[Red Oktober 2016] Sabrewerks Optic Platforms

Sabrewerks has been making a very indigenous optics mount that replaces the Kalashnikov factory rear sight blocks. The initial unit requires some gunsmithing or least knowledge of complete Kalashnikov disassembly (removing the OEM rear sight block). Once this is removed, you now have a system on which to insert a variety of optic platforms made by Sabrewerks onto the mount. These are held in place by a very snug dovetails on the base mount, in addition to a cross pin that doubles as a gas tube retaining pin (previous retaining pin is removed with the old rear sight block). The company makes a mount for just about any optic you want to throw on the rifle, and I’m sure if you have an older scope, they’ll be able to do a custom fit for it. Every mount they make has an integrated non adjustable rear sight within it, so if the scope goes down, there will always be a back up rear sight, without the need to affix an aftermarket rear sight. Of course, this does take away the ability to co-witness a rear sight (However, some of their reflex optic mounts do allow for a co-witness). In addition, an important point about their system is that it allows removal of the top cover for disassembly without needing to take off the optics mount first.

DSC04012 DSC04013 DSC04014

The company is a small one in Wisconsin, and has been around for the past five years. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen one of their products up until now.

DSC04017 DSC04027 DSC04028 DSC04036 DSC04044 DSC04045 DSC04046 DSC04047 DSC04048 DSC04049 DSC04050


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  • Roy G Bunting

    But does it retain zero?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      judging by the mounting system i would say yes

  • EODClass180S

    There’s a pretty good video on this system by Military Arms Channel. Looks interesting…but don’t wanna permanently alter my AK.

    • Anonymoose

      Then why not buy a stripped AK like a PSAK or one of the ones from DDI?

  • .45

    I think Rob Ski of AKOU was saying something about 2014 being the year of the AK, but judging from all the new accessories coming out, I’d say he was off by a couple of years.

  • iksnilol

    I’d like the rear sight better if it folded. I like cowitness, but I like being able to put down the sights so that I can use my optic unobstructed.

  • YZAS

    Looks pretty cool, but still not as low as the Ultimak…

  • LumberJaq

    I love it. Gonna get one.