BREAKING: NRA moves High Power Matches to Camp Atterbury

In a move that will most likely resonate deeply around the entire NRA precision and rifle competition folks if fully approved in January of 2017, the NRA sponsored Civilian Marksmanship Program High Power matches will be moved from their traditional location in Camp Perry, Ohio where they have been held since 1907, to Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana. The move was apparently prompted by the director of NRA Competitive Shooting, and will face final approval by the NRA Board of Directors in January 2017. If enough support is garnered among the competition community by then, it could be feasible that it would be reversed, but we doubt that is the case. It appears that the decision had alot to do with location, in that shooters at the Smallbore Prone Championships in Bristol, Indiana would have more time getting to the High Power competition.

In an effort to keep the National High Power Rifle Championships up to the high standards that competitors have enjoyed for over one-hundred years, the NRA will move the Championship from its historic home at Camp Perry, OH, to Camp Atterbury, IN. This change in venue will take effect during the 2017 National Matches, pending approval by the NRA Board of Directors in January 2017.

Dennis Willing, director of NRA Competitive Shooting explained the decision.

“The NRA High Power Rifle Committee met and determined it would be beneficial to all competitors if we moved the Championship from Camp Perry to another site. After much discussion, the range at Camp Atterbury, IN, was selected as the new home of the NRA National High Power Rifle Championships.”

The proposed match schedule (subject to change) is below:

-First Shot Ceremony – July 7
-Welcome BBQ (afternoon) – July 7
-Across the Course – July 8-13
-Mid-Range – July 14-17
-Long-Range – July 18-22

Willing added, “I intend to change the face of High Power Rifle as a discipline, and will be presenting matches that are better than competitors have ever seen before.”

Since Across the Course is scheduled to end on July 13th, there will be sufficient time for competitors to attend the CMP National Trophy Matches.

The NRA Smallbore Prone Championship is scheduled to end with sufficient time for competitors to leave Bristol, IN, and come to Camp Atterbury to compete in Mid-Range Prone and Long-Range Prone. The NRA National Pistol Championship will remain at Camp Perry but will be held July 9-14, 2017, following previous year’s practice.

The article on Shooting Sports USA is somewhat vague in describing Camp Atterbury. The article mentions that there are over 34,000 acres of land available to NRA on the base. Although there is this much land on the base, most of this is either forest, buildings, or taken up by military units in training. Certainly not conducive to High Power competitions. Compared to the facilities at Camp Perry (Only from what I have seen, as I haven’t been there), I don’t see how Atterbury would offer an improvement in actual range facilities. Instead it would just offer a closer location to Bristol, and would probably be cheaper for CMP and NRA to hold the High Power matches at.

In case you wanted to see what Camp Atterbury has to offer, this is the TFBTV video we made while qualifying with a Marine Reserve unit.


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  • some other joe

    Just left. The POW range is less than ideal. The guys running it are slow-fire only types. The military known distance has ~20 lanes, but that could be compressed considerably with a target rack like in the photo. How many competitors are expected? There isn’t really that much hotel space.

    • Anthony Kaiser

      The “POW Range” isn’t part of Camp Atterbury proper. That’s DNR property. Camp Atterbury has 4 KD ranges, 2 of which are long range capable beyond 1000 m.

  • Anonymoose

    As an Ohioan, I oppose this decision.

    • plumber576

      And would you believe Dennis WIlling is from Michigan? He’s probably still salty about the Toledo War and scUM losing all but 2 game since 2001.

    • 3==>~Sharia

      As a Hoosier I approve of this decision. 🙂

      I’m planning on heading to the public range at Atterbury this weekend. Wish there was a 100+y range for the public, but it is still one of the best outdoor ranges around.

  • Geoff Timm

    Never mind does Indiana have friendly gun laws? Geoff Who is a curious fellow, who does not shoot Hi-power.

    • The_Automator

      VERY friendly. Everything that is legal at the federal level is legal at the state level. We have lifetime CCW available for $125, with some legislators pushing for constitutional carry in the next session.

      • Gunner4guy

        And if you’re retired LE or CO the fee for the Lifetime permit is waived. For many of us in-state, it’s better than the LEOSA card which Illinois and several other states won’t honor(yet those same states want us to honor their LEOSA cards…..yeah, right).
        BTW, it’s NOT a CCW, if you look at the wording, NOTHING is said about concealment, it’s just a carry permit.

  • 11b

    Tis a silly place. Mobilizing through there I can’t recall a single day without strong, frigid wind. Also, don’t sleep in the trailers- they’re left over from FEMA and leach formaldehyde making you instantly sick 😉

    • The_Automator

      I’ve lived near there and that is not always the case.

    • Anthony Kaiser

      The trailers have been gone for a few years, and had been there so long the formaldehyde problem had subsided from most of a decade of heating and cooling.

  • J.T.

    Screw that.

  • ron williams

    This move will be absolutely fantastic! As one who has fired in Hi Power Matches in both Atterbury and Perry I can tell you that Atterbury will be so superior that you will not understand why they were not moved years ago. the facilities are so much more modern and the quartering accomodations are awesome. With Indianapolis only 30-40 min away it will be so much easier for persons flying. And I can tell you that not only is IN extremely gun friendly…far more than Ohio……the airport is VERY friendly to gun transporting passengers. In fact, I transported my Glock to take lessons in NV and the airport cops said they recommend EVERYONE travel with a gun checked into their luggage. This will be the greatest move you can imagine. Plan on trying it. you will see!!

    • plumber576

      Inferring Ohio isn’t gun friendly. How dense.

      • Anthony Kaiser

        Indiana always has been super gun friendly. OH…not so much. How long have you had CC in OH?

  • plumber576

    Sounds like some progressive SJW came along and was triggered by all of Camp Perry’s privilege and decided that Indiana was a protected class that needed some affirmative action.
    “Camp Atterbury may not be the best for the job but after 109 years of oppression we’re taking down the patriarchy.”

    • comatus

      Now that there is funny, I don’t care who y’are.

  • Jason

    This is quite possibly the dumbest decision they could make. I mobilized out of Atterbury for an OEF deployment and their ranges suck. Camp Perry’s ranges are established and a known quantity. makes you wonder who paid off who…

    • Anthony Kaiser

      What mobilizing unit uses KD ranges? I was the range scheduler for most of the war period. Unless you were doing DM training, I doubt you know WHAT CAIN ranges have to offer the NRA. Central Indiana High Power Rifle Shooters runs matches regularly, so I think the NRA knows what CAIN has to offer.

  • Sam

    The NRA and CMP matches are run by separate organizations, obviously NRA and CMP. The big change is that the matches will not be held on the same ranges in consecutive weeks.

  • Chace Bowman

    I feel sorry for all the guys that will be shooting at Atterbury. I’ve had to do rifle qual there for the past three years and their ranges are absolute garbage. The grass is RARELY mowed so picking up your brass is damn near impossible. Also, when I was there in September, at least TEN of the target carriages were inoperable, they had broken due to neglect. Maybe this influx of money will make the base commandant show the place a little love. Nothing else seems to.

  • Libertarian in 2016

    Camp Atterbury in July. Why not just move it to SE Louisiana. The temp and humidity will be about the same.

  • WRBuchanan

    Moose: Maybe your Governor’s absence at the Convention had something to do with this, and I doubt this will be the last thing that gets taken away from Ohio.

    His little “Statement” was heard and since he never thought in a million years that Trump would be elected he figured there wouldn’t be any repercussions.

    Since the NRA was one of the first to endorse Trump maybe they are making a “Statement?”

    Guess what? He’s done in politics!

    Maybe he could get CNN to pick him up? Fox damn sure won’t touch him again.

  • ccpotter

    ” It appears that the decision had alot to do with location, in that
    shooters at the Smallbore Prone Championships in Bristol, Indiana would
    have more time getting to the High Power competition.”

    According to Google Maps:
    Bristol, IN to Camp Perry is 155 mi and 2:25 straight shot along I-90.
    Bristol, IN to Camp Atterbury is 201 mi and 3:14 mostly along two-lane US 31.

    • M-Dasher

      they could easily remedy this by moving the damn small bore champs back to Perry…..

      they moved it…….asked us shooters which venue we preferred……and when we told them we wanted it back at perry……they ignored us and kept it at Bristol.

      im done shooting the champs at Bristol….Bristol sucks….ide rather go shoot at Palmyra 6400.

  • George

    There is a factual error in the lead of the story. The CMP is not sponsored by the NRA but is a separate organization charted by congress. All CMP matches will remain at Camp Perry.