Scalarworks Releases Lightest QD Aimpoint CompM4 Mount on the Market


Scalarworks makes some pretty nice (and light weight) optics mounts. Their minimalist styled Low Drag Mount Aimpoint Micro mount weights only 1.33oz and looks pretty sweet. They also make a really good optics mount for the Benelli M4 shotguns that we did a write up on last year.

Their newest optics mount is one of a kind according to Scalarworks. Their new Low Drag Mount for the Aimpoint CompM4 optic is the lightest quick detach mount for the CompM4 according to Scalarworks. It weights in at just 1.49 oz, that’s including the sight screws. The next lightest mount on the market is actually Aimpoint’s own QRP2 Mount which weights in at 3.53 oz. The Scalarworks Low Drag Mount has a monolithic base that’s made out of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum that features Scalarworks proprietary recoil-proof notched thumbscrew with a ball detent. Scalarworks claims it takes only 3 seconds to detach their mount from your rifle. The Low Drag Mount works with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails and Scalarworks guarantees that you’ll retain zero if you remove then reinstall the mount.

The Low Drag Mount is available in both an absolute or lower-third co-witness. They’re made in the USA and retail for $149 and include a lifetime warranty. Check them out at for more info.



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  • Kyle

    I just bought one of their brand new RMR mounts and it is a very nice piece of kit. I haven’t had an opportunity to take it to the range yet but I am very pleased with the quality.

  • Blake

    I am leaning towards the Scalarworks mount for my MRO because it’s one of the only QD absolute cowitness mounts that doesn’t have the ‘square block of metal’ look to it.

    I love the BAD mount but it’s not QD, which isn’t a huge deal on a red dot I guess but I would like to retain the QD capability. Does anyone know of any other QD absolute cowitness MRO mount that’s not just a square piece of metal?

    • Flounder

      I love the lightness of this. But It is not actually a QD… You still have to unscrew it and screw it all the way back in. Just because you can do this with your hand does not make it QD at all!

      • Blake

        You realize QD literally just means “quick detach” right? So the Scalarworks mount definitely does meet that definition. It’s not a QD lever mount, but it’s definitely still QD. If it can be removed without tools in a rapid timeframe (that’s subjective, but I think within 5 seconds is pretty universal) it’s definitely quick detach. Especially when you compare it to mounts that require an allen/torx wrench for removal.