[Big 3 East] Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion Folding Brace Adapter

Just last month, Miles V. went to Manticore’s Bullpup shoot. He reported on Manticore’s latest offerings. Click here to check it out.

At this recent Big 3 East media event, Sven showed off a new collaboration with SB Tactical. SB Tactical is making a folding brace with B&T for the MP5.


Well SB Tactical and Manticore Arms are collaborating to make an adapter for the CZ Scorpion Evo3 so it too can use this new style folding brace.

And as Miles V. saw at the Bullpup Shoot, here is the MPX collapsing brace. There were issues in getting the SIG components so Manticore is helping them simplify the design and provide adapters for their collapsing brace.


Nicholas C

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  • Jambo

    Already have a folding brace, but i’d love to have a collapsible one for my Evo.

  • Christopher Wallace


  • Ebby123

    FTATF. That is all.


  • Harry’s Holsters

    I wish the ATF would reverse the previous ruling about shouldering. This is cool.

    • Jacen

      Technically nothing has really changed. They just implied intent and no one’s challenged it since. There’s no law in the books saying this is a stock or if it actually is illegal to use for your purposes.

    • Ace Mcmac

      Really the only fly in the ointment for shouldering the thing is you can’t use them in competition for what I assume are liability reasons. On your own time? Nobody cares.

    • SomeRandomGuy

      Their definitions may have painted them in a corner. While I cannot shoulder said brace, I can sure chest the heck out of it. SHOULDER STARTS from the nipple out. Between the nipple and sternum is my chest. Show me any law that says I can’t shoot off my chest!!!

    • Emperius

      ATF has no authority by re-wording what is nonexistent in all gun laws, especially the unconstitutional 1934, 1968, and 1986 laws. No where about how to handle accessories is found.

  • Anonymoose


  • YZAS

    The brace is dead. Long live the brace.

  • Joshua

    Now if only SB Tactical would make a side folding brace for the Kriss Vector. I’m buying one tomorrow that comes with the brace, and it would be awesome if the brace folded.

    • Jacen

      I thought they do

  • Beardedrambler

    When will the atf just stop with the idiocy and remove so called short barrel rifles from the nfa. I mean canda has short rifles for christ sales.

    • PersonCommenting

      Yeah but they are restricted if I am not mistaken. Other than going to the range they cant do anything with them.

      Can the ATF remove things like that? I thought NFA was an act of congress. Congress would have to repeal it.

      • DaveP.

        There’s a bunch of agencies Congress has needed to yank up short for a long long time now. The ATF is one of the poster children, but there’s things the FBI crime lab (under Congressional investigation since the early ’90s!) and the EPA have been up to that are even past that level for capricious overreach of authority.