TroubleshooterBerlin’s “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Fix for the 92FS’s Safety Problem

TFB’s favorite German garage gun┬áinventor is back with another devilishly clever device. It’s well known that the Beretta 92FS’s slide-mounted safety lever has a serious drawback: When the slide is racked vigorously, it is very easy for the safety to engage into the “ON” position, preventing the gun from firing and decocking the hammer. For many people, this characteristic is undesirable, but what to do about it?

Well, TroubleShooterBerlin has the answer:

Simply put, the rear sight is removed and a special piece inserted into the dovetail of the slide, along with a modified rear sight. This special piece adds protective guards to the slide’s countours, which not only help prevent accidental engagement of the slide-mounted safety on the Beretta, but also help improve purchase on the slide itself.

M92 left side

The safety guard can be seen caught in the sunlight in this image. This guard would enable reliable Israeli-style carry, if desired. Image source: troubleshooterberlin


It’s a solution as simple as can be, adding zero moving parts to the (already complex) Beretta safety mechanism and allowing the gun to be immediately fired after racking a round into an empty chamber or performing emergency malfunction clearance.

M92 right side

Image source: troubleshooterberlin


It’s true that TroubleShooter’s invention comes a little late to have much effect on the 92FS’s career as a first-line sidearm, but it’s still a creative solution to a nagging problem.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • roguetechie

    Dude is a certifiable genius by any measure!!

    • Frank Grimes

      Same “genius” who said “The AR15/M16 is by design a self stopping system”.

      He’s a loon.

      • JT Win

        Arguably so was Eistein, Hughes, Tesla – give credit where its due.

        • DIR911911 .

          so because one guy is a genius you’re supposed to praise all geniuses at the same time?

      • roguetechie

        I like the AR15 system a lot, others don’t…

        It’s OK I can’t force them to be right heh.

        However, he’s far from a loon…

        If you haven’t seen them check out his AUG mods, BTW developed mostly without access to functional firearms during the development process.

        His swappable ejection setup… Genius.

        His semi forward ejection process using a case deflector and secret squirrel guts… Way beyond genius!

        Especially since his first real test on a working AUG was on quite literally the most busted ass clapped out AUG the army of a small sovereign nation had in it’s inventory and it still worked!

        (When the gun itself wasn’t choking of course)

        Scar magwell mods… Super genius

        2 or 3 other things… Also genius

        Seriously he’s a genius.

  • Nicks87

    I carried the 92FS on duty for almost a decade and not once did I have a problem with the safety or it’s location. Again this is one of those problems that can be solved with training and proper technique and not by adding some device that changes the original design of the weapon.

    • Slim934

      The original design of the weapon was a frame mounted safety. It became a slide mounted safety at the behest of a european military/police procurement offices.

      • Ron

        I remember seeing one of the shows on either the outdoor or sportsman channel and the rep from Beretta said the move to the slide was based on suggestions from SEALs who were already using slide mounted safeties on (S&W) guns.

        • Vhyrus

          Would these be the same seals that don’t even use the 92fs?

          • CommonSense23

            Having a couple guys take slides to the face when testing really turns you off issuing that gun.

          • iksnilol

            Sure, SEALs are bada$$ enough to eat snakes, but when it comes to eating slides they start complaining.


          • This would have been before the adoption of the 92SB-F as the M9. According to SEAL historian Kevin Dockery, Team Six had Beretta 92S-1 in their inventory as early as 1982.

      • Chris22lr

        I’d bet that it was rather Beretta (and S&W) being lazy and copying Walther design when users (Euro for Beretta, US for Smith) demanded decocker. Nobody forbid them from going Taurus way.

        On a personal note: I love Berettas and factory 92FS with Taurus style safety/decocker would be dreams coming true. But since I’m too broke to buy even regular Beretta I will happily set on a Brasilian wonder nine.

        • DIR911911 .

          taurus bought the factory in brazil from baretta complete. that’s why the taurus has the frame mounted safety that everyone likes. just wish they did the compact model

          • Kefefs

            Taurus made a compact version of their 92 called the PT-92 C for a long time. You can probably find some on the used market.

    • AJ187

      Yep, you’re the only one to point out this is a software issue not hardware.

  • Pseudo

    Simple and effective. Clever.

  • Ed

    If this is such a issue just buy a PT-92 instead.

  • DP1911

    OR, you can buy the Wilson Combat Low Profile Safety for $40. However, if you are cheap and want to keep the original safety on the 92FS do this: Remove the right side of the ambi-safety lever and file down the left side safety as you see fit! This will not change the function of the safety, just the external appearance.

    • Lowe0

      The low profile was way too low for me. I’m sure some will love it, but I went back to the regular Wilson safety pretty fast.

  • Vhyrus

    Or buy a px4 with a decocker.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Or just a “G” decocker conversion for the 92.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    This might be somewhat off-topic, but aside from various marking, are there any differences between an M9 and a 92FS?

    • Risky

      I think the sights are different, 3 dot versus a straight 8 style. There also is a version of the M9 that has the accessory rail and dovetail front sight I believe.

      • Chris22lr

        Railed M9 is M9A1. Used in limited quantity by USMC IIRC.

        To make things even more complicated commercial Berretta 92A1 is different gun than military M9A1.

        • Anonymoose

          To make things even more complicated the 92A1’s slide, frame, and recoil system are not interchangeable with any other 92-series guns besides the 96A1 and the 90two!

          • DIR911911 .

            sounds like they were trying to prevent unit armorers from becoming parts suppliers.

    • Tim

      Grip screws & sights are slightly different, but that’s it (as far as I know).

    • Joshua

      Mechanically, no.

      The M9 has a straight dust cover vs slanted of the 92fs.

      That’s the biggest difference.

      The sights also differ as well as the grips and grip screws.

  • Works, or Beretta could just go back to the original Frame-mounted safety and stop with the idiotic slide safety.

    • Anonymoose

      They went to the slide safety for a reason when they came out with the 92S. There were people calling for a PP/P38/S&W-style decocking safety, and then people calling for a hooked trigger guard when they changed from the 92SB to 92SB-F. Both concepts are looked down upon today. What they ought to do is go back to a frame-mounted safety, but have that safety interchangeable with a decocker-only. They also should make a Vertec Compact model with a dovetailed front sight.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Or you could buy a Taurus PT92.


    • pun&gun

      The TacRack and Vickers slide racker for Glock/M&P pistols would violate that patent before this one did, IMO.

    • TroubleshooterBerlin

      You’re right. There exist patent applications only and due to a mistake they made a their german/priority application there will never be issued a valid patent …

    • DIR911911 .

      since it’s actually used to block the safety and not as an actually grip aid, they seem opposite.

  • Gus Butts

    Can they act as cocking ears like on the H&K VP9?

    • TroubleshooterBerlin

      Not their primary purpose but yes.

  • Bill

    The same problem can afflict any pistol with a slide mounted safety/decocker. When we adopted S&W autos it’s why we fought against troops “slingshotting” the slide.

  • Frank Grimes

    Bro, do you even 92G?

  • Geoff Timm

    Just use the decocker option. Geoff Who notes the M-9 will be around a long time, I got “Garmined” when I went to the USAF museum and the gate guard who turned me around and sent me the right way was packing a 1911!

  • Just throw your thumbs up when you acquire your grip, it throws the safety off when you do that.