GO-Magnet Gun Magnets

All of us probably have a desk drawer or safe full of holsters. It is like women and shoes (no insult intended ladies), or men and… guns! We just tend to have a lot of them. One item I think we could all appreciate is a holster for our vehicle or bedroom or work desk. What if you could have them all in one holster design? GO-Magnet Gun Magnets appears to have that all-inclusive holster. If we even want to call it a holster.

As you can see from the video its a simple design. It makes me wonder why no one else has not streamlined this. I may have answered my own question though. GO-Magnet Gun Magnets streamlined the theory of using a magnet to store/hold a firearm.

You basically choose a mounting plate and a go-magnet, and you are ready to go. There are several mounting plates to choose from based on what material the mounting plate will be fastened to. You can also add a little curb appeal to your magnet setup with different designs etched into the mounting plate.

The go-magnets are pretty straight forward. An incredibly strong magnet is inside a flexible pouch. With this design, you can “bend” the magnet to remove it from the mounting plate. It is also helpful if you want to attach the magnet in a funky position to the mounting plate.

If you are working through your Christmas list and somebody has you stumped on what to get them, this could be the solution.

Check out GO-Magnet Gun Magnets HERE and see all of the options for yourself.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • John Dalton

    The main thing that concerns me is that magnets magnetize metal. So a slide that has one side magnetized may wear parts faster as the magnetized parts stick together. I had this issue with a magnetic parts holder. After taking the parts out of the holder they all stuck together because they were magnetized.

    • mrsatyre

      I wonder if a standard degausser would work. You could tell those not in the know, as you mystically wave it back and forth over your gun, that it’s all part of an ancient ceremony to cleanse it of evil spirits.

      • Iggy

        Ah yes, placating the machine spirits.

        • Gary Kirk

          Must appease the gun gods.. Isn’t that why we all burn through a good bit of scratch every weekend at the range??

          #brass sacrifice

    • wetcorps

      Just wrap the gun in tinfoil.

      • John

        That would be very convenient as I already have a tin foil hat!

  • Don Ward

    Effing gun magnets, how do they work?

    • Matthew

      Ask a juggalo! lol

  • mrsatyre

    My EDC is my ATC (All the Time Carry); it never leaves my person. I could see this as being handy for mounting my holstered gun at night on the wall or nightstand by the head of my bed so I don’t accidentally knock it off when fumbling for my glasses, but other than that…

  • egghead

    Ok let me just clear this up for everybody, these so called “gun magnets” will not magnetize your slide or gun. I have a sig p250 compact on guard duty by my bed held in place with a magnet been there almost 5 years now, have not see any ill effects on the gun or increased wear in any way. So can we put this myth to bed now please ?

    • John Dalton

      So you’re saying there is no way to magnetize metal by attaching it to an incredibly strong magnet? I have a magnetic parts holder and a many magnetized car parts that beg to differ. Small springs and screws will absolutely be magnetized by a strong magnet and that is just physics.

      I am not saying it will significantly increase wear but I am curious if it could change a wear patter that would later affect the gun.

      • AK

        The forces are so small that it would be like worrying about a fly landing on your car and scratching the paint.

        • DIR911911 .

          so you’ve had that happen too? I thought it was only me 🙂

      • Joe Gamer

        Not to be super geek but strong magnets magnetize metals by pulling the electrons into alignment which creates a magnetic field, A good hard jolt(recoil) will jumble them all up again. Try it with any magnetized metal piece, smack it crosswise against another piece of metal and poof, no more magnetic field.

        • John

          I figured that would happen but I am always paranoid about vectors for premature wear. The idea is actually very and would allow for quick access.

  • Joshua

    or you could go to the dollar store, by some made in china neodymium magnets, a roll of ducktape and some superglue and do the same thing

  • Matthew

    I rip apart old hard disk drives, pull the magnets out and you can screw them into the wall, your bedpost, etc…the magnets are already pre-mounted on a metal shim.!
    Just put some old t-shirt material on top of it to not scratch your firearm

  • ??

    That is the most dramatic music I have ever heard, involving magnets.