Container Full Of Assault Rifles And Grenade Launchers Headed To USA, Seized In Spain

On August 4, the Risk Analysis Unit (UAR) Custom Algeciras noticed a suspicious container headed out to the US by ocean freight. The Bill Of Lading indicated dismantled weapons. However the UAR decided to seize the container for a full inspection. This is common for ocean freight and customs. I used to work for a Freight Forwarder and we imported containers of shipments from Asia. US Customs often runs random exams/inspections on containers. They can be as simple as a full container x-ray or in this case a full inspection and every item is pulled from the container and matched up with the packing list and invoice.

The UAR pulled this container and found it full of Sig 553s. 737 of them. Along with 72 Swiss made grenade launchers.

Grenade Sig 553


Here is a different video of two agents opening the container.

Nicholas C

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  • Ryan Snow

    Why am i somewhat upset that it was seized before coming stateside?

    • PK

      You love toys more than certain nonsensical laws, that’s all. I think most of us on The FIREARM Blog would have that feeling!

      • Chris

        It’s called Mixed Emotions… you know , like when your mother in law drives your brand new Ford Raptor off a cliff !…with your brand new Barrett .50 semi-auto,….with a top end Nightforce scope, ……
        I can keep it up ,eventually ,no matter how much you truly loved that woman ,there comes a point where you will have “mixed emotions ” !

  • Arie Heath

    Well, that’s quite a catch. I wonder what cartel ordered those puppies.

    • Cfindlay

      or sleeper cell

      • john huscio


        • iksnilol

          Sigs seem like way too classy guns for those purposes.

        • DataMatters

          No. They have any number of small manufacturers who will make whatever they need for them and without serial numbers. And if they wanted foreign weapons for whatever reason, they just fly an un-registered jet to wherever and go pick them up and fly them right into the US to someplace like “The Farm” and that’s it.

  • Pod

    I doubt the final destination was the US. Our criminals use whatever they can find here, and aren’t sophisticated enough to start asking for giggle-switch-equipped guns from abroad. These guns were probably destined for Mexico or other points south.

    • PK

      Those who do buy such items are not ordinary street criminals, and they exist in every country.

      Also, with not anywhere near every container being inspected, I wonder what gets through no one ever hears about? Illegally owned but harming no one.

    • Cfindlay

      and the radicalize, foreign trained sleeper cells getting ready to hatch?

    • Nomar Abdiel Vazquez Vazquez

      Couldn’t those guns belong to an order made by a large police department?

      • Tritro29

        They’re from Ghana…

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Do you have any more info you can give?

          • Tritro29

            Info is on the video…the only info I can deduct is because of stampings on the receiver.

            If someone has access to SAN Arms export data, the reference numbers will show up pretty fast.

      • Unlikely they wouldn’t need to forge things, and the container would come direct from the manufacturer.

      • Nicholas C

        737 for one police dept? Not even close. And Grendade launchers? What for? This is like sending Glocks and AR15s to some police department in Scotland. The weaponry does not match the need.

        • Tritro29

          Legal institutional transactions don’t take second guesses and make false declaration at the bill of lading.

        • john huscio

          With the tide of Syrian “refugees” fast inundating the British isles, id say you’ll be seeing Glocks & ARs on the streets of Glasgow soon enough.

          • mikewest007

            UK gets their guns from Europe. There were incidents involving Hungarian AKs stolen from their prison guards, supposedly Croatian SMGs (they had “R9 ARMS MADE IN USA” stamped on them, but no such company exists), maybe even a Skorpion or two.

        • Riot

          Our police have Glocks and AR 15s.

          And it’s only one department now, stupid centralisation efforts,

          • Nicholas C

            But not 737 of them. LOL

          • Riot

            Around half that if we were talking one rifle per man.

          • Tritro29

            Those numbers are very close to a battalion level stock. A lot of fire power. Somewhere in Africa a Presidential Guard is armed with sticks and stones (or just AK’s). I propose to watch out for more information on Spanish news and then set up a company of men from TFB, prepare and take over whatever country it is. Also very nice timing form sub-Saharan country to sell out its stuff while Boko Haram and Al Shabab are around the corner. This almost screams Africom handouts.

        • Chris Brown

          I bet it is for a drug cartel.

      • Pod

        What the other commenters said. Plus, despite popular opinion, US police departments don’t have large amounts of automatic weapons on hand. And if they did, it’d be from a US supplier like Colt.

        • john huscio

          A decent amount of departments have at least experimented with the SIG 550 series and the G36…..a few have even procured Galils…….at least a portion were full auto

    • M

      Not unlikely. I recall a while back cartels reamed out and rifled spikes tactical 37mm launchers to fire 40mm. They ordered grenades from South Korea

  • iksnilol

    Oh crap, the cartels are going to be pissed at the ATF now.

    • Al Wise

      Seizure had nothing to do with US or ATF. It’s in Spain.

      • iksnilol

        You kinda missed the joke. I sorta insinuated that the ATF ordered these discretely to give to drug cartels.

        • PK

          Whoa now, not so Fast, the ATF would never do anything. Their superiors would be Furious.

          • iksnilol



          • Graham Parkes

            Personally, I don’t think the ATF officials are fast enough to be furious.

          • BryanS

            Not on suppressor approvals.. thats for sure.

          • Nicholas C

            I see what you did there. And I LIKE IT!

          • Michael Adam MacDonald

            I see what you did there, and i like your style.

      • AirborneSoldier

        You really think the US had nothing to do with this? We are likely the ones who put it all together, then actioned the Spanish.

    • James Young

      I never hear of grenade launchers being used in crimes in the states, guess these were destined for the cartels in Mexico

  • HKmaster

    I wonder whats going to happen to them now. It would be way too foolish for brand new Sig rifles to be destroyed. Maybe they’ll be used by Spanish police/military units?

    • Ezra Bristow

      Spanish police already use the GL06 in less-lethal configuration. Likely the rest will be impounded as evidence until the investigation is concluded, then destroyed. Maybe some will be used on training exercises.

      • Gunner4guy

        More likely some unit of the Guardia will get new weapons they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have given budgets. Kind of like what happens to seized drugpusher cars – one local PD got a BIG haul 2 yrs ago and after the trial, all the property bought with drug money was taken as “fruits of criminal action”. They traded in the near new luxury cars used to haul the dope on new patrol units that didn’t spend more time in the shop than on the road. I can live with that.

    • J Garcia Sampedro

      After trial (or even before, in certain cases), they will be destroyed.
      At most, one of each would be kept as samples for future investigations, but it’s more probable they end up in a couple “trophy rooms” of the Guardia Civil.

  • Dale Dimick

    Obama’s Islamic state sleeper cells here in the U.S. are going to be pissed.

    • Sermon 7.62

      Obama is a talking head. He can’t be held responsible for that.

    • john huscio

      Why would they waste money buying these when they could buy enough AKs (a platform their intimately familiar with) on the cheap to arm a literal army of them?

  • Major Tom

    The Spanish should donate that entire crate of goods to me. I’ll see to it they are….disposed of properly.

    • James Young

      They’ll probably just destroy em too. Sucks.

      • tomassino

        BINGO, once the judge has closed the case, the Guardia Civil send the weapons to “recycle” into Aitor knives, Gamo airguns, and SEAT cars.
        Now seriously, there is a thing called “arma de guerra” (war weapon) in the spanish law, you can´t own legally any gun with NATO caliber, no 5.56, 7.72, no russian calibers, no full auto guns, and you can´t own any kind of weapons designated war weapons by the Defence Ministry. In fact, weapons law in Spain is so broad, that owning a kitchen knife is a felony.

  • gunsandrockets

    Let this be a lesson to the news media… those are the real-deal, true, assault rifles.

    • CourtLively

      They know what “real deal assault rifles” are and they don’t care. It does not fit their narrative to tell the whole truth. They want you disarmed. They’ll be coming for you lever & bolt guns next.

      • Pod

        They always change the narrative when challenged. We called them out on “assault rifles” so now they use “military-style” rifles. Some guy went nuts with a black pump shotgun a few years back, and thus “law-enforcement-style shotgun” was born. Since “pump shotgun” wasn’t evil enough. Because that’s what Grandpa has had since the 1950s.

        • Ryfyle

          How long till they just say “Spooky SCURY BANG BAD THING!!!”?

          • Pod

            Some of the more rabid lefties already describe AR-pattern rifles as “menacing” and “scary…”

            So I’m guessing “Spooky Scury Bang Bad Thing” is probably not too far down the list..

      • DataMatters

        Yeah, it’s not even worth having the conversation anymore. The media is aligned with big government and wants everyone who doesn’t cave in to their agenda shot on sight. Think Soviet Union.

      • FarmerB

        It’s already clear what the next steps are. An “assault rifle” is morphing from a “military style” semi-auto with scary features into a semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine. The next “assault weapon ban” won’t be like the last one.

  • gunsandrockets

    That 40mm GL is interesting.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      It’s a B&T GL-06 isn’t it?

      • PK

        Looks exactly like that, yes. Rock-solid launcher design.

        • Gunner4guy

          Had to carry a Blooper for a while then got issued a 203 meaning I didn’t have to carry it AND a rifle both plus my .45. If I’d had that Sig back then I might have tried to hold onto it – looks a hell of a lot better. But, the Army giveth and the Army taketh away. Some things never change.

          • PK

            You haven’t seen the M203 replacement, then! Check out the M320A1. It’s an HK launcher, and somewhere between the M203 and B&T (not Sig) 40mm single shot in terms of size while being vastly more useful. Very, very nice system. Far better than the M203 in accuracy/ease of use, too, and a more compact package while being able to be used in more ways for the weight.

          • Gunner4guy

            Nah.. I finally got out just before Desert Shield. We still had M151A2’s among other things, no M240’s or 249’s. After Desert Storm the unit got all re-equipped but I have no idea what the small arms picture looked like after that.
            I managed to trade off my 203 for a straight 16 & dodged the M60 again since I wasn’t a shrimp(little guy gets the MG, big guy gets the rifle…). Still, the M79 was a nice tool and I really didn’t mind the M203 – at least unlike most in the unit, I’d used the 40mm other than on the range. I’ll have to check out the M320A1, thanks for the info!

  • A.WChuck

    Well, thanks are in order to the Spanish UAR for catching this shipment. Very doubtful these were going to some harmless collector here in the States.

  • Richard

    Someone is getting fired.

    • Tritro29

      Some on is getting fired … upon.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Hmm, the mind boggles at the possibilities…

    • FightFireJay

      Even a skookum choocher boggles at this one.

      • Phillip Cooper


      • randomswede

        As a Scandihoovian I’m used to skookum choochers, but I’m thinking someone didn’t keep their duck in a vice.

        • Gunner4guy

          LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

  • Wetcoaster

    Going to be interesting to trace learn the origins of the order and the guns. That’s not exactly a small order, and it’s interesting that the guns were being trans-shipped through Spain. Maybe to avoid the suspicion that a container arriving from say… Iraq might garner

    • nadnerbus

      Tritro up above probably is pretty close to the truth. Some corrupt official in some African government sold off a brigade’s worth of rifles to the highest bidder and hoped no one would notice.

      I seriously doubt Sig had anything to do with it other than the original sale to a government entity.

      • Wetcoaster

        Oh, no doubt. I’m just curious whose personal militia these were laundered from

    • J Garcia Sampedro

      The harbors in that area have always been a big node for smuggling. Tobacco, drugs, guns, people… just choose.

      Barely 5% of containers get inspected, and then only those that stay in-country.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    One manufacturer and hard to find guns that are very expensive. Really makes you wonder what’s going on.

    • Billca

      Educated guess: Stolen from a government armory or depot before they were issued to the locals. In some of those countries greasing palms of late night depot security people isn’t terribly expensive.

  • Whatever

    Whenever I would watch Sons of Anarchy, Jax always said they had a load of Sigs coming in. I thought it seemed a little far fetched, I guess not.
    Is it possible they were going to be De-Milled when they got here?

    • PK

      That’s how “parts kits” come in, for what it’s worth. The whole gun is imported for demilling procedures.

    • Nicholas C

      Possible, but if the recipient is law abiding, why lie on the Bill of Lading?

  • Graham Parkes

    In a perfect world, any arms or ammunition which is attempted to be illegally imported, should be confiscated and donated to a legitimate shooting club for their members enjoyment.

    • DIR911911 .

      donated . . . hahahahahahahahaha that’s good

  • Cattoo

    Both models with folding stocks would make for excellent truck (guns) tools. Be nice to have a truck too.

    • john huscio

      Smuggled Toyota hilux to go with ’em

      • Gunner4guy

        Gonna do that then put a ‘Ma Deuce’ on it or a 20mic-mic. Do it right the first time!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be willing to bet they were to be imported in as parts kits, but someone decided to take a short cut on the paperwork and do the demilling in a bonded warehouse rather than the origin point.

    • DataMatters

      Isn’t that how it is always done?

      • PK

        Almost always unless the demilling was done outside the US to ATF spec… which is incredibly uncommon. Practically speaking, yes, intact guns are imported and then demilled here, before being allowed “out”, unless they’re post-68 import/post-86 dealer samples or destined for a department sale.

    • Julio

      Perhaps not even an actual problem with the paperwork? It might even be desirable (recommended?) to make a shipment of military weapons less visible to the bad guys, and not just to customs, by formally describing it as “gun parts” rather than as “grenade launchers, etc.”
      In any case, IIRC in November last year a shipment of 800 shotguns was stopped by police on its way from Turkey to Belgium amid the post-Bataclan media storm. The fact that it was a legitimate shipment of sporting guns between Browning’s Turkish manufacturer and their distribution hub at Liege barely got a mention of course.
      I know that if I were running an anti-drug-and-gun-running unit the temptation to turn over even a legit shipment would be hard to resist: good PR, a warning to the bad guys, pats on the back all round, next year’s budget a bit more secure… and so what if the consignee gets his shipment late and messed up, he’ll still figure his best interests lie in sucking it up rather than making a public complaint.

  • Ebby123

    Random inspection my ass. Somebody was tipped off.

    That video was the Custom’s equivalent of a Perp Walk for the cameras. They had already opened it, and already knew what was in it long before the cameras started rolling.

    Normally “random inspection” is government-speak for “We discovered this using surveillance technology/sources we don’t want you to know exist”.

    • Tritro29

      Actually it’s more like “some coke-head in Ghana thought it would look perfectly cool to put on the bill of lading that demilitarized weapons were being transferred to the US, through a Spanish port that is known as Druglord Paradise with probably enough information in the bill of Lading that every decent policeman was going to sniff it out like it was the last crystal of cocaine for a krokodil addict”. Something like that.
      Pro-tip for International Transfer of Armament, id you’re going to lie about it, don’t half ass it, lie the whole way. Say it’s pineapples, fruit, t shirts what ever, just not demilitarized weapons, from a country like Ghana.

      And of course they had opened it, otherwise the quality of the footage would be different and you’d see them break the seal on the 20 footer. It’s how they knew it was time to call the TV crew.

      • Nicholas C

        Or they opened it, took a peek and called the news. Too convenient that the GL and Rifle were there when they opened it.

        • Tritro29

          Off course they took a peek, the issue here is what made them took that peek. So basically, it’s like I would tell you man, I’m shipping these totally legit Syrian Watermelons to Louisiana or Texas…Or this coffee from Colombia to Miami…Or these medicinal plants from Herat to Saint Petersburg. Wouldn’t you take a peek there too?

      • Blake

        Dude come on, don’t just spout random drug crap without having the slightest idea of what you’re talking about. First off, standard cocaine is in its salt form; not crystals. Much more importantly, what in the world would a krokodil addict want with cocaine? Krokodil is an opiate, essentially the complete opposite of cocaine. They couldn’t care less about coke, unless it was a large enough sack to sell for krokodil.

        • Tritro29

          …1. It was a sarcastic take on how possibly stupid one had to be to fill that bill of lading the way it was done.
          2. Thank God, I don’t have a deep or personal knowledge about the synthetic crap junkies in my country take to get their “swag” on.
          3. I’m glad you corrected me, think about the children reading that…

          • Blake

            Ignorance breeds ignorance.

          • Tritro29

            Ignorance about what? I Prefer to remain ignorant when it comes to “recreational drugs” made out of paint thinner and stolen prescription drugs. Also I don’t plan on joining the FSB or playing Walter Whitski. So yeah guilty as charged.

          • Blake

            Haha I can tell, as neither cocaine nor krokodil (or any drug ever) are made out of paint thinner. But that’s fine, the line between not having interest in something and gross ignorance and borderline stupidity is when you start talking about them without even a scrap of knowledge.

          • Tritro29

            Krokodil has been traced as containing paint thinner and expired codeine tabs in at least two towns in Siberia. Cocaïne let me say, that you’d be surprised about what people know or don’t know about things especially when they are overtly sarcastic. However “salts” are micro crystals (physics yo) and have the a classical polyhedric shape after purification process. Salts are crystalline objects…

            You took a sarcastic rant at first degree then ran away with it…well turns out you aren’t exactly that enlightened in physics, which is a pre-requisite if you want to have a laugh at my expense.

            But yes, no knowledge…careful friend.

          • Blake

            Once again way way off. Krokodil is made out of codeine, so every sample of it is going to have codeine in it. Paint thinner is used as a solvent, so a careless chemist could end up with some in the end product but that is a far cry from “it’s made of paint thinner”.

            Oh yes, these drug discussions have been full of physics, huh?

          • Tritro29

            So from NO Paint thinner in Krokodil now it’s “off course there will be PT as solvent and maybe a little in it”…And no crystals of coke, but salt (that is actually a crystalline body, so a crystal)…

            Listen, we’ll stay good friends and I’ll forget you tried to play smart ass with me. OK?

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      Most telling is the reaction of the staff, I don’t know anyone who would open a random container and find 40mmgl and a lot of rifles that wouldn’t go bananas over it.

  • Renov8

    I was wondering what happened to my shipment…….rotflmao.

  • john huscio

    My guess is it was a legit order from some country that was diverted into black market channels by a rat inside the procurement department of the buyer’s military. Its not like you can call sig/swissarms and go “hi, I’m Ernesto Hernández, procurement officer for Los Caballeros Templarios Guardia Michoacana, id like to buy X amount of rifles and grenade launchers”.
    As far as Mexico goes, they do little if any business with sig/swissarms, not sure they do much business with Latin America as a whole…..

  • snmp

    Swiss firearms : SAN (SIG) SG 552/Fass 04 -STG04 and B&T GL-06

  • DanGoodShot

    Does anyone else find this a little alarming? How often are rifles and granade launchers smuggled IN to the US? I’m not an expert here, but that just don’t sound like a common occurrence. Was it for the BLM??? CONSPIRACY!!! Seriously though, it’s still a bit alarming.

    • john huscio

      Seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to get small numbers of small arms into the country by simply offloading them onto zodiacs/fishing boats, ect offshore and landing them on deserted beaches to be moved to waiting vehicles a mile or so back from the coast…… coast guard and satellites can’t be everywhere at once…..

    • DataMatters

      No. It would be much easier to equip a group like BLM by just raiding a National Guard armory or intercepting a truck carrying a shipment.

    • ARCNA442

      Do you think that all sorts of illegal weapons and other goods aren’t being smuggled in daily along with the thousands of tons of drugs from South America?

      • DanGoodShot

        I kind of thought it was obvious, but sarcasm sometimes gets lost over the interweb. It was a joke. Things do and always will be smuggled into every country on earth. With that said, this is not typical of what gets smuggled into this country. Well, It’s not as much about “what” it is, its more about the amount. But just to reiterate. My first comment was just a joke, pure sarcasm to be taken lightly. 🙂

    • PK

      “How often are rifles and grenade launchers smuggled IN to the US?”

      By the very nature of illicit movement of goods, nobody knows. Very, very often, if I had to guess. The vast majority of illicit drugs/guns never seem to harm anyone, shockingly enough. I really wouldn’t worry too much about any real significance to this seizure.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Are we sure they’re not just airsoft again? 🙂

    • Nicholas C

      They would not have SIG manuals.

      • Tritro29

        Magazines man, check the magazines.

        • Nicholas C

          I just did. No those are not Airsoft. They have feed lips.

          • Tritro29

            That’s the point. They have real mags, which makes them real guns. While a real Manual doesn’t make that a real gun, (I’ve seen real manuals distributed with demilitarized AK’s, Airsoft ak, alarm Ak’s).
            Granted SigArms isn’t Izhmash but you get my point.

    • Tritro29

      Airsoft from Ghana…

  • TDog

    72 grenade launchers…

    … and not one darned grenade.

    Someone didn’t read the fine print before signing off on that illegal arms deal! 😀

  • Anonymoose

    Looks like Sig’s got some ‘splainin to do.

  • Mystick

    In all fairness, there are private entities in the US that would have legitimate reasons for owning hardware such as this. It could just be a case of a shady shipper.

  • Cal S.

    I bet you those were totally not headed for any of the 22 Al-Qaeda training camps in the US…

    Or Chicago gangs.


    • Nicholas C

      Chicago gangs can’t afford decent guns let alone assault weapons. If they wanted bigger guns they could get AR15s for like $500 if they look carefully. Doubtful these are that cheap.

      • Cal S.

        Unless they’re being handed out…

        True, your average street hood couldn’t afford it. High-Points or whatever they steal is their standard fare. However, there are some big bucks to be had in the drug business. Wouldn’t doubt some of American gang ‘bosses’, or whatever they call them, have their personal security outfitted with these things.

        Although, this may have just been a Fast-and-Furious order that Lynch forgot to tell the Spaniards to let through.

        • Nicholas C

          Still seems like a stretch. And again look at the sheer numbers in the container. 737. No way a drug cartel has 737 personal security. Plus they can just as easily get guns here in the states. No need to try and import these particular Sig rifles or grenade launchers and risk losing the shipment, which happened here.

          • Cal S.

            You just have no imagination…

  • JJTX

    awww such a waste!

  • Kivaari

    Now I wonder how the end user is reacting to his mega-dollar consignment getting stopped.

  • PK

    “Gun control breeds defiance.”

    Bad law (unenforceable proclamations, arbitrary regulations, prohibited items based simply on what they are and not the use) brings contempt on all law.

  • randomswede

    Now if I were to reach into the tinfoil hat for a bit and pull out some things.
    * can afford BT grenade launchers and Sig rifles
    * likes 5.56 but…
    * goes places where being found with an american made weapon would look bad
    * couldn’t/shouldn’t officially be seen buying weapons
    * appreciates weapons that tuck into smallish bags
    * doesn’t mind breaking laws to get the job done

    I’m not saying I believe it to be the case, but I would not be surprised if a three letter agency (or an organization they employ) recently had to reorder some “office supplies” as the last order got lost in the mail.

    If the guns weren’t intended for the US there are better ports to ship your goods through.

    Tinfoil hat or not, someone’s gonna have to tell the kids: christmas is canceled.

    • FarmerB

      Yeah, but why SAN 553? In vehicle terms, it would be like ordering purple Range Rover Evoques instead of white Toyota Land Cruisers. Certainly not flying under the radar.

      • randomswede

        It could be that there’s no “Toyota” option (affordable, reliable and common). You’d also need a nation/company to buy from that will quietly take your money and not ask questions.

        • FarmerB

          Switzerland is a bad place to do that (buy weapons on the quiet) in spite of what all the anti’s say. Albania it ain’t.

          • randomswede

            Still, here’s a container of what looks to be Swiss made arms that at least superficially appear to be bought quietly.

    • john huscio


    • mig1nc

      Let me borrow your tinfoil hat for a moment.

      I’m thinking another ATF Fast & Furious style operation to make guns, the gun industry, and gun owners look bad to make them easier to ban. Or maybe worst case scenario – gear for a false flag op.

      It’s too early for this. I need my coffee.

      • Billca

        My first two thoughts were another F&F supply run for cartels or clandestine arms shipment to be turned around for the M.E. or Africa by some “approved contractor.”

        The problem is it doesn’t fit for another F&F plan. For another F&F scheme to work you have to show a paper trail from U.S. sources. That would mean selling to retail FFLs from some distributor (.gov shell company). Then when recovered south of the border the story withstands scrutiny.

        But it does fit with the approved contractor idea. Said contractor procures arms that get shipped to people clandestinely supported by a 3-letter agency as “farm machinery parts” or some such. Contractor gets a broker’s fee for the job plus whatever he can skim.

        • mig1nc

          I think it would be easier to ship directly to your final destination. Especially if you did not want to trace it back here.

    • 11b

      They wouldn’t get them sent on a cargo container, they have private planes for exactly this purpose registered to shell companies. Seriously, it’s how those agencies transfer men and materiel discretely all over the globe.

      • randomswede

        I had that thought as well, but dismissed it for three reasons:
        1) It didn’t fit in my tinfoiled scenario, confirmation bias or artistic liberty for the sake of humor, pick one.
        2) They’d need a big plane, it’s over 2.5 metric tons of wares, big planes are more scarce and harder to hide in every way, though they could have taken more than one trip of course.
        3) Arrogance or ignorance, they simply assumed no one would check before the US customs and they could have “agents” there.

        If it had worked it would have been simple, cheap and discreet. A quick googling tells me more than 6 million containers enters the US every year or ~17000 a day.

        • Billca

          2.5 metric tons doesn’t require a big plane. Bigger than a Cessna for sure, but a Gulfstream 550 executive jet would be just fine.

          • randomswede

            It would have to be a cargo modified 550 to take the bulk, but it is indeed a weak argument, like I said they could just do three round trips.

          • Billca

            I worked for a freight company for over a decade. A couple of times we leased charter jets to move freight when heavier airlift wasn’t available in time. Take a charter Lear/Gulfstream/Cessna Citation, unbolt the seats, lay down some cardboard to protect any carpeting and start loading. The trick would be making sure your load didn’t move the CG too far aft or to one side.

  • So, ISIS sleeper cells imported as “refugees” from Syria will be armed with swiss grenade launchers. Nice to know what we are up against. I’m guessing they will try again with another shipment. I can see simultaneous deployment of these weapons on soft targets and gun free zones to create absolute bedlam. Have you bought your body armour yet boys? We are seconds to midnight.

    • 11b

      You didn’t just drink the koolaid, you stuck your whole face in and pounded 13 gallons of it.

  • G0035

    Can anyone make out the full container number? It looks like KU997742 although that’s missing two letters in the beginning and one numeral. There could be an H before the KU.

    • G0035

      Looks like NRKU or NAKU as the prefix, but still can’t figure out the seventh number.

  • The second photo’s camera angle makes it look like the inspector has a grenade launcher mounted to his sunglasses, and now I need to update my Christmas List.

  • Andrea F.

    Nice find, exquisite gun taste. I would gladly offer these Swiss refugees a new home in my gun safe.

  • 11b

    That’s a garbage source of news and you should be embarrassed to cite it.

  • TominCA

    The agent on the left needs a magazine for his Glock it to be truly effective

  • Jakob Stagg

    I wonder how much it cost Obama to have ATF set this up and coordinate it?

  • MAS

    Surely they weren’t going to bring them to the USA? Why that would be illegal and we know the black market (is that racist?) only operates in third word countries and all. >snerk<

  • FarmerB

    No, I think they’re SIG 30 rounders or a copy of same – and they’re well different to the G36 magazines (I have both) – for instance, the SIG ones are rock-in and the G36 are not. Similarly, those FX-05 magazines have the knobs of the left of the magazine, and the SIG has it on the right (same as the photo at top).

  • Vorant

    The end destination was most likely a C.A.I.R. warehouse…..

  • Lanette Atkins

    I thought it was interesting that the manual indicated it was an assault rifle and wondered if that is how this firearm would be referred to as?

  • jay

    Not to mention all those mechanically inclined, experimenting on their own designs…. ;-}


    • This is not politics. This is explaining how MAO overthrew China.

  • Tim Barrera

    Oh those poor orphaned 553s!!!! Someone needs to setup an adoption fund so that they can go to loving homes where they will be well fed and loved! Put me down for 5!

  • steve

    so do they have any idea who these were headed to? they should have left the container (full of something else maybe) tried to see what would happen when delivered, or who it would go to. imagine if that was going to terrorists in the u.s.? how much damage they could do in a city if they had that many people to wield those guns and grenade launchers(not necessarily every one, but even just 15 or 20 of them in a crowded city, or say times Square at new years?)
    or is it possible they werectus going to drug dealers?(though I can’t imagine what drug dealers in the u.s. would buy a crate like this, maybe some mexican, or south/Central American cartel, but then why go through the huge risk of bringing it through the u.s.?

  • steveday72

    Probably a delayed shipment for Sen. Leland Yee.

  • Wolff

    I’m convinced that these weapons and other shipments that weren’t caught are going to Muslim immigrants. There’s a reason why local law enforcement is told to treat Muslim enclaves as no-go zones. Impeach them all. Start over.