Review: AXTS Freedom Bone Charging Handle

If you have spent any time shooting a suppressed AR-15, you know what gas face is. For those of you that haven’t run into this uncomfortable phenomenon, gas face is caused by the excessive blowback you experience when shooting suppressed. There is a number of charging handles on the market with the aim of helping defeat gas face, but nothing really does the trick. AXTS feels they have the solution with the Freedom Bone ported charging handle.

The Freedom Bone is retail packaged, ready to be hung on a peg in your local gun store. The specs on the charging handle are pretty solid, made from 7075 aluminum with a mil spec type III anodization it should be able to take a pretty serious beating. IMG_3930

AXTS uses the ambi latch mechanism that they use on the well proven Raptor charging handle. The latch appears rather bombproof at a glance. I didn’t take it apart to see how it works since the Raptor has proven to be a reliable option. When you pull on the left side of the latch, it only moves that “wing” where if you grab the right side and give it a pull it moves both sides.IMG_3932IMG_3937

The Freedom Bone’s ported shaft is designed so that excess gas is redirected away from the shooter’s face when shooting suppressed. IMG_3931IMG_3938

Installed in the rifle, the Freedom Bone looks right at home. As previously stated when you pull on the left side of the lever only the latch moves, pulling on the right side will release the latch and move both wings in unison.  IMG_3943IMG_3942IMG_3941

The only pick I have so far is that AXTS used some pretty large levers on the Freedom Bone, I would really like to see a smaller version made that is less likely to be inadvertently pulled if you were to use the rifle in a tight environment.  IMG_3945

Out at the range, I ran the AXTS through the ringer while testing the Talon safety that they sent. Charging the rifle both using my normal method as well as with the right side of the charging handle proved to be effortless. The wings of the charging handle move without much effort yet still have enough spring pressure to keep the handle in place.freedombone1 freedombone2 freedombone3 freedombone4

The real question was did the charging handle divert enough gas to make a difference. The photos below are a pretty good illustration of how much gas makes its way out the ejection port instead of directly into my face. Look just past the Aimpoint to see the cloud of gasses shooting out from the rifle.

Normally I run a BCM Gunfighter handle on my rifles that does a pretty good job, better than the PRI Gasbuster I have used on the same rifle. The AXTS charging handle did a much better job of keeping the gasses in check than any charging handle I have used to date. Normally after dumping 15-30 rounds I start to choke on the gasses a bit, I didn’t experience hardly any discomfort at all with the Freedom Bone. Freedombone7 freedombone8

As far as I am concerned, the AXTS Freedom Bone charging handle is the best option for shooters that keep their suppressor on their rifle most of the time. Even with an MSRP of $109.95, I feel it is well worth the money spent just for the comfort factor. The outstanding build quality and solid feel of the charging handle are just icing on the cake.

You can learn more about the AXTS Freedom Bone by clicking HERE to visit their website or you can click HERE to check out the Freedom Bone combo pack that includes one of their outstanding Talon safeties. The Freedom Bone is currently available only for the AR-15, there may be plans to offer it for .308 rifles in the future.

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • MrEllis

    Did I miss a 3rd Bass reference, because you know, you should have. Nice rig though, looks fun!

    • Marc

      …..steppin to the AM. How nice, Pete.

  • AK

    Man, America is really becoming the land of the pathetic. Freedom Bone – you’ve got to be kidding me!
    Looks like another quite useless aftermarket part whose main function is to keep your dollars out of your pocket. If you’re running mainly suppressed, you should regulate your gas output to your rifle, usually by an adjustable gas block. Personally, I would just build a dedicated upper and get a much better result.

    • Anonymoose

      It’s not like we haven’t had the PRI Gas Buster for like 15 years now…
      Even so, adjustable gas blocks can’t always fit or otherwise be messed with depending on your handguard situation, and that’s a “permanent” modification to your rifle, whereas popping it open and changing out the buffer, BCG, and/or charging handle can be done in like 5 seconds.

      • AK

        I guess I’m personally just not a fan of half-assed “solutions”. 🙂

    • Lee Attiny

      Dude, it has electrolytes.

      • AK

        Maybe their next product (an improved fakeSEAL-approved anticorroded bolt release) will be called the “Seaman fast release”. You can release it by tugging on the freedom bone.

        • Lee Attiny

          Wait, I know a navy seal and I have an extra bolt catch. If we drill some holes in it we can “dramatically” reduce the weight andcharge $50 per unit, $100 for burnt bronze.

          • AK

            I prefer “Spartan bronze”, it’s stronger and can form a tactical phalanx.

          • Lee Attiny

            We’re going to be rich dude!!

          • AK

            DUDE! And maybe some spare Spartacord(tm) wrapped in the holes? Gives a better grip! As used by real Spartan paratroops in the Peloponnesian war!

    • Andy Kay

      Right, because spending several hundred dollars for a completely different upper is a More economical than spending a hundred bucks and getting a charging handle that by all accounts works better than the PRI gas buster.

      What if he doesn’t plan on having to lug another separate upper every time he goes to the range or what if he can’t get to adjustable gas block unless he has to strip off his handguard every single time.

      Sounds like the CH is more than just a “half assed solution”. It sounds like an effective solution for those who do not want to have to go through all the excess trouble and money of what you just claimed is the best way to run a suppressed AR

      • AK

        If you are going to run suppressed, it’s absolutely the best thing to build a dedicated upper. Routinely overgassing your action is not good for the rifle and will cost you more eventually, especially if you’re running shorter gas systems. If you want a budget solution, buy a gas block and handguard that work together, so you don’t need to dissassemble your rifle for basic adjustment.

    • RSG

      You do realize that suppressor ownership has only really taken off in the last few years in the states, right? And that the overwhelming majority of all AR’s don’t have adjustable gas blocks, right? And unless people are spending over $1200 on a new rifle, even today, that it’s not included? So you’d suggest these people go and reconfigure their entire rifle, and purchase the tools to do so, instead of buying a drop in, $100 solution? Smh.

      • AK

        Well, you can buy an adjustable gas block for about 100 bucks, and if you’re buying a can and plan to shoot it a lot on your rifle, then maybe you should budget modding your rifle for the higher gas pressures, otherwise you’re beating your upper to death eventually And due to the 1000 usd you’re spending on your can and govt paperwork, I think the few extra parts for your rifle to make it run properly are not a major hit on the budget.

      • Brandon Alexander

        RSG, any male over the age of 13 that says “smh” loses all credibility instantly.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Isn’t that arrow icon on the Helghast flag from Killzone?

    • Anonymoose

      Remove the hexagon and would be…

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        One thing i remember about those games where that bullpup AR-15 thing the not-helghast used. Those were cool.

  • Anomanom

    There’s a joke here about what bone the freedom bone’s connected to, but I’m not prepared to sink that low right now.

    • roguetechie

      The thrusting pelvis of justice?

  • RSG

    Training with diminution there, Patrick?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer


  • VF 1777

    Actually pretty damn ingenious. Surprised no one came up with this before, and glad it was AXTS, because I love the Raptor. No doubt I’ll be dropping the dime for one on my 300 AAC shorty, it’s a gassy SOB…. Thanks for the review!

  • How much do adjustable gas blocks usually run? Seems to me like preventing overgassing in the first place is the more sensible solution. If your toilet constantly overflows, it’s better to unplug the drain than to install a little diverter so the overflow runs out the door instead of pooling around your feet.

  • Phil Emore

    “I ran the AXTS through the ringer while testing…” Um…you ran it through some type of bell? The expression, properly spelled and imparting the proper meaning, is, “through the wringer.” Imagine the wringer on a 1950s washing machine where one feeds wet clothes between two counter-rotating rollers that squeeze out excess water. Kids these days! And absentee editors.

  • Or just use a piston AR instead of a DI gun….

  • Brandon Alexander

    “I would really like to see a smaller version made that is less likely to be inadvertently pulled if you were to use the rifle in a tight environment.”

    Huh? Im sorry but in my 43 years with 8 of those being an Army Infantryman I have never seen a charging handle pulled inadvertently or accidently.

    Other than that your article is well done and very informative.