Is Serbia the First Nation to Adopt the 6.5mm Grendel?

The 6.5 Grendel is in many military small arms enthusiasts’ eyes the ideal military caliber, in theory combining the best characteristics of both 7.62mm and 5.56mm rounds. However, in the thirteen years since the round’s introduction, it has found little if any traction with actual military users – until now. It seems that the Serbian government has quietly adopted the “slow and steady” six five earlier this summer. From Novosti Online:

SPECIJALCI Serbian Army will be next year armed with the new US NATO modular rifles 5.56 and 6.5 millimeters. Procurement procedures and necessary tests should be completed by March next year, when the new weapons in the hands of the military and counterterrorist protivdiverzanata Special Brigade.

Purchase of new rifles, as explained in this unit, the continuation of the process of equipping with modern armaments, which began in 2008. Purchase of modern military equipment is the result of mounting tensions in the world and the intentions of the state leadership to prepare a response to the security threats

Additional clarification from Mondo:

During the shooting are tested modernized automatic rifle 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm, a new type of automatic sniper rifles and machine guns 6,5 mm “Grendel” modernized sniper rifles 7.62 mm “Lapua” guns and modernized. The new and modernized weapons from the “Zastava arms” is equipped with the new generation of optical and electronic sighting system produced in “Teleoptik gyroscopes”, “sensor INFIZ” and “Sova”, while a new generation of ammunition for the weapons produced Uzice Prvi Partizan

It must be noted that this is not a nation-wide adoption of the round, rather adoption by the Serbian Special Brigade only, and only in a limited role for sniper/designated marksman rifles. Still, this is a very significant victory for 6.5 Grendel proponents everywhere, and it also introduces the possibility of real battlefield data on the squat, short 6.5 round, where previously no data was available.

The 6.5 Grendel is an intermediate cartridge designed for AR-15-length rifles, requiring a change of bolt, barrel, and magazine. In exchange it provides greatly increased retained energy at long range vs. the 5.56mm, and at extreme ranges (over 900m), it even exceeds the 7.62 NATO in this respect. Thanks to its 11.3mm case head and rim dimensions, which it shares with the 7.62x39mm Soviet round, the 6.5 Grendel has made a natural partner for the AK family of rifles, and it seems to be Zastava-made AK pattern weapons in this caliber that have been adopted by the Special Brigade (article texts reference “modular American rifles”, but photos all show Zastavas). Serbian ammunition manufacturer Prvi Partizan will reportedly be the supplier for 6.5mm ammunition, which it is rumored is made to a slightly different specification than SAAMI-standard 6.5 Grendel.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Yugo hugo

    Looks like an m77

    • Anonymoose

      Basically it is an M76, just like the M91 was an M76 converted to 54R, but this will keep the “micro”-length action of a standard AK as opposed to the short action of the RPK-based sniper variants (iirc the Saiga .308s had RPK-style bulged trunnions too despite using thinner 1mm AKM receivers). I would think of it more like a rechambered Tabuk (M72 RPK converted for sniper use).

  • Quest

    Back in the Day i really liked the 6.5Grendel, but since years i know its verry verry verry far from any optimal. And if using a 6.5 for DMR use, than something faster is MUCH better, this means eighter faster 6.5 with more energy, or slightly lower caliber with lighter bullet, at a good velocity and therefore much better trajectory. (=higher hit propability in combat for a DMR)

    • J.T.

      Like the 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5×47mm Lapua?

      • Ebby123

        The 6.5CM and 6,5×47 are short action cartridge (308 family), while the 6.5 Grendel is a micro-action cartridge (5.56 family).

        Sadly, the micro platform of choice – the AR-15 – limits cartridge development. The bolt has a limited amount of diametrical space it can increase before thin walls cause premature failure, and the length and overall diameter of a cartridge are limited by the magazine well.

        Now if we’re stepping up to a AR-10 platform, that’s a whole different ball game.

        • glenn cheney

          Run only 9310 steel bolts on an 8620 carrier and you have no failure issues. There was confusion over type I, Type II bolts, the throats in the barrels hard issues.
          I fail to see where 2600 FPS is considered slow. Creedmore approaches 3000, the magnum number, with a longer bodied 140 grain projectile.
          They were running 7.62×39 bolts of either C158, which fractured easily, or the Type I in 8620, when heated up from rapid fire, did experience fracturing. 8620 becomes brittle from heat. C158? I won’t even allow that near my 5.56’s.
          The SAMMI now being produced will out shoot any 5.56/.223 and can pass the venerable 7.62×51 around 700 yards. Accuracy? Parallel throats out-shoot compound throats, so, two Greenies, side by side, one compound, the other my LBC .264 in parallel throat wins the “paper chase.”
          Terminal balistics is the measure….out to where? Mathematically, the .264 bullet, but the 6.5 Grendel is coming soon, to U.S. Military is said to be about as efficient as can be had.
          Yes, we can put a smaller pill behind any necked down casing and get more velocity, but they are seeking more mass, not less.

          The 6.5 Grendel is coming soon, to U.S. Military and in time, the after market prices on 5.56/.223 will decline….unless the unexpected happens, then all will be in demand.
          So many new “mine is better.” I want no part of any non-muzzeled Lapua .338. There are newer sniper rounds in the 400’s that smoke Ma Deuce and others.
          6.5 in the referred to as “mini” cartridge is fine, similar ammo weight for mil-spec boy’s n’ girls….obviates the need for designated riflemen, perhaps not true snipers, diff. cat.

      • Quest

        Eighter these two, or to not increase weight use like i said, slightly smaller caliber at higher velocity for flatter trajectory.

        One big problem as example i think 6.5Grendel also have is when choosing a max bc bullet… it becomes insanly slow… . A cartridge needs to be build around the highest practical bc bullet with adequat velocity. The 6.5Grendel isnt.

        • Anonymoose

          Back in the day the Soviets used nuggets in 6.5x54R for biathlon competitions, or so I’ve heard. Now that nearly all international shooting sports have been dumbed down to .22LR (soon to be replaced by laser-pointers!) those nuggets are probably locked up in some Siberian warehouse or used by some arctic walrus-hunter.

          • User

            Wow 6.5x54R might be a bit much for biathlon. How far are theyr shooting? Propably not that far.

            Wow laserpointers sounds kinda cool. But thats brings me to an idea! Why dont they just play lasertag while skiing haha.

            Would be cool to watch, just imagine them racing down a hill in Slalom trying to not get hit, and shoot with lasertag pistols while skiing full speed. And when they get hit a cloud of smokes pops off theyr helmet lol.

          • iksnilol

            Back in the day biathlon wasn’t done with .22 LR.

          • All the Raindrops

            Biathlon used to be longer distances, and the russians were kicking butt with the big 6.5 long action and other things, had the world champ team like 15 years in a row, and the IOC changed to rimfire only to take away their mojo. sheisty. Biathlon with long action centerfire at bigger ranges would be way cooler. They should have 500+yard targets

    • micmac80

      I agree ,grendel due to its low speed is a poor military round. In competion scene even its 6mm variation is barely competitive

      • Quest

        Yes 6mm outperforms 6.5 really often. Better trajectory, often even better bc, less wind affected, lighter, higher supersonic range, less recoil.
        For competition its propably good.
        But from calculations i know that even 6mm bullets propably would not be a great combat rifle caliber, at max weight for its caliber its just getting too heavy, too slow – when not bringing energy and recoil to an unlogical level.

        6mm might be good overall, but still far from optimal, and choosing it could end in a big waist of potential. That doesnt bring actual sicnificant advantages. Flatter trajectory at normal energy level would be better for combat, thats not really possible with 6mm.

        Ive often seen people choose like 6.8 to make a new infantery round… its just insane, they completly overlook how heavy and incredible slow such diameters do get in a >maximum bc for caliber< bullet.

        6.5 has nice graphs at the first look but isnt all that practical.

        And EPR is so terminal effectiv anyways.

        I think i now go and make an account here. See you later

  • yodamiles

    I can’t wait to get How mini action in 6.
    5. Zatava in 6.5 would also be nice.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Hopefully this will boost bulk ammo even more by the time I’m ready to invest in 6.5G.

      • yodamiles

        Yeah, there are cheap wolf steal case and wolf gold. Would be nice to have more choices.

      • thedonn007

        I hope so as well. I have not pulled the trigger on a 6.5 grendel yet, but plan to in the near future.

  • ostiariusalpha

    When I saw the post title, my eyebrows almost rolled off my face in bewilderment. Then I read that it was just a limited adoption for DMs and snipers, and my brows (mostly) reattached. It’s a good cartridge for this roll, though I hope they go with the lighter 6.5-7.25 gram bullets for better close range energy, since the heavy bullets don’t make a difference till 600 or more meters.

    • Quest

      Its actually not that amazing in this role, its too slow, expecally because it cant have maximum bc for its caliber + adequat velocity at the same time. Its more a hunting round.
      Eighter a 6.5bullet with more velocity/ or for not increasing weight and recoil a slightly lighter bullet but at an optimized diameter result in better trajectory.

      • ostiariusalpha

        It doesn’t need “maximum bc” to be more useful at this role than the large, heavier short-action rounds. For an autoloading designated marksman rifle, the intermediate cartridge’s faster follow-up and overall lighter weight is a much better match. With a 107 grain bullet, the Grendel is flatter shooting than 5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm, and 7.62×39; that’s all that is required of it to be successful as a precision round for specialist shooters. And it will have enough energy to extend its effective range.

        • Quest

          I just mean its a big waist of potential. With a certain Energy, you eighter shoot a mid velocity but hilarious bc or a slow high bc round.

          All what im saying is that without increasing weight and recoil with bigger 6.5mm cartridges. Just slightly decrease diameter, than you get both aerodynamic and velocity.

          6.5Grendel is far from beeing a good military round.

        • All the Raindrops

          Ammo is heavier than 5.56 and requires a a whole new program, r&d, evaluations, procurement, pork, pork, pork, etc.

          And what will the real gain be? less capacity mags, heavier ammo, not a lot of extra range over mk262 77otm.

          There aren’t a lot of advantages to be had for the cost outlay.

          The next big change from 5.56 will be to caseless.

          • ostiariusalpha

            For the U.S., it wouldn’t make any sense at all to switch over to 6.5 Grendel for even niche combat roles, but that isn’t necessarily true for the Serbs. The R&D is actually pretty minimal, this is not a new round and it is being chambered in a very well understood gun. Also, you don’t seem to have taken into account the difference in energy between 5.56x45mm and 6.5 Grendel: a 107gr SMK has 45% more kinetic energy than Mk262 at 400 yards, and a 123gr SMK has 60% more energy. That’s actually a lot more energy budget to work with, but as to whether it is worth the drawbacks, that’s the Serbs’ business to decide.

    • glenn cheney

      Heavier 6.5 bulletsare in usual terms meant to refer to Creedmore, 140 gr. range, yes, def. stabilize better than lightweight bullets, same for Grendel, in 100 vs. 123 gr.
      The advantage of the Gredel 6.5 is at approx. 700 yards, it passes the 7.62×51 and waves as it goes by. Less recoil. Opponents are staying off 500-600 meters, with Grendel, the coming replacement for the 5.56, troops all become designated riflemen.
      Grendel, 6.5 is like having your 7.62×51 but not having to eat the recoil nor tote the load!

      • ostiariusalpha

        Actually, lighter bullets are easier to spin stabilize, heavier bullets have numerous other advantages though. I am also very familiar with the strengths and limitations of the 6.5 Grendel, as I own a few rifles chambered for that cartridge that I shoot quite regularly. Nate’s articles on the subject are pretty spot-on from my viewpoint.

  • Don Ward

    6.5 Grendel teams up with REMOVE KEBAB!?!

    Can the Internets handle this new development?

    • Cmex

      FYI , Syrians are Muslims. So it’s defend kebab.

      • Don Ward

        Serbian == Syrian.

      • john

        >serbians are now from syria

        you learn something new everyday.

        • Cmex

          My derp.

          • T. Edward Price

            Cmex, most are afraid to admit their derpism. Respect to you.

        • DW

          somehow I think that was not sarcasm…

    • DW
    • glenn cheney

      You touched the hot button, YPJ, YPK the special interest friendlies caught in the Kerry vice mounted on the Turkish bench. Lots ongoing now, last few days especially SNAFU. I’ll say no more.
      Hope folks can “hang on” until 2017.

  • gunsandrockets

    If the experience and equipment of your Army is with 7.62x39mm caliber small arms, the 6.5mm Grendel is an especially tempting conversion.

    • iksnilol

      Um, they use primarily 5.56.

      • Anonymoose

        They used to use a lot of 7.62×39, but they’ve made export rifles in 5.56 since the 80s and eventually adopted it themselves in the early 2000s. They’ve switched from 8mm Mauser to 7.62x54R to 7.62×51 in only about 25 years, so throwing another caliber into the supply chain certainly won’t screw things up at this point, right?
        You’re from Yugoslavia, aren’t you? Didn’t Tito have some kind of “an SKS in every home” policy that continued well on past the breakups and wars, or something?

        • Ezra Bristow

          Something like that yeah, I think it’s just ingrained in the Balkan character to never throw weapons away. My friend was an Army (British) photographer during the intervention in Bosnia: told me how they seized crate loads of new PPSH41s, and 7.62 Tokarev still wrapped in wax paper.

          • iksnilol

            I’d like my PPSH back, thank you very much -_-

            But yeah, why throw perfectly fine guns away? Especially when they’re chambered in one of the best pistol cartrdiges known to man: 7.62×25.

          • Ezra Bristow

            My friend did… after they cut each gun up with a welding torch :'(

          • iksnilol

            Your comrade is not a smart man.

          • Brian Hert

            It is a fine round. I’d love to see it cheaply available again here in the US. Lack of cheap bulk ammo one of the reasons I’ve never bought anything chambered for it.

        • iksnilol

          Not quite sure to be honest. Plenty of vets kept their guns at home after WW2, so did many vets after the other war (the 90’s one). But yeah, weren’t many laws against guns as far as I know. It was more like if they didn’t like you/had legal issues with you then the gun became illegal. If you had no issues then the gun was… well, it was just a gun.

          Ex-Yu supply chains are all sorts of screwed. I mean, Bosnian army uses M16s and AKMs, also 9×19 and .32 and .380 pistols. We also use 8mm, 7.62×51 and 7.62x54mmR machineguns.

          But yeah, sorry for the digression, I guess there’s an unofficial policy among vets to keep themselves and comrades armed. Because everybody knows how though the period when they weren’t armed was.

          • “Because everybody knows how tough the period when they weren’t armed was.” ~~~~~and that right there, is the kernel of wisdom that somehow has to be relearned every few generations around the world. Next up in that learning curve, the french the swedes and the Germans as waves of colonizing muslims start to impose a regime of ever escalating terror on the non muslim natives. on a much more modest scale this lesson came home to roost in the Charlotte area as people lined up at local stores to buy a gun for self protection and found out they were severely limited and the pistol permit purchase program made it impossible to arm themselves during the rioting with a pistol, the most transportable compact defensive weapon for daily travel back and forth to work.

          • iksnilol

            Find it funny how you mention muslim hordes when my family and country was almost wiped out by orthodox christian hordes.

            To be fair, getting a gun is pretty easy. Even a homemade single shot or double barrel is decent enough for most purposes.

          • At the time of your countries break up into ethnic nation states there were plenty of bad guys to go around, killing unarmed people and dumping them in mass graves like what happened to muslims in the 90’s is evil. But it doesn’t negate the facts on the world stage right now nor mean that muslims are somehow incapable of being the perpatrators, as to what is going on in europe with millions of muslim migrants entering europe in only the last 2 years and how much havoc it has caused. Hundreds massacred in paris at the bataclan and on the streets outside, no one on hand with a concealed handgun to take a stand and maybe stop some of the carnage, same with many other attacks, and my point is valid, people will learn they need to be armed to protect themselves or face slaughter lIke sheep. My advocacy would be that everyone be armed and that way people are polite to each other even if they don’t like each other. ~~~lastly I would note that I divide people on an individual basis between the decent and the indecent. And would no more call men who murdered innocent unarmed muslim men and boys, brother just becuase they were christian, as to deny decency to muslim people individualy. But cultures are different and they clash and right now on the macro level plenty of learning curves are going to be going on in the western world. One such learning curve was the Somali immigrant who stabbed 9 people at the mall while asking the victims if they were muslim. He was put down like the dog that he was by a concealed carray permit holder. And I can tell you without hesitation that things just like that are why I always carry when I go out with my family.

          • glenn cheney

            NATO is landing A10-Warthogs on super highways in Europe….and it is not about Russians. Kerry has sold out the last friendlies in the region down near the”hub” as Erodan completes his brotherhood purge.
            It’s beginning now if you go looking for it on utube. BREXIT saved our butts by waking people up, but I won’t know for sure until Nov. 2016, we shall see what direction things will go.
            Helicopter Ben has turned over the money machine controls to Yellin’, who no one seems to be able to “hear” so I’m just waitin for the banking crisis to become accute….and WE end up writing the check to support a crumbling Euro banking system.
            Only inflation I see is price appreciation on arms sales.
            All my mil-spec contractors I know already are multi-millionaires, so, bidnezz been good, gonna get bettah’ soon…..That “hundreds” in Paris….try thousands…..Europe is headed for serious conflict and soon. The kickback has begun.
            We just are not supposed to speak of it, even HERE.
            What I find most dangerous is the suppression of news by media, here and abroad, it’s a concerted effort to program the globe.

          • oldman

            As someone once said the best way to avoid war is to be prepared for war.

      • gunsandrockets


        • iksnilol

          Yeah… I mean, the whole Balkans somewhat modernized after the last war.

          I mean, sure the other stuff is used as well but that’s because we don’t throw out perfectly fine weapons.

  • Sasquatch

    Ok now is anybody gonna import this?!?!

  • I’ve heard a plausible-sounding rumor that differences between the Serbian military 6.5 Grendel spec and SAAMI spec chambers were the cause of that recall, actually.

    • Wolfgar

      Interesting, as Spock would say. I wonder what the difference between the two chambers is ?

  • Kivaari

    AND machineguns.

    • Anonymoose

      An RPK in 6.5 would basically make the PKP pointless…

      • Tritro29

        Rpk in 6.5 will suffer the same issues than the Rpk in the other calibres. The PKP does’t play in the same league. PKP in 6.5 could be interesting.

  • Cmex

    Well, think of it this way: they are fighting an infantry small arms war at all ranges. But they must be totally clueless about small arms…

  • aono

    Does it require unique magazines?

    • Anonymoose

      Yep. Won’t fit in a standard banana clip. You could go the route of magwell adapters for STANAG-style mags, though, but the Serbs don’t use them on their M21s, and neither do the Polish or any other country that uses 5.56 AKs afaik.

  • Jake

    So we ditched the 30-06 in favor of 7.62×51 homogenization with NATO back when dinosaurs roamed, and now we are just going all willy-nilly with intermediate cartridges?
    we could have all had COLT MONITORS! but nooooo..

    • Quest

      .30-06 and 7.62×51 proved to perform incredible poor in standart issue Rifles and Carbines.
      And we arent stuck, with new firearms like cylindrical polymer cased cartridges, rising chamber, push trough ejection. Better rounds are now usable, due to the light weight and less recoil. But caliber doesnt even need to be any bigger, a faster, highly aerodynamic (form factor and bc), projectile would have way higher performance than bigger projectiles because they would become way too slow and trajectory would be crap.

  • glenn cheney

    Ordinance handed up their rec for 6.5 earlier this year….As soon as I saw WPA @ 139,00 for 500 rounds, I got excited and bought too many .264 Les Baer’s…yea, those C
    Custom ones.
    Talked to the folks at your previously featured ADK, skeletonized triggers, running enhanced firing pins, single stage trigger and heavy hammer spring at 3 to 4 lbs. pull, per order (I have some 3.1’s and some 4.1’s)…..We will be playing the porcus delecti game down in Fla.
    The 6.5 will replace the 5.56 in the future. Engagements are at 500-800 meters, as opposing forces stay back, with 6.5, every soldier becomes a designated marksman in a rifle company. They still needed smaller ammo than 7.62, this fits the bill, lots “Mo’ for about the same.
    I am surprised to see it occur this quickly, the transtion to 6.5.
    The most interesting aspect of this is WHAT “opps” group got these new toys. IF I RECALL, Nathan is not an overly fond fan of the Meenie Greenie, the 6.5 Grendel, and POLITICS is strictly prohibited, but, Europe, certain countries, are preparing for a big cattle drive to the south, guess 6.5 Grendels will back up the A10-Warthogs they are landing on highways in Europe….30 MM gonna lead the way, Grendels will clean up.
    Youse heard it here first.

  • uisconfruzed
    • glenn cheney

      Niche’, niche’…..(Nice.) Dial em’ up. You are hog ready. What scope and power? OK, Spill… Uber stock? Hard to tell, looks like s.s. anti-walks, fluted s.s., likely 416R, buttoned? Rifled? How quiet? Combat grip, looking like Seekins rail, 15″? 20″ bbl? Rifle gas tube, steel or aluminum block?, NiB bcg, Billet or forged?
      Very similar to Wildman’s Gun’s personal in Ms., he Cerakote guru. He runs Hyper-Fire FCS, mine will be single stage, 3-4 lb. ADK’s, featured here in this column some time back.
      Congrats on an eye candy crowd gather’er. SWEET! (Add night vision and, “you could go all the way!”

      • uisconfruzed

        Good eye, I’ve got a +P PVS-14 as well. It’s a ball with a Aimpoint T-1 on my Anaconda at night.
        I built my 6.5 Grendel; 18” McGowen modified HBAR, dual fluted, glass beaded, hand lapped, Cryo stress relieved SS barrel; Syrac adj gas block, MegaArms ambidextrous billet receiver set, WMD NiB BCG with AA hard use bolt, Geissele Speed NM firing group, Magpul PRS stock w/monopod, Ergo grip, Seekins 15” guard, TBAC Ultra brake/can mount & Bushnell Elite glass.

        • glenn cheney

          Awesome build! Functional too! Eye candy ….Yea, I noticed the glint of s.s. anti-walks too, I forgot to mention…I got a better look later….Very close to Wildman’s Grendel.
          I have TOO MANY barrels…They are 20″ .264 LBC’s. Running quality as best can be had for “working tools.”
          We are setting up to run with the Rooskies, enhanced firing pins, heavy hammer springs, single stage, 3.1 pound, and 4.1 pounds pull, prototypes, hand tuned, zero overtravel, crisp break.

          I will use the Geiselle designated 2 stage adjustable on low settings: 1.5 lbs. first stage, .8 lbs. second stage, 2.3 lbs. en total. My shooter, the others, all free floating, steel gas blocks, billets, lowers to have turned precision LPK, squirrel daddy anti-walks, s.s., and a variety of solid platform stocks. NiB bcg, 9310 steel is your heavy duty bolt. Mine are type II, PARALLEL THROAT, more accurate than compound throats, and PART of the issues surrounding ammo co’s getting caught up in cartridges that won’t charge to battery fully, then, upon attempted extraction, bullet stays lodged, casing extracts, powder mag dump….

          All this bad shade on the Grendel begins and ends with what type bolt, the steel…and making sure you get mags for 6.5 Grendel, nothing else. (They started out using 7.62×39 8620 bolts which did not fit properly with the Grendel casing, as I try to make sense of the he said she said.) 8620 when heated up, gets brittle, and if pushed will fail. 9310 resolves that issue but you still need type one or two design. 9310 aka “hard use bolt.” You Sir, are configured if you are running. She would have told you otherwise quickly.(I only run 9310 in my 5.56’s and C-158 is spec. for that round.)
          Red-X Arms makes many of the bolts you see other co’s offering.

      • uisconfruzed

        Here’s the first 6 rounds through it. The first round was aimed at the target, glass adjusted, the next five were aimed at the first hole. 6.5 Berger VLD bullets in Lapua brass.

        • glenn cheney

          I’ll look into the Bergers. My 800 and 1000 .308 boys that handloads all use those Bergers.
          We are “harvestors” and I prefer Nostler Partioned, next up Bonded….if I were to handload, I wasn’t aware Berger was making 6.5, THANKS AGAIN. All those long folks hsndload.
          I’m a grab a box n go guy…best hunting DRT round for now the Hornady SST’s.
          Thanks for the pics. Nice rifle.

        • glenn cheney

          When Steve gets back from Co., I may have to have a 100 count box of .264 Bergers and some virgin brass waiting on him.
          Evil grin.
          I said I didn’t want to handload, lol, but I don’t mind enabling.

  • Jakeros

    Nice, that’s probably the reason Prvi Partizan has been producing so much 110gr FMJBT Grendel lately. I guess that’s the one they’ll choose for their main ammunition for the Grendel rifles.

    On a side note, the “7.62 Lapua” they’re referencing, is that the 7.62x53R, the Finnish slightly off-spec version of the 7.62x54R? FDF has been using .310 D166 FMJBT bullets fired from tighter bored rifles (and previously even .308 bullets from respective barrels), contrary to the Russian .311-.312 bullets from such barrels.
    Or did they just mix up the .338 Lapua (8.6×70) and 7.62x54R?

  • lajavi krelac

    So far, not even Special Brigade adopted 6,5 Grendel. They just tested them. My good friend works for Zastava (he was also factory test shooter during these tests) so he gave me some infos about all this stuff. Zastava recommends 6.5 Grendel as best choice for new Army rifle/light machine gun/DMR. During tests, 6,5 mm outperformed by all means other two ammo types, 7.62 and 5.56 mm. Designated marksman rifles were capable of first round hit at 800 meters (900 yards) and light machine guns are supposed to have drums too, not only standard magazines.

  • Zugunder

    “Serbian Army”

    “US NATO modular rifles 5.56”
    wtf, Sorbia? explain yourself, plox

  • glenn cheney

    Apologies to the Board, I try my best to stifle my First A., I’m here for augmenting my Second A, I confess, I go in fear of Fourth A.
    Lot’s of expertise here in this forum, well above my pay grade. N knows I’m all in on Grendel 6.5. I’m also aware the 6.5 doesn’t embellish it’s self to all, even N, but it is what it is and I am mindful about what they say about “my” opinions, lol. (I can fill that job description easily with no ASSistance! Me.)
    Having said that, I’m accumulating the components to complete a 6.5 Grendel, I call em’ Meanie Greenies. We needed more T.B. for DRT. (Pilot hopefully state wide feral pest program for agriculture. (Hogs are eating you strawberries up.) These are not bench tools, these are “working hands” but they will look pretty.
    Yea, Se, Habla 7.62/.308. Miss Recoil’s kisses from 6.5 sweeter, but we’ve kissed “ugly” before, just didn’t want to be seen “out” with her….I digress, lol.
    Anyway, my tools will be sporting your featured article on ADK’s triggers. Yea, they are tweaked to EAT ANYTHING IT’S FED.
    I’ve come though the Alexander flack, made it past Type I, II bolts, metallurgy, check, 9310,
    When 6.5 Creedmore ammo gets reasonable, I’ll hang a barrel on whatever is laying around. I want to own what animals I can feed, or find food for, cheap.
    Thank you Uncle Vladimire for 26 cent 6.5 WPA.
    This has been an adventure. I have some mil-contract/spec experience, I can read, trying to do it right the first time. So far, shooting stix go back to Natchez for bi-pods, stix lacked stability.
    I don’t know why, but my copy of these articles always come 5 days after you guys have worked the heavy bag out, then I come in the back door and it’s like “What?” as I get the stare.
    N, I been the bearer of news more than I care to be, but be advised, there will be more 6.5 “adoption” papers being signed by as yet disclosed “parents.”

    Thanks guys for sharing the expertise.

  • Core

    I would jump into the AK family for the 6.5, it’s a great cartridge. Never had a need for 7.62×39 versus 5.56. I would prefer a modern SVD but you can’t get them last I checked, maybe Kalashnikov USA will offer the SVD down the road.. The old SKS has higher muzzle energy than the AK so I never had a need. To me I would like an AK auto but might as well use SKS for semi auto. Used 7.62×39 hunting, not hugely impressed with down range performance versus 5.56.

  • Zebra Dun

    I feel it’s not that much of an improvement to make the change from 5.56 x 45 mm which is far more plentiful.
    On paper it looks good but not enough.

  • BigR

    Who cares what caliber or mm’s Serbia shoots! I’m putting my money on the USA!