3D Printed Flame Throwing Overwatch Reaper Shotgun

My friend Adam got to check this out and I want to know where I can get one. BoXZY designed an over under shotgun style flame thrower. The design is based on the video game Overwatch.


It is a propane charged double shot flame thrower.

Well, it's been an interesting day so far at TechShop lol

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Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    Crap like this is the raisin I want a 3d printer…. Where can we download the files?

    • Johnsmyname

      I completely agree with the crap part, that’s it though…

    • USMC03Vet

      Two scoops every morning!

    • Wow!

      I was intrested in 3d printing, until you look up the printing material costs and then realize you could just buy a lathe and mill, make an injection molding machine and make everything cheaper and faster. 3D printing is more for the guy who wants to build stuff but doesn’t want or have the time to learn how. More for prototypers than anything else.

      • iksnilol

        Maybe I want to prototype? Maybe, just maybe I also want to play around and make stuff that isn’t guns as well.

        • Wow!

          If it’s flexibility you want, than a lathe and mill are like the end all machines. You can make anything with them. What I mean by prototypers, is that there has been a disconnect in last years between the engineers and the guys on the floor making the stuff. It is getting better, but often the engineer doesn’t actually know or remember how things are built and make complex designs that can’t reasonably be made without specialized machines. 3D printing allows the engineer to take a hands on approach to his work, and simplify it himself before he hands it over to the machinists, and it allows the machinist to make suggestions and corrections faster.

          As a hobbyist, if you absolutely don’t want to know how to work a lathe, mill, or weld, you can buy a 3D printer and have some of the benefits, but the product is signficantly lower in quality (which is why 3d printed parts are often bulkier or require metal inserts than extruded or milled plastic parts) and at a significantly higher cost. As a hobbyist, the point for me is to build things myself and to do so with any idea I come up with, and so learning the skills is important IMO for anyone who goes into DIY. I like 3D printer because it is getting people getting intrested in manufacturing, but I dislike the fact that some people think that 3D printing is the “future” and don’t need to learn core machining skills when it can’t and won’t ever match things like a CNC machine in terms of speed, cost, flexiblity and precision (especially since due to the concept of 3D printing, errors build up on itself, like those oreo stacking contests). 3D printers can beat one of those aspects at a time, at the sacrifice of the other 3 categories.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but cnc mill and lathe and welding equipment is significantly more expensive and takes much more space.

  • Joseph Goins

    Fire + Plastics = Danger

    • iksnilol

      Joseph Goins + fun stuff = “waaah, it’s dangerous”

  • Major Tom

    Welcome to the (practical!) reason why gun bans are doomed to fail. You can’t stop the torrents and downloads.

    • GD Ajax

      You can however, violate patents. In fact, that’s a better way to make money. Setting on a patent and if they want to print it. They owe you money.

      • Major Tom

        That’s never stopped places like The Pirate Bay. It won’t stop somebody from developing 3D printable gun designs that are meant to be distributed freely to make a political statement or to show off one’s engineering skills without being tangled in law.

        You really can’t stop the signal on this.

      • Lyman Hall

        “Cease and desist! You violated my patent!”

        “Cha-CHUNK” (as the round is seated in the patented chamber…)

      • iksnilol

        Oooh, you poor, precious innocent soul.

        So precious.

  • Badwolf

    Cool! Great work! Call me back when you can hit 10 yards.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Those Watch Dogs 2 emoji masks are real?

    • iksnilol

      Yuup, to some extent I guess. I doubt they’ve made them recognize facial expressions.

    • Wow!

      Watchdogs series was basically made by a bunch of developers browsing the internet and figuring out what is “hip” and “with it”. Personally I liked the concept of aiden because he was like an old guy in a brave new world. With marcus it is a non stop cringe fest. If they brought down trying to sell that hipster stuff, I think Marcus would be a lot better character design.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Someone needs to make Mccree’s revolver.

    Not a 3d printed one, an actual revolver.

    That would be pretty slick.

  • Bill

    For the you want to singe somebody at close range? Will it light a charcoal grill?

    At least I have my militarized-police nomex balaclava to protect my tactical beard.

  • Niguana

    Yeah using a flamethrower indoors is just so intelligent

  • DistalRadius

    Neat toy but aside from singeing someone’s eyebrows off, thats all it is.
    Flamethrowers don’t shoot flame, they shoot FLAMING LIQUID.