[Big 3 East] Triumph Systems Robot Target Systems


Triumph Jared

Last year, Triumph Systems made their debut at Big 3 East in October 2015. Jared Ogden, CEO, co-founder of Triumph systems and a former Navy SEAL, showed us a prototype of his Pivotal Trainer. It was raw and unrefined but the potential it showed was exciting. The prototype did as advertised. It holds a shoot/no-shoot target and there is a motor that spins the target to show the edge profile or either side. The motor is controlled wireless by a remote. You can manually choose which side to show the shooter or you can set it to automatically rotate. What we did not get to see was the final product.

At this recent Big 3 East, we got to see the realized potential of the Pivotal Trainer targets. We were told that multiple targets can be slaved to a single remote. While that sounds intriguing it is jaw dropping seeing it in person. The robot target system is programmed to turn the targets. It is a little creepy seeing all of them turn on their own. The Pivotal Trainer retails for $399. The frame is made of extruded nylon bars. However the couplers were designed to be used with 2×2 wood strips. So you can replace the frame easily ad cheaply.



Their Pop Packs are like Capri Sun sized liquid targets that you attach and use for training. Jared told us that users have found a new way to utilize them. Tape them to the T zone of a steel target and simulate a head shot.


Their Threat Down targets are available in three different styles. Human, Zombie and Terrorist.


This responsive target provides instant feedback, leaving no doubt as to where your rounds have impacted the vital organs. The vital organs are made of environmentally safe, highly visible gel. This 100+ round target was developed for most calibers. It is a great training tool for shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to the advanced level shooter. Developed with a Navy SEAL, the targets are ideal for defensive training, but are also great for a fun day on the range. Each organ is represented by a different color, providing easy-to-identify round placement. The water-soluble gel will not stain clothing. Additional grid targets are located in the corners to maximize use of this fully reactive target.

Triumph Systems has even taken their Threat Down target design and applied it to hunting with their Ethical Harvest target.


Only a year later, Triumph Systems has actual production level products for all their offerings. They have had 2 months of sales history and have 80 dealers coast to coast. Their products are available on Brownell’s and Midway USA. They are a small company founded by Veterans who are looking to help improve training for military, law enforcement, and civilians.

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      That would be a terrorist triggering his IED.

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      It’s for training police officers who object to being filmed making arrests.

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    Any target that points a phone at me is going down.

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    The zombie targets are not correct. The heart and lungs are not vitals. These targets are training aids that are going to get people killed in the real world when they shoot zombies in the chest and nothing happens.

    “Remove the head, or destroy the brain.”

    Learn it. Live it.