SilencerCo Adds M&P9 to Threaded Barrel Line

If you want to run a can on your M&P9, you are going to need a threaded barrel. Lucky for you, SilencerCo announced the addition of a threaded barrel for the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm full size pistol. The barrel is made of 416R stainless steel and has a 1:10 RH twist. The barrel has a black nitride finish and threading is 1/2×28.

The new S&W barrel is part of a larger line of handgun barrels being offered by SilencerCo. Other models include:

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 17L
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 21
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 23
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 34
  • Glock 43
  • HK VP9
  • Sig Sauer P226

The suggested retail price on this barrel is $226.

Of course, in addition to the suppressors and related products the company makes, the company also seeks to entertain entertain through its advertising. Take, for instance, Maxim Vice. It is an obvious re-imagining of Miami Vice with the company’s Maxim 9 integrally suppressed handgun:

If you are not familiar with the Maxim 9, it is a 9mm pistol designed by SilencerCo that has an integral suppression system in it. The gun is not yet available to the public – it appears to be going through final durability and reliability testing – but it is close to delivery. Pricing on it is supposed to be comprable to the purchase of a typical handgun and suppressor combination.

Richard Johnson

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  • Jeremy Star

    Dear Silencerco – You make a .40 Osprey and we need .40 229 and 226 barrels for it. Thanks!

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      FYI, you can buy .40cal factory threaded barrels directly from Sig for the 229 and 226, and they’re pretty affordably priced. Top Gun Supply runs sales on them pretty often.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    But does anyone make a threaded barrel for the M&P9L?

    • Jack

      Check storm lake. Think they’re hard to come by though.

  • Ben

    You’d be better off selling your m&p and buying the factory threaded kit that comes with the gun and both barrels for $506. That’s what i did.

    • Jack

      My factory (S&W) threaded barrel had a poi shift of several inches to the right at 7 yards when the can was installed. It was repeatable. I’ve not seen that with storm lake, AAC(relabeled storm?) or silencerco barrels. Anecdotal and only one time so take it FWIW.

      As you mentioned, I did get the factory kit because of the price but ended up going with an aftermarket barrel anyway.

      • Ben

        Interesting. My poi may have shifted down slightly, or im holding the sights different with the can obscuring them. But ringing head sized gongs at 25yds hasn’t been an issue. I use 147gn handloads almost exclusively.