Lasers, Minigun, & A Huey = Awesomeness

B.E. Meyers posted this video up on their Facebook Page. The Predator intro sums up one’s feelings of this video. Copious amounts of machismo and testosterone. Also a whole lot of awesomeness.

B.E. Meyers makes the infrared laser that is used to help aim the mini gun.


The IZLID Ultra is mounted to a M134 Dillon Aero Minigun which is mounted inside a Huey.

Nicholas C

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  • Phillip Cooper

    I love how the barrels rapidly go white-hot in this footage. Cool stuff.

  • claymore

    And the green finger of death reaches out and touches you.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “How can you shoot women and children like that??”

    “Easy. You just dont lead em’ as much!”

    • Gary Kirk

      “Get some”

      • M.M.D.C.

    • Martin M

      If they run, they’re VC…..

      • Gary Kirk

        “If they don’t run, they’re well trained VC”

  • 1911a145acp

    Awesome and fun to watch, but,when someone is shooting back at you hanging out the door of your un-armored UH-1……probably not so much…….

  • Blackhawk

    Since the only times I’ve shot a mini-gun were in daylight and from fixed mount OH-58 and turret mount Cobra, I guess I don’t see the utility of an infrared laser to “help aim.” As anyone can see from the video (or ANY video of a multibarrel gun firing) the tracers show you where you’re hitting and it doesn’t take much effort – at 2000 rpm – to put the rounds on target. Cool factor, perhaps?

    • CommonSense23

      When were the kiowas ever armed with a mini?
      And the door gunner in the 160 are easily able to provide danger close cad with the first burst on target with the minis.

      • noob

        fixed mount – that means you attach the m134 onto the M27 Armament Subsystem which then points along with the helicopter’s longitudinal axis.

        the utility of the laser might be if you decided for whatever reason to not use tracers, or to only use NVG compatible dim tracers and you wanted to avoid having to walk the rounds onto the target in the dark.

        • milesfortis

          That last half of your sentence has great significance in the unit that I retired from.

        • Secundius

          So the Alternative, is to Have What You’re Shooting At. Is To Walk Back THEIR Returning Fire to the Light Source. Sounds Like “Circular Logic”…

          • noob

            The Izlid can be set to emit only in IR. if the enemy doesn’t have night observation devices and you are using an IR laser and dim tracers you are at a huge advantage.

            Plus sometimes friendlys are close so you want that first round to be on target and not have to explain a fraticide.

          • Secundius

            That’s alway assuming that the Enemy DOESN’T Have “IR Gear” of Their Own…

  • Jar-Head

    Man… I pray I’m never on the “smile wait till flash” business end of a M134 Dillion Aero! Those boys know how to engineer weapons! I’m glad they are on the side of the Good Ol’ USA! There isn’t a better company or customer service group for civilian sales either… They take care of those who proudly support our RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Now if I could talk them in to selling me a M134 for cheap, so I could afford the government paper work, that would be awesome. I know I’d at least be able to fire it twice. Once before I mortgage my house and once after. Keep up the good work firearmblog! Loving all the article, pics, and vid clips.