Beyond Rimfire: The TANDEMKROSS Story, Upgrades for The S&W SW22 & Browning Buckmark

Bryan Haaker and Jake Wyman are both software developers turned firearm parts designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. And while the the parallels between the two worlds aren’t apparent on the surface, the two partners who started TANDEMKROSS in 2012 are expert problem solvers. Both men and the rest of the team believe in listening to shooters concerns and finding genuine solutions.

Suffering from mild programming burnout one day four years ago, Wyman walked into Haaker’s office and told him “we aren’t doing this today; we are going shooting”. Wyman had just bought a new Ruger MKIII 22/45 and was itching to get some trigger time. Haaker agreed, as any good shooter would, and they set off for the range rather than punching more keystrokes.



Unfortunately, the day didn’t turn out to be the Zen-like experience the two were hoping to have clear their heads – the 22/45 was racked with failures. The pair were puzzled with all the issues they had with a gun that was fresh out of the box.


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Searching for rememdies, they took to the aftermarket world for items like a hammer bushing and a bolt release. And after installation the results were night and day. “The difference in the shooting experience was amazing,” said Haaker. But why were parts so difficult to source?




TANDEMKROSS Titan Extended Magazine Release:

  • Taller, wider magazine release button – great for juniors or shooters with smaller hands
  • Unique paddle design is positionable by the user for a custom fit
  • Textured button offers no-slip grip in any condition; available in black or silver

The TANDEMKROSS Extended Magazine Release for SW22® Victory™ and Browning Buck Mark is a simple, drop-in replacement for the factory magazine release that offers significantly more surface area and height to make magazine changes easy – ideal for competition shooters!

The extended magazine release features a unique, paddle button to extend the magazine release not only out and away from the gun, but also back toward the shooter. The Zytel® paddle is textured for a no-slip grip in any condition, and can be positioned by the user for a customized grip. The magazine release button is available in black or silver for further customization.



As Haaker and Wyman triaged the problems that plagued their original 22/45 pistol, they asked the suppliers of aftermarket parts if they were interested in partnerships or expansion. Strangely, there was very little interest. Seeing a void in the industry, TK was born and the two left software development behind for a life in the firearms industry.




Fast forward four years, TK now offers dozens of firearms products ranging from a rear flip-up sight for KelTec Sub2000 to a just announced extended magazine release for the SW22 Victory and Browning Buckmark.

The TK team sources only American made materials, parts and machining and when possible, tries to keep everything within their home state of New Hampshire. “We only pick the best machine shops to make our gear,” said Haaker. “Our preference are those who are qualified to make medical-grade parts.”










Not only does TK sponsor several competitive shooters, but they are the sole platinum sponsor of the NSSF Rimfire Challenge Program and will be speaking at the NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championships on October 14 – 16, 2016. Renowned photographer and Second Amendment advocate Oleg Volk will also be capturing TK’s products in action next week.

I have a personal visit scheduled with the team at TK after their return from the NSSF Rimfire Challenge and our schedules align. I’m looking forward to putting their triggers, magazine plates and other pieces through their paces.

As a bonus, I have already asked for tips on how to quickly and easily takedown my Ruger MKII. Gets me every time.


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  • hking

    Son of a b*tch I just ordered a bunch of stuff on Saturday from them for my Victory and they didnt have the mag release on their website, and that is what I wanted to upgrade most!!! Oh well guess ill have to order more mags and other stuff along with the new mag release.

  • thedonn007

    I had assumed that they have been around longer then 2012. I bought a magazine disconnect bushing from them a couple of years ago for my 22/45 Lite. I am planning on buying a victory trigger as well, and maybe some Williams fire sights.

  • Edeco

    assault-capacity clip or clip extension for M&P 22 compact plz.

    • Sunshine_Shooter


  • noob

    the halo charging ring seems to have a cut down the middle that allows it to adapt to different width slides. Will it fit on a glock?

  • Sasquatch

    Ruger rules all rimfire! (Ducks out of the comment section)

  • Don

    They are great guys to deal with. When they were developing their trigger for the Buckmark they sent me a plastic 3D printed beta version to test out. I gave them some feed back on the trigger and they incorporated some of my suggestions into their final design. I’ve got all their products they make for the Buckmark on mine. They are very responsive, if you have any questions call or email them and they respond quickly.

  • nova3930

    I keep lusting after a Victory every time I breeze through my LGS. Good to know there’s a lot of aftermarket goodies available. It’s almost the Ruger 10/22 of 22 pistols…