YHM NITRO 30 New Modular Silencer

YHM Nitro 30 Caliber Silencer

The New Modular YHM Nitro 30 Caliber Silencer

While Yankee Hill Machine has been around as long as I have been building AR-15s, they are not known for their silencers. That is a shame, as the 30 caliber suppressors they make are some of the best cans for the money available on the market today.

Never one to rest on their laurels, Yankee Hill Machine has announced the NITRO 30, a modular.30 caliber silencer that YHM say’s will raise the bar for today’s modular suppressor.

The YHM NITRO 30 will apparently be packaged in a neat looking pistol-style case, and it will include many of the most popular modular suppressor accessories already in the box with the can. Yankee Hill ships the NITRO 30 with two endcaps and two rear caps, as well as the two wrench tools needed to change out those caps and a Basofil heat resistant pouch to hold it. The NITRO 30 is rated up to .300 Ultra Magnum.

The two front caps that ship with the YHM NITRO 30 are both .30 caliber endcaps and consist of a flat “tactical” cap and a muzzle brake cap intended for the target shooter. The two rear caps that ship with the NITRO can are a quick disconnect cap for rifles equipped with quick disconnect muzzle devices and a direct thread cap for rifles with a barrel threaded 5/8×24.

A 1/2×28 rear cap and a 5.56mm muzzle cap is available separately.

For more information you can check out the NITRO 30 here at YHM website.

YHM NITRO 30 Package

YHM NITRO 30 Suppressor Kit

YHM NITRO 30 End Caps

YHM NITRO 30 End Caps

YHM NITRO 30 Rear Caps

YHM NITRO 30 Rear Caps



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  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Im a huge fan of YHM products. The value for money on most of their stuff is excellent.

    PS: Im ready for Hearing Protection Act to be done already.

    • Budogunner

      Agreed. This is relevent to my interests.

  • TomcatTCH

    What is the over/under for how long until they get slapped again by the ATF for selling suppressor parts?

  • Duray

    They built an Omega with no external tube and STILL wound up 5oz heavier? Pass.

  • Fanboy number 42

    I saw this at the Texas Firearms Festival. One of the items the staff kept mentioning is the serial number is near the point of attachment, just in case there is a baffle strike or some other kind of damage. They said as long as the number is intact it can be repaired without getting another tax stamp. They also said the 5.56 cap was designed to fail without damaging the suppressor if a 30 cal projectile hit it. I think they were running it on a 308 bolt rifle and it seemed to hold up well for the two days of near constant use.

    • rob in katy

      I would have loved to have seen this 10 months ago before I ordered my LaRue, but hey, I go to pick it up tomorrow and it is under my old Trust. Still, may have to look at it, need to push for that Hearing Protection Act.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Do you like the Silencerco Omega but wish it was heavier, probably louder, had less accessories, and was a knockoff of an existing product?

    Well, YHM has a can for you!