resources? Gun with one magazine and no ammo or Gun with 3-4 magazines and a bunch of ammo?

    • Zachary marrs

      You’d be better off buying the gun that has a higher chance of cycling through a full magazine without fieldstripping itself.

      Also, G42’s come with 2 mags, not one

      • And where did you get your information about the reliability of the Taurus? An article written by a fellow Glock fanboy? Don’t get me wrong, I carry a Glock most of the time, but when it comes down to dollars and cents, they are NOT the most economical choices on the market. If I hadn’t gotten mine as a police trade in, I’d have never spent full price for one. In a recent review of polymer framed single stack compact 9mms, the writers included a Taurus 709 Slim as an after thought because of its low price tag. The writer of the article even admitted that he only added the Taurus for comparison because he expected it to perform poorly. How good could a handgun costing under $350 be? At the end of the testing, they ALL rated the Taurus as the best buy in the lot because it NEVER failed to function and cost hundreds of dollars less than the Glock 42, the Beretta Nano, or any of the other pistols in the evaluation.Maybe you should put down your Glock fanboy magazines and open your mind to the possibility that a company that has been in the firearms business for decades longer than Glock might have a clue on how to make one that works too. Especially a company that has patents on state of the art equipment for making parts.

        As for the G-42 coming with 2 magazines, who cares. You would still have to buy more to have one in the gun and a full double magazine pouch. You would also not have any ammo to fill any of those magazines. Buy what you want, but I am not going to automatically equate low price with low quality. Ask the instructors at FrontSight or my CHL instructor how accurate and reliable the Tristar C-100 I used for both was. It may have been a $259 handgun from a pawn shop, but I guarantee that didn’t stop me from shooting as well or better than the people carrying Sigs, Glocks or Berettas. One guy was even carrying a Kimber. If I could find a decent holster for it, I’d carry it more often than the Glock.

  • SoundMind

    Drop the pink and turquoise highlights, makes a gun harder to conceal. Unobtrusive is the key.