Jumpstart A Car With Two AKs

Got a buddy that needs a jump but neither of you have jumper cables? Well get those trunk gun AKs out and you can jumpstart those cars in no time! Does anyone recognize the camo used by these two gentlemen? Possibly somewhere in Africa?


Nicholas C

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  • PK

    That is legitimately hilarious!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Sometimes the thing that almost killed you probably just should have killed you.

  • Jeff Smith

    This was posted here several years ago.

    Still cool, though.

    • Nicholas C

      Ahh, I didnt see it. Before my time. LOL

    • USMC03Vet

      Actually less than 1 year ago. I posted the link.

  • codfilet

    Back in the days when cars had real chrome bumpers, I had to have another car touch my bumper, and put the two jumper cables together to reach the hot terminal on each battery. (the car was nose-in with cars on either side). It worked.

    • marathag

      Then you had the Brit autos that were positive ground till the ’70s, and early ’50s Fords were also positive ground, and I think Studebakers too.
      So yeah, you had to pay attention

  • Wolfgar

    Remind me to never purchase a firearm from the third world LOL. I hope they removed the bolt and recoil spring before they did this.

    • glenn cheney

      Why? lol…..Just cause’ a little lectric makes some metals brittle….puts hair on where ever you’re not already hair sweatered….Drop a pigtail on your hauler and those bolts keeping the rims on the wheels makes for an e-ticket ride.
      Live life to the fullest.
      Dare the hair!

  • I knew that when i saw it but we’ve had a good number of new members since then so why not. Give me your address and I’ll send you a cookie:-)

    • USMC03Vet

      Nice try, fed guy in a trench coat!

  • Ambassador Vader

    Looks like Detroit.

  • Giolli Joker

    Scroll down to the comment section there and you’ll find my comment with the link to the first time it was posted.
    This is the third. 🙂

  • OK————

  • VanDiemensLand

    I have seen it reported as being Iraqi troops, certainly sounds like Arabic, but then I’m not expert.

  • anonymouse

    Well they’re speaking Arabic, which is spoken in Algeria, Comoros, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, or Tunisia.

    Of the gentlemen in question, one seems to be of Arabic descent and the other maybe of Hausa descent. That would make me think we’re probably looking at this being filmed in Sudan. The uniforms aren’t typically Sudanese, however they could well be security guards rather than military or police personnel.

    • Max Glazer

      I’d say North Africa.

  • Bullets First

    If they took the bullets out first I don’t see a danger with ammo exploding…but they were still holding onto metal parts of the guns and those metal rods extending to the connectors. Seems like they were asking for a Ben Franklin moment and not in the good way.

  • Reminds me of a Car Talk classic where someone wrote in about a neighbor from [eastern European area] who solved the problem of her dead battery by taking the good battery out of his truck, turning it upside down, and holding the terminals of the two batteries together while she started her car.

  • Rooftop Voter

    Heating up rounds by laying them in the sun is one thing but this sure speeds up the process.

    • Max Glazer

      Mags are not attached to these rifles

  • maximum engineering

    Actually, you only need one gun. Provided both vehicles are grounded the same, simply touch bumpers to make that half of the connection.

  • Smitty

    That is stupid. That can and will live arc marks which are stress risers.