Colt Canada SAS IUR Uppers to Be Sold to the Public

A short story for you:

  • The SAS, currently carrying a number of Colt Canada C8 carbines, decides to pursue the IUR upgrade.
  • The IUR is an integrated upper reciever (aka monolithic) available from Colt Canada (formerly Diemaco)
  • The Brits opt for 10.5” and 15.7” heavy barrels, but don’t plan to take possession of their uppers till 2017.
  • Colt Canada completed the contract early. They’ve filled the SAS contract, and seem to have some spare time on their hands.
  • So the SAS stock is being made available in limited numbers to the Canadian public. Anything pulled off the pallet now, Colt Canada can replace before the 2017 shipment happens.

A few grainy photos have surfaced, a long with a ton of information and some official pricing (over $1500 CAD)

After literally decades of zero civilian sales and zero interest, Colt Canada has done all kinds of unusual things over the past 3 years to get their guns into the hands of adoring (and licensed) Canadians. It’s amazing to see this kind of renewed domestic interest from a traditionally dedicated military manufacturer.

I personally picked up my Colt Canada IUR for about 1/3rd the price of these from the initial Danish overrun that was made available last year.

It’s interesting to note that these are the first IURs made available to the public that are including the ambidextrous charging handle. I hope some Canadian Forces members in our readership can chime in with their experiences using that.

Similar to the original Danish release, these will be a limited availability. I suspect that after the shipment to the UK happens, and the plant moves on to other priorities, we’ll be done with this particular variant for civilian sales.

Check out the release from O’Dell Engineer, the domestic distributor:




Colt Canada British Special Forces 3rd Gen Integrated Upper Receiver’s
Production units to ship to the Brits in 2017 – NOT SURPLUS OR OVER RUNS*
Canadian civilian pricing same as Government contract price.


  • GEN 3 (current PRODUCTION Military) Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR):
  • Made for the UK Special Forces
  • Interchangeable fit on all Mil-Spec “push pin” lowers;
  • Fully floating barrel system;
  • Dry film lubricated bolt carrier channel;
  • Screw retained (easily maintained) low profile gas block (under the handguard for safety);
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized black;
  • IUR is marked COLT CANADA 2C085 and NATO on the rail;
  • Straight gas tube to increase life and ease of installation.


  • Iconic “Colt Canada” cold hammer forged in your choice of 10.5” or 15.7” fully chrome lined barrel;
  • Canadian Forces Spec thicker chrome;
  • Phosphated to Mil-Spec;
  • Improved integral forged carbine chamber;
  • Colt Canada hammer forged choke bore;
  • 1/7” twist RH/ 6 groove NATO approved bore;
  • Batch marked barrel and barrel extension;
  • High pressure tested HPT and magnetic particle inspection MPI as per Canadian Mil-Spec;
  • Anti corrosion coating applied under the handguards;
  • New liner to improve thermal protection of hands.


    Standard C7/C7A1/C8/C8A2 type half birdcage for compensation and flash reduction.


  • Full top and bottom rails (10.5” 37 top and 19 bottom, 15.7” 46 top and 28 bottom);
  • Reinforced grenade launcher recoil lug;
  • The side rails are partially railed with 10 slot front accessory mounting point and slotted sling fitting on each side
  • Rail slots are numbered with laser engraving;
  • The rails are NATO STANAG 4694 spec and are back compatible with MIL-STD-1913 accessories;
  • Protected low profile gas block;
  • IUR has a hardened steel insert for the cocking handle latch to resist wear with enlarged tactical latches


  • Full Canadian Forces specification (Military configuration) bolt carrier assembly;
  • Proof tested, MPI inspected, and lot number controlled bolt;
  • CF spec high retention staking of the carrier key;
  • Chrome lined carrier and key for wear resistance;
  • Chromed firing pin.


  • Extended ambidextrous Tactical Latch for easy cocking of your gun with optics in place;
  • Solid latch pin is permanently staked in place for worry free operations;
  • Mil-Spec finishes applied for weather resistance.


      Two barrel lengths;

        10.5” Integrated Upper Receiver (BCA+CH) – $1749.95 MSRP

          15.7” Integrated Upper Receiver (BCA+CH) – $1849.95 MSRP

Delivery first week of October to dealers.
*All British Special Forces uppers sold in the Canadian civilian market will be replaced for the order prior to delivery in 2017. Product is already sold to the Brits, therefore not discounted like previous Danish surplus.

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • gareth perkins

    Hi , great article with only one minor fault. The IUR upper has already been in service with uksf through most of this year so this is likely what’s left after shipment. Obviously you would have had no way of knowing the expected delivery date had been moved forward so no fault on you

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      Rather disingenuous of Colt Canada to lead people to believe that this is the case though. It would be one thing if they said nothing, but to instead claim that they are specifically not in service till 2017 seems a bit off.

      • Steve_7

        Yeah, this statement they completed the contract early sounds like high gloss bullshit to me.

    • Stephen Paraski

      Article states it is not a “Surplus Sale”, as Danish Contract weapons were.

  • BattleshipGrey
    • Rock or Something

      Oh hell no. That’s as wrong as their bagged milk.

      • CZFan

        Watch out Tim Horton will come down here and choke you on bagged milk and ketchup flavored chips.

        • Rock or Something

          lol I actually like Tim Hortons. I visited them nearly everyday when they opened up in Fort Knox and I was there for training some years back.

          • CZFan

            Yeah it was a joke, and I never said Tim Hortons is bad, I just said Tim Horton would drown a guy with bagged milk and Ketchup chips for insulting Canada

            And Stephen, I guess congrats you dont have to cross a border to get typically Canadian things like Tim Hortons and Canadian TV.
            Also maybe you should consult a map, I hate to break it to you but Detroit is not the only big city that peaks above the lowest point of Canada Hell I live farther north than Detroit in Seattle, Bean Town beats the Motor City as well, and if Boston and Seattle arent “Major Metropolitan Areas” I dont know what are.

        • Stephen Paraski

          We have had Tim Hortons in Detroit area for over 20 years. Detroit is only major US metropolitan area north of Canada. Before you cuss me out get a map. Detroit is north of Windsor, Ontario, and Red Wings and Maple Leafs are part of original 6 NHL teams. Grew up watching CBC.

    • J0shua


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Could these be imported if you removed the barrel? I know the barrel is a huge part of the package but having the other parts and getting someone to make a clone barrel would be cool. This would only be for serious collectors though.

    • Anonymoose

      Good luck finding a barrel wrench to remove or install new barrels on an IUR. A 6940 wrench (released to the public about 8 years too late to save that platform) might work, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        6940 is my go to rifle. It was a gift in 2012 right after sandy hook. The fact the hand guard is 4 inches wide is the biggest problem.

  • Vindice

    Typically I like the charging handle, although it does tend to snag on things more than a normal one. The biggest problem with it is the weak pivot pin for. I have seen countless rifles with the locking lever missing, and have had more a few rip off in my own hand when charging the weapon. It isn’t just violently pulling back on the lever during emergency reloads and the such that rips it off, I have seen the lever come off during inspections as well.

  • H&R Canada

    What’s with the screw on the grenade launcher lug, my Dutch overrun IUR doesn’t have one, is this new or removable ?

  • Holdfast_II

    Do you need a PAL to buy this, or is that just for the lower?

    • Steve_7

      Just for the lower. Anyone can buy the upper.

  • Core

    I’m a big fan of the monolithic. Price needs to go down on the upper receiver to justify the cost.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    If you can afford it, then it becomes a point of God saying you have too damned much money…

    Like 20 inch rims and tires on a truck.