Avidity Arms Close to Shipping New PD10 Pistol

Avidity Arms PD10

Avidity Arms is getting close to shipping its new PD10 handgun. Developed specifically for the self-defense market, the gun’s development has been guided by Rob Pincus, a firearms trainer, founder of I.C.E. Training and the executive director of the Personal Defense Network.

Recently, Pincus had a pre-production gun on the range with a group of instructors during a training conference. The below YouTube video shows the gun being shot by Pincus and others. While the video is not a test of the gun’s capabilities, it does show the gun is a real project that has evolved over the past couple of years.

In the video, Pincus mentions another PD-series pistol that Avidity Arms is working on that features a shortened grip. I imagine that this model would be something akin to the Springfield XD-S 4.0 in shape – full size barrel and slide with a significantly shorter grip.

Pincus states the new PD10 pistols should be shipping in early 2017 with a suggested retail price of $499.

What do you get for your money?

  • single stack 9mm pistol with a polymer frame
  • striker-fired, DAO
  • 10+1 capacity
  • 1″ wide, 4″ barrel
  • 18.8 oz (unloaded)
  • Ameriglo Luma Glo front sight with I.C.E. Claw rear
  • accessory rail
  • lifetime service contract

One of the things I find interesting about this gun is the magazine selection. Instead of coming up with an all new magazine design, the company opted to build the gun around a 10-round 9mm 1911 magazine. This allowed the company to skip one entire design point and gives shooters the ability to pick up spares from most any retailer. Avidity Arms plans on shipping the guns with Chip McCormick brand magazines.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • D

    Looks interesting and I like the fact that it was guided by a top defense insturctor, but Given that I now carry 21-rnd mags in my Sig P320 due to the continuing mass violence ingnited by Black Lies Matter, I don’t have a need for a full size gun that holds just 11rounds

    That’s just me talking.

    Great idea to use existing mags

    • Anonymoose

      It’s REALLY thin, though!

    • Pretending like there’s some kind of massive upsurge in violent crime lately– news flash: there isn’t, violent crime is trending down everywhere except the “gun free” cities– is reading right out of the anti-gunner playbook, dude. So is reinforcing their phony narrative that all gun owners are paranoid, reactionary racists.

      Take it to Stormfront, this garbage doesn’t belong here.

      • Standard Velocity

        Thank you.

      • schizuki

        5 demerits for Gratuitous Racist-Painting.

        10 demerits for doing so while sporting a Nazi-ish screen name.

        • I’m pretty sure the history behind the writing of Das Deutschlandlied is on Wikipedia, if you ever feel like learning something.

          Here’s a hint: you are hilariously off-base.

      • D

        You have just shown your ignorance, but thanks for your stupid response anyways

      • Yup, violent crime is down 49% since 1993, public unaware.

        • You’d think more gun folks would be on top of that, given that Bill Clinton’s overseeing of the largest spike in nationwide crime rates since the “good old days” of Jim Crow kindasorta knocks a few holes in any argument that so-called ~~assault weapon~~ bans lead to any measurable decrease in crime.

          • Anonymoose

            We’ve been saying that for years but the libbies will have none of it.

        • Still up drastically more since 1960.

          • iksnilol

            Not really.

        • Friendly Man

          Oh wow, crime is down from the height of the crack academic. Murder only increased by over 10% last year.. despite the long term downward trend caused by:
          A) better medicine
          B) longer sentences

          • Unless one of the causative agents is something like “World War II” or “humans are primates”, I really don’t think you can boil something as complex as nationwide crime trends down to two (eminently debatable) causes without some fairly hefty qualifiers being involved.

          • Friendly Man

            Don’t be facile. Those two causes are the primary explanations for the downward trend.

            Just as the only explanation for the enormous upward trend in crime ‘in only a few cities it’s just random don’t look at the effeminate mulatto behind the curtain’ is that those same cities are ones that have been affected by BLM riots after criminals were shot by police.

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip

            Pull your head out of your death wish fantasy ass

      • QuadGMoto

        If D lives in or near a large city, his odds of encountering a mob do seem to be increasing somewhat, even though overall crime is down. I’m pretty I’ve seen you over at Daily Wire, so you should be aware of the increase in tensions.

        I hope both of you will apologize to each other and move on.

        • Without using Google, I have no idea what “Daily Wire” is.

          • QuadGMoto

            Hmm. It appears I was wrong. It must be someone with a very similar avatar and handle. Sorry about that.

      • Anonymoose

        The Obama administration has had more riots than any since the Gilded Age when actual anarchists and socialists fought the police and stuff. We were all braced for riots in Cleveland after the Tamir Rice thing last year, too. Fortunately my work doesn’t take me too far into the city.

        • I think you may be leaving out a few where the over-enthusiastic supporters of some guy named Jim Crow were responsible for a somewhat disproportionate amount of the violence.


        • Bill

          Riots, like the Draft Riots, Watts, Miami, and LA?

          • Anonymoose

            Which were not all that frequent until this administration, and particularly this term.

          • Bill

            So now Obama has caused riots? And did it all in the last half of his last term?

      • Friendly Man

        Oh, a 10% uptick in murders is clearly not a problem. What a frickin genius.

        • You’re right, my mistake, I hadn’t noticed that the FBI had released their data for 2015 earlier this week, so I was indeed incorrect about “lately”, although I’ll argue that the numbers don’t quite merit a “massive upsurge” given that 2015 was still the third safest year in over four decades; I was also referring to violent crime in general, which only increased by 3.9%– again, hardly “massive”– not murders in particular. I was still on the ball about “gun-free” cities, though, since most of the increase in murders came from places like Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Washington, DC.

      • Bill

        You forgot that zombies don’t really exist.

        A really ergonomic single stack 9 would float my boat.

      • a_b704

        There is no upsurge in violent crime. Yet, that fact did not keep a mob of ten looters in Charlotte from putting an army vet into the hospital by kicking his face in.

        • Friendly Man

          Too right.

          Until some law and order comes back – if it ever does – tread softly, read ‘The CW2 Cube’ and take the lessons onboard, and for gods sake don’t halt your vehicle in a riot and if you do, have a doublestack pistol or better yet a carbine and plenty of spare mags ready to end the threat.

          • a_b704

            I am in the suburbs, about twenty miles from downtown charlotte. I never go into that county.

            If I was alone in my vehicle, I would grab the guns, leave the vehicle, and flee on foot. A mob is going to turn the vehicle over, and-or set it on fire. If I was surrounded, oh well, then I would hope there would at least be a lot of empty magazines and other dead folks around my dead body when it was discovered. Or perhaps they would just go find an easier target.

          • QuadGMoto

            I think it’s better to stay in the car if at all possible. It gives you a significant weight and protection advantage.

            They can’t turn the car over as long as you are moving. That is your best option for escaping from a mob that’s on foot. If they try to stop you to harm you, any injuries they happen to suffer in the attempt are their fault.

  • Dickie

    Its the Glock 19Slim everyone says they should make but now that it is available no one will want it.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Ha! You’re probably exactly right.

    • J.T.

      If they are reliable, I would consider one.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      From what I’ve seen this should be better than a G19 slim would be.

      Comes with good sight OTB for less than a G19 with plastic slot fillers would likely cost. This is a gun that appear to need nothing else. Not having to hassle with changing the sights is a big selling point to a lot of people.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Sounds like you’re describing a Bersa BP9CC.

      • Matt Collins

        Pretty much, except +2 mag capacity, and 0.6″ longer barrel

    • Rob Pincus

      Let’s hope at least a few people still want what we’ve been asking for since the days of the Federal AWB!

      • Speaking of which, is there any chance of this making it onto the ~~approved list~~ in the People’s Republic of California? A quality pistol designed from the start with 10+1 in mind seems like a better option than neutered magazines in pistols designed for standard capacity, for people stuck in states that are casual about the Bill Of Rights.

        • FightFireJay

          Not unless they also pioneer micro stamping technology (doesnt exist) which is required for all new CA guns.

          • Anonymoose

            But you could market it in MA, CT, NY, NJ, MD, etc!

          • Holdfast_II

            Yup. OF course I like the Glock 30S – If I can only have 10 bullets, I want the biggest I can have.

            Seriously though, this is interesting. Upper half looks all Glocky, bottom half has a grip angle much more like a Sig. And I already have the mags for the wife’s 9mm Range Officer. Trigger quality will decide if it has a chance.

        • Edeco

          Back during the Late Unpleasantness* I searched purpose built 10 round guns, thinking it would be sad(der) to have a glock & be stuck with neutered mags. Rotten situation. Every day since 2004 has been a gift.

          *AWB not the War of Northern Aggression.

          • Friendly Man

            Well, Pincus’s good mate Jorge Amselle is lobbying to bring those great days back. A second AWB would be good for some.

          • Rob Pincus


          • Friendly Man

            An opponent of the real constitution (the first ten amendments) says what?

          • Rob Pincus


          • Edeco

            Ayayay, never heard of him then read about him twice in two months, letting himself be batted around by Cenk Uygar and now this.

        • gunsandrockets

          No chance. Only pistols which use the “microstamping” unicorn technology are allowed to be added to the handgun roster in California. In other words, NO new pistols are allowed.

          • Well, since requiring ~~microstamping~~ will obviously put an end to ~~gun violence~~ in California, maybe they should just go ahead and solve all their energy woes as well by requiring any new vehicle sold there be powered by a fusion engine!

          • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

            whats wrong with that?

          • gunsandrockets

            Sorry folks, this troll followed me here from Mediaite.com Expect to see him continue to violate the rules.

      • Madcap_Magician

        If you guys really hit that price point, and the thing works, I’m in for at least two. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting.

        • Phillip Cooper

          What he said.

          • Madcap_Magician

            Still excited about it, but did note a couple things looking into it…

            Dimensionally except for width it is a smidge taller and longer than the Glock 19. Longer is no big deal, but extra height does make concealment harder. In the PD10’s case, this is undoubtedly because of the decision to use standard-size 9mm 1911 magazines, which puts obvious constraints on the size and shape of the grip.

            But measuring height on a gun is always a little rough based on manufacturer specs, because it’s not always clear if they’re measuring to the bottom of the frame or the bottom of an inserted magazine. With the design decisions on the PD10 meaning even the flush mag actually protrudes a good bit, the PD10 could get tall fast.

            I’m not saying Pincus doesn’t have good reasons for that, but it is a tradeoff. Also a little concerned about malfunctions possibly induced by slamming the non-flush ‘flush’ mag in too hard.

            The other thing is that the last time somebody came out with a single-stack 9mm carry gun that was a new design (well, not new, but not heretofore commonly used) and aimed at a low price point… we got the Remington R51.

            Pincus, don’t pull a Remington! We’re pulling for you!

  • Joe

    Holds 2 more rounds than my Berea BP9CC but I can’t imagine what this does better.

    • I own a BP9CC (that I like) and hope to land a PD10 for review. I will definitely address that question in my evaluation of it. Thanks for asking it.

      • mig1nc

        The other thing I was thinking, as mentioned in the article, is the Springfield XDS 4″ and the CT9 somebody else mentioned. These four guns would make a great single stack 9mm with service-length slide comparison article/blog post/vlog.

    • Jim

      Tried Bersa BP9CC twice…ftf, fte and trigger roll pins vibrated out. Customer service says “you’re limp wristing”. Funny how same grip and shooting never had the same malfunctions with Sig, CZ, Glock or Ruger.

  • Randy Graham

    I’d never heard of this gun, but I was hoping, what with the “PD10” name and all, that this was, in fact, a 10mm. What else would the “10” in the name refer to, I thought to myself. I was very disappointed.

    • Anonymoose

      I would really dig a thin polymer 10mm that holds 10 rounds for CCW. We could call it “The Perfect 10.”

      • Randy Graham

        I would dig it as well. Not sure about the name, though. I think STI already has a “perfect 10.”

  • gunsandrockets


  • c4v3man

    I’d be leery of this at first, but hopefully their quality control is high enough to ensure it’s more on the springfield/s&w end of the quality spectrum, than the kel-tec side. Seems like an interesting design (although a non-modular grip in this day and age is rare), but I’m a little surprised it wasn’t designed with second-strike capability (not mentioned anyways). Those mag’s aren’t cheap, it’s encouraging to see them including quality parts.

    The avidity arms page shows a kydex holster in several of the pictures, is that also included ala Springfield XD? Since it’s a full-sized pistol and not compact, are they planning on offering a threaded barrel version?

    • Rob Pincus

      Threaded barrel is actually going toe a thing, because we need a longer one for Canadian Export.
      No, the CMc Mags aren’t cheap.
      No, we will not be sending the standard guns out with holsters, but several makers will be ready when we start shipping guns. There will most certainly be limited production guns that ship with holsters in the future.
      Thanks for the interest!

      • Harry’s Holsters

        If you all haven’t done it already but a gun to MultiMolds and dimensions to Conrad Miller of Strongside Concealment/Pistol Forms and Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters. MultiMold will make sure us small buys can get molds and the other two collaborate for some awesome tooling for mid level production guys.

        • Rob Pincus

          Good tip, thanks!

      • Paladin

        Canadian export you say…

  • Harry’s Holsters

    $499 for a slim carry gun with 10rounds and comes with a good set of sights right out of the box! Call me crazy but this gun’s biggest feature is that it comes with a good set of the sights and on the outside appears to be GTG OTB.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I saw 10 in the name and got all excited… No breaks for the 10mm guys

    • Squirreltakular

      This, in 10mm? My wallet wouldn’t know what hit it.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        In the end though I want a double stack 10. Otherwise a 1911 or P220 would get my wallets vote. I hadnt even heard of this gun until I saw the headline so I had no idea what to expect.

        • John Yossarian

          Tanfoglio’s Elite series handles the 10mm nicely. So do the Glocks.

        • Anonymoose

          This is really slender though. It’s no matchbox gun, but this could be a good year-round carry.

          • Squirreltakular

            That’s what I’m saying. This thing is almost as skinny as my Kahr. Looks promising, regardless of the caliber.

        • mig1nc

          If you can find one, check out the Grand Power 10mm. The rotary action soaks up recoil like nobody’s business.

      • Rob Pincus

        No, it’s a 9mm.. PD10 as in “10 round magazine”… it worked for the G17. 🙂

        • Andy

          The G17 was Gaston’s 17th patent. Nothing to do with capacity.

          • Rob Pincus

            That’s what they want you to believe.

        • Squirreltakular

          I’m tracking. I meant I’d buy it if it was in 10mm

          Still looks really interesting, though.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Doesn’t have the Glock ghetto booty. Could be promising.

    • Edeco

      I like that booty, it’s like a tiller for steering the gun when one-handing. I really like the bulge on steel Jerichos.

  • Andy

    The worst part of the 9mm 1911 are the magazines. I wouldn’t ever build a self defense gun around one. Would still like to play with one, but if I have space for that, a G26 is just a bit wider, but shorter……and proven.

    • Rob Pincus

      I was carrying a G26L for awhile, this is definitely thinner. The 9mm mags from Chip McCormick are a definite evolution from the ones that you and I were probably first introduced to.

      • InfidelCrusader

        I use Wilson ETM 9mm magazines in my PT1911. I think they would function well in the PD10 as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It will be very similar to my Kahr CT9 with two extra rounds.

      • Andy

        Good to know on the mags. I gave up on 9mm 1911s quickly, but that was around 2008. It does look interesting. It’s like you took what I disliked out of the Steyr M9. I will definitely give one a look.

    • John Yossarian

      There are plenty of 10 round options available from quality manufacturers – such as Mec-Gar, Wilson Combat, and Dawson Precision – so I don’t believe magazines will be a sticking point for this new pistol.

  • Interesting– it looks like a visual mashup of a Glock, Ruger American, and FNX. This should play right into the wishlists of a lot of not-quite-satisfied Glock owners who’ve wanted a larger single-stack 9mm and/or a modern polymer 9mm with a 1911 grip angle. Definitely looking forward to seeing some reviews!

  • Hank C.

    Props to Mr. Pincus for taking time to answer questions!

  • How are we suppose to decide where to hold on to it with out “Grip Zone” molded into it? j/k it looks like a nice design, no friggin finger grooves, no moronic recurved trigger guard, single stack thin design, too bad it took 22 years before someone finally came to market with one. I will be considering supplementing my Springfield EMP with one if the quality and reliability are there.

  • noob

    hmm it is supposed to have “internal safeties” (firing pin block at a minimum?) as well as a glock-ish trigger safety and a DAO action.

    does that mean a looong and heavy trigger pull?

  • Ted Unlis

    Looks kinda like a Steyr & Wesson.

    • Holdfast_II

      Not a Sig Glaucker?

    • Rob Pincus


  • InfidelCrusader

    Are there any plans for different frame colors? The gray is not a deal-breaker for me but I would prefer black or olive drab.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d take the gray over black. OD would be cool, but since it’s intended for CCW I think gray or dark gray would be the best colors, unless you where a lot of OD in your daily life.

      • InfidelCrusader

        I do. OD is my favorite color.

        • mig1nc

          Blue jean blue, baby! Sadly, nobody makes a frame in “wrangler”.

          • Bill

            Coyote is almost Carhartt Brown.

    • Rob Pincus

      There may be others at some point.

  • john huscio

    I guess i’d be interested if I lived in MA or CA……..but since I don’t, I’ll stick with my 17/19

    • InfidelCrusader

      Some of us prefer the grip profile of a single stack magazine. I find that I am able to achieve much better accuracy than I can with a double stack. I don’t have tiny hands but my fingers are not long enough to get a comfortable grip on a double stack. I predict that these are going to sell like hotcakes even in less restrictive states.

      • Bill

        I have massive mitts and still prefer a single stack. I don’t like big butts in any context.

    • Friendly Man

      Well, maybe now you know why Pincus supports 2nd amendment opponent Jorge Amselle. A second AWB would be good for some.

      • Rob Pincus


        • Friendly Man

          Hey, we can’t all oppose the rights that the Founders wished upon their posterity. Have fun with your overpriced guns for the privileged people who are allowed to carry them in California.

          • Rob Pincus

            Won’t actually be available in CA, unless the laws change. But, info appreciate you participating productively.

  • ThinAir6677

    What colors will the polymer lower be available in? Hopefully that grey will be a production color, looks great.

    • Rob Pincus

      Grey and Gray.

  • MindMelder

    I thought it was a 10mm and I was intruiged as I love the 10 auto cartridge.

  • POG_Haole

    To me, this looks like a dream carry gun come true. Tons of great features, a very slim pistol (Which to me, is the most important factor in comfort/conceal-ability), and to top it all off, a very reasonable MSRP. I’ll definitely be picking on of these up once they hit the market.

  • guest

    “new” pistol another Glock clone…

  • Sasquatch

    Love thec1911 magazine idea. Bravo to them. I want this now.

  • Tony Miller

    I’m anxious cause I love this style of pistol, nothing fits my hand better than a single stack full gripped handgun!

  • Tony Miller

    Hey Rob what’s the trigger pull weight gonna be?

    • Rob Pincus

      Just under 5.

      • Tony Miller

        Thanks, that sounds perfect. I’m sick of these companies say their newest pistol has a light trigger pull and you try it out and it’s
        a 6.5 to 8 lb. break.

    • Rob Pincus

      Actually, that patent has nothing to do with the PD10. The patent holder is our lead engineer on the project, however.

      • Thanks for the update. I was guessing based upon the general appearance and the engineer’s relationship with the company.

  • a_b704

    “What do you get for your money?” A cross between a Glock 26 and 43 – but without the reliability of either?

    • InfidelCrusader

      Don’t you think it’s a little premature to declare it unreliable? I highly doubt that Rob Pincus is going to sign off on a gun that’s unreliable. That’s the whole point of designing the gun around a highly reliable high quality magazine.

      • a_b704

        Yep, wait and see. I just do not see a need for yet another similar gun in a crowded market. Good luck to this guy though.

        • InfidelCrusader

          I agree that the market is as crowded as it has ever been but in my opinion that’s a good thing. There’s always an exploitable niche for better designs and technology. The cream tends to rise to the top. I remember when I first saw a Glock back in 1985. I thought that it was little more than a modernized version of a P-08 Luger- an overly complex and unnecessarily complicated example of German engineering. I didn’t think it would do well in the American market that it now dominates. This design is aimed at a much narrower group than the Glock was and I predict that it will do well with that group. I number myself in that group.

          • a_b704

            Glock was/is great at marketing. And practically giving them away to law enforcement at first, they how have 65% of that market. It helps that they work, of course 😉

          • InfidelCrusader

            Of course. If they were unreliable junk they would have fallen by the wayside long ago. Slick marketing will only get you so far.

      • Friendly Man

        Pincus signs off on Jorge Amselle. No surprises he signs off on a gun that doesn’t meet standard modern capacity requirements.

        • InfidelCrusader

          I wasn’t aware that there is a standard modern capacity requirement. When did that happen? Who established that requirement?

    • James Swan

      I would bet we can find reliability issues with glocks,just like any other handgun. Does the gen 4 rsa recall ring a bell. Plus I wonder if someone will need to do a 100-200 dollar upgrade to this gun like all the glock perfection guns seem to have done (new sights,new disconnector,new take down bar and extended slide release lever)

      • a_b704

        On my primary carry guns, I eventually get night sights. That is the only change I make on Glocks too. I am happy with their stock triggers.

        On pocket guns, garbage triggers I can live with, they are only annoying at the range. I am not going to be putting a thousand rounds through a LCP, or Bodyguard anyway – just enough to make sure they are broken in and can work as reliable backups with defensive ammo.

  • Gus Butts

    Finally, a non-Glock brand Glock.

  • Dracon1201

    I like the look.

    • morokko

      Yeah, folks from Steyr-Mannlicher share Your tastes.

  • snmp

    Look like an Steyr MA1

  • ddd

    i hope the real price is much less

  • Nigel Tegg

    Nice, if it had a 4.75 inch barrel it would make the perfect Australian legal pistol.

    Seems to be a proper K.I.S.S principle in effect.

  • Bill

    I don’t get excited over unknown companies making guns I’ve never heard of.

    But I’m making an exception for this. I was about to pick up another LW Commander, but I’ll hold off for now.

  • Marvinator

    What type of rifling? And twist rate? Is the barrel black nitride coated also?

  • Nashvone

    But I don’t need another 9mm!

    • InfidelCrusader

      Nor do I but that doesn’t make me want one any less.

      • Nashvone

        I’m not saying I won’t try it. Hell, if I like it I may even buy it.

  • DIR911911 .

    “put it in the sun and warm it up” , “the beard meets the gun” , “first tall guy shooting” . . . this guys videos would improve tremendously if he would just shut up. gun looks interesting ,but that grey frame is ugly.

  • TDog

    Its lines make it look a little bit like the Steyr M-A1 pistol. (that’s not a good or a bad thing – just noting that)

  • Richard

    Will this be available in other calibers?

  • Rob Pincus

    Well… Now I may not let you buy one.

  • Phillip Cooper

    How long till they’re sued by Glock?

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Being in the automotive industry, I’m keenly aware of verbiage like “lifetime service contract” versus “lifetime warranty”. Although these things mean different things to different people. What does it mean here?

    • Friendly Man

      I gather Raven Arms had a similar warranty. Good luck collecting!

  • Friendly Man

    Hey, they might be pioneers in microstamping!

  • Patrick the Canadian

    Why 4 Inches of barrel? Only Ruger seems to think of us poor Canadians, make the thing 4.2 inches (106 mm), ship it over and see it sell.

  • Bob

    another “wonder 9” ho hum!
    I was hoping it was a 10 mm with the name PD10