APEX Moving From California to… Arizona!

APEX Tactical Specialities, commonly known as “Apex”, and known to most as the company that perfected the Smith & Wesson M&P handgun trigger, has announced that they are moving the company from Los Osos, California to Peoria, Arizona and expanding from 6,000 square feet to a new 50,000 square feet facility.

The company itself has an interesting history. Started by co-owner Randy Lee in 2000, the company was originally known (and still is, within those circles), as a go-to shop for revolver actions and custom gunsmithing. Expanding into design and manufacturing the company’s growth skyrocketed and included at least one move already from 500 to 6,000 square feet of today.

Per their press release, the move is needed to ensure the company has a stable growth path. While the facility was too small, the decision to locate outside the state was one driven by California’s recent changes in firearms laws.

Specifically, Proposition 63 bans the possession of standard-capacity and large-capacity magazines, both of which are fixtures of platforms that Apex manufactures their upgrades and accessories for. Further, California’s general business climate and costs hamper development.

“Getting out from under the restrictive and frankly punitive regulatory environment of California allows us to expand our R&D efforts as we continue to bring new products to market,” explained Folk. “The move is not only good for Apex but also our employees.”

California is consistently ranked as one of the worst states in which to run a business. By relocating to Arizona, Apex Tactical Specialties is not only able to reduce many operating costs for the business, but also expand opportunities for employees. In Peoria, Arizona the consumer prices are 18.03% lower than in San Luis Obispo, California. Rent prices are 40.20% lower and local purchasing power is 76.24% higher.

Good fortune to APEX we at TFB hope the move goes smoothly!

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    Good for them! I know this move has been in the making for a while. One of their employees or owners talked about it on either the industrialist podcast or safety solutions academy podcast. It’s a great listen for anyone interested in the company.

    That’s a big floor area difference. I’m guess they are bringing a lot of the manufacturing in house.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      I would imagine that they aren’t bringing more manufacturing in-house, so much as massively expanding their capabilities. I believe they already make everything in-house.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        If that’s the case they must be planning on massive growth. Good for them. That’s a huge financial commitment just from the real estate aspect.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          I know that they had to put a stop to some gunsmithing services due to the amount of time needed to keep up with the demand for their trigger parts. A good amount of their new space will probably be used to start those services back up.

          • It probably doesn’t hurt that there is a 2 year gun smithing program at Yavapai community college less than two hours away in Prescott Valley either. That’s why Ruger never has a shortage of trained gun smiths. They subsidize a gun smithing school with their property taxes.

      • jcitizen

        They are also a good source of parts kits.

  • Welcome! Always glad to see more companies migrate here from California.

  • Minuteman

    Kudos! I hope GDI Engineering as well as Surefire make similar moves.

  • Shaun Connery Oliver II

    I am absolutely happy for them because California is getting ridiculous, fast! With CalExit being pushed, it is high tide for companies like Emerson Knives and Surefire to high tail out of there.

    • durabo

      The firearm industry should move out of CA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, MD, etc. into free states like AZ, TX, SC, GA, WY, etc., and let the Bolshie states feel the reduction in tax revenue.

      • Jason Adams

        You forgot Illinois… They had to go to the Supreme Court just to own guns there.

        • durabo

          That’s what the “etc.” is for

      • supergun

        kalifornia loses big time in money. People leaving with their incomes, taxes they pay, the money they spend. Other business leaving following the big business that they do business with. The support business leave. Much money leaves when these things happen. Glad to see it done to kalifornia.

        • I used to own a small business in Arizona and some customers wanted me to come out to San Diego to sell stuff a couple of times a year. I looked at getting a Commiefornia business license and decided that I didn’t care to do business in a state that doesn’t have a dept of Revenue, it has a dept of Equalization that issues business licenses and collects taxes.

          • supergun

            There are better place to do business.

          • The Brigadier

            I guess the Dept of Equalization is to make everyone in the state equally poor. They are getting their wish.

      • jcitizen

        To continue your etcetera – Kansas – they respect the 2nd Amendment big time!

        • durabo

          Roger that

  • Mattblum

    I can only compliment the company and it’s owners on their good judgement. California is a lovely state. Beautiful scenery and great weather. Sadly, those features are overshadowed by the political climate. I’ll be moving to a state that actually values freedom as soon as I can. I’ll be sorry to leave the hills and valleys, but will have no trouble at all leaving the state government.

    • durabo

      The ENTIRE Left Coast is Bolshevik

    • 1inidaho

      Moved to Idaho over twelve years ago and haven’t looked back.

    • Trent

      Arizona has hills and valleys, too.

      Plus…we have FREEDOM!

    • Seth Hill

      If this keeps up, California (and the left coast) will become service industry states. The largest employers will be based around tourism (hotels, etc.).

    • Biggiewood

      Moved from LA over 13 years ago.

      I NEVER looked back.

  • USMC03Vet

    Feels like victory

  • Michael Valera

    This sounds a lot like a political discussion to me.

    • Kurt Akemann

      Given that it is the actions of California’s politicians that is causing APEX to leave the state, the discussion can’t help but be political.

      • Kafir1911

        True That.

  • Ratcraft

    Clap clap clap. I have yet to ever upgrade a glock, After seeing this, I may just buy a trigger or 5.

  • as a gun supporting californian, I can see why they moved but I wish some would stick around and help us fight for gun rights

    • Mystick

      Sometimes the cancer wins, sadly.

    • Jason Adams

      Face it being tolerant to the flakes and letting them migrate there is what bought them the majority. It is a lost battle now. Same thing happened in Colorado when the billionaires pushed the millionaires out of the high country. Now they have this 10 round max capacity (for what that’s worth????) and I have to choose my guns carefully before I visit back home.

      • Bill Funk

        When the cancer wins, it loses its host.
        The secessionist movement won’t amount to much for a while, but as the politics continues to move further from mainstream America, it may well gain strength.
        I wonder, though, if CA does secede, will it have the wherewithall to actually make it as an independent country? While they won’t need any border control, they will need a currency backed by something other than good intentions.

        • jcitizen

          Only Texas has a non specific trigger to secede. The supreme court ruled that the 1848 annexation agreement did not excuse them from the union, but everyone has an opinion about the wording of that agreement. If I remember my history about the 1877 compromise, the subject was brought up again, but only by an unwritten agreement. That was when Federal troops were run out of the state, and the Lt. Governor assumed the true power of office, relegating the “Yankee” backed Governor as a figure head. For any other state to try it would definitely be considered an act of war – I hope the stupid idiots try it!

          • Dan Moore

            I hope Texas does secede. I would relocate there when it happens.

          • jcitizen

            Me too brother!

      • The Brigadier

        Yeah but Hollywood discovered the ski resorts in Colorado decades ago and the end of freedom in that state could be predicted from the beginning. Colorado voted for Clinton and the throwing out of their prior governor didn’t have much effect on the electorate. Guns have been protected for a short while, but the Hollywood Progressives’ writing is on the Rockies.

  • Disarmed in CA

    California’s business plan.

  • Good on them; “Made behind enemy lines in Oso, California” was always one of the best taglines in the industry, but the more companies abandon that sinking ship the better.

    • HR Pufnstuf

      Now maybe they can label them “No longer made behind enemy lines in California.”

  • DaveP.

    Welcome to the United States of America, guys.

  • Stephen Paraski

    Yet another company moves away from SLO area. The Wine Growers and Techies do not care, they hate any weapons.

  • Bob

    good for them.
    I remember years ago when a local business man in Burnsville, MN put up a billboard along I-35. It said “will the last one out please turn out the lights”
    it was due to HIGH taxes, etc, this was in the very early 1980’s.
    I finally escaped that chithole to AZ in 2005.

    • supergun

      The democrats have a way of doing things that are very destructive to Americans.

  • Kafir1911

    I hope those former residents of the Peoples Republic of California don’t do as so many do when they move. They move and get to the new location and contaminate it with the liberal ideas of the Homeland. Think Park City, Utah for example. Otherwise good move and the best to APEX.

    • freewillyism

      also Denver and now my home state SD!!!

  • David Vileta

    It was always funny reading “Manufactured behind Enemy Lines” on their packaging.

  • freewillyism

    outfreekingstanding! way to go APEX!!!!!!! Thanks for leaving the peeples republik. I am a current customer ans will shout this move to the rooftops

  • Kent San

    Excellent. F Kalifornia.

  • Vegamania

    I’ve been the victim several times of having my company move out of state. We were not asked to re-locate, so it was back to job hunting. Hope Apex allows anyone wanting to move to go with them. I try not to do business with any company located in un-friendly states, as that state is getting some of my money. Moving to Arizona is a very good business decision.

  • durabo

    Welcome to Free America, as refugees from the Left Coast!

  • QueenAnnesRevenge

    California’s business plan is to drive away business with over regulation and use over taxation to put up ‘man made’ global warming satellites to preach propaganda to the non-anti American states about how stupid we are… and it looks like their plan is working. Welcome to freedom Apex.

    • M40

      If you took the greater LA area out of the equation, then California would be predominantly conservative. Without California’s huge load of electoral votes, there wouldn’t be another liberal president for a hundred years.

      Perhaps we can cede it to Mexico? It’s only a few hundred miles of territory, and most of the population already speak Spanish. It makes perfect sense to me.

      We wouldn’t even need to announce it or do anything official… just build the wall slightly further to the north. They’d just wake up one morning to find the north and eastbound highways closed by new border checkpoints.

      Old border in blue, Wall routing in red.

      • Jai S.

        The wall is a dumb idea, but including Orange County with “Greater LA” shows a lack of understanding of the area.

        • M40

          Putting a wall through heavily inhabited areas is nearly impossible. From a civil engineering standpoint, I simply used natural boundaries where the least number of highways and roads would have to be either blocked or have manned checkpoint border crossings. This seems to be the simplest way to cede SoCal to Mexico.

  • Jason Adams

    Smart move… Eventually California will become the state of flakes and be the final destination for all that hate our constitution and it’s freedoms. I wouldn’t want my business in that state when they want to leave the United States and be annexed to Mexico. Mexico’s gun laws are more like what they would prefer anyway.

    • Lee Enfield

      “Eventually California will become the state of flakes and ….”

      Become? Way beyond that already.

  • Justsayin320

    All firearm manufacturers should not only move out of anti gun states but also refuse sales to all government agencies in those states as well. Security detail for anti gun politicians should be first on that list.

    • M40

      EXACTLY. The arms industry should apply laws equally to civilians, law enforcement and all other security apparatus. They should also refuse shipment to all police and other government agencies in blue states. Pretty soon, the limousine liberals, politicians and Hollywood elite would be horrified to find their own security details disarmed.

    • Many manufacturers have done exactly that. Barrett won’t sell to any of them. Many of the other small manufacturers won’t either.

  • Jones2112

    Good on them…CA has lost a lot of businesses, CA obviously has a bang-up business plan…LOL

  • JpRAustin

    The question is: what took them so long?

  • Earl

    The road leads ever onward! Good for APEX!

  • supergun

    This makes the Pro-Gun States even stronger.

  • Darn. I need a new job, but Peoria is a bit too far to commute from where I own property and I don’t have the money to move into that area with my pets.

  • 1inidaho

    A natural progression for a startup company to move to a pro-gun state. Cut your costs and improve life for your employees however the central coast is tough to beat.

  • jcitizen

    APEX are some righteous dudes! I love doing business with them – a great company!

    • HR Pufnstuf

      Hell, I don’t even own an M&P, and this still makes me want to do business with them!

      • jcitizen

        I get most of my stuff for my MG from them, Great service too! Lot better prices that anywhere else I’ve been, except maybe IMA-USA, but that competitor is sometimes the most expensive too.

  • RPK


  • Jarhead0369

    Congratulations on leaving the PRC. Welcome out from behind the Orange Curtain.

  • Paul Strickland

    Good for Apex….Welcome to the Rest of the United States. I love Apex stuff, I have two of their Sig Sauer P-320 triggers and they’re super products. California can just continue to destroy themselves without good companies like Apex.

  • Archie Montgomery

    What took them so long?

  • J.E.Walker


  • Biggiewood

    Great news!

    Another loss for Commiefornia. And a win for America.

  • The Brigadier

    Unfortunately, millions of the California Demorats fled California for Arizona the past three years. It used to be a solid conservative and a gun friendly state, but the state is evenly split by the rats who fled that sinking state. I wonder if Apex will be forced to leave again? New Mexico is a far left state and that leaves the friendliest state close to Arizona is Texas. Apex might want to change their plans and move only once.