Hogue Inc: “Wells Fargo Refused Our Business Due to Weapons Manufacture.”

Over the last weekend of July 2016 Hogue Inc. posted a statement on their Facebook page outlining their experience with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is one of the largest banking institutions in the country. The bank was founded in 1852 and is quite well known for its logo which depicts an old time West stagecoach. The stagecoach logo originally depicted one of the drivers armed with a coach gun, something historically accurate specifically to the bank. Wells Fargo is the reason the term “coach gun” was created; the company’s drivers carried the double-barreled shotguns for protection on runs spanning thousands of miles. Then there was the 1950s television series “Tales of Wells Fargo” based on the life of real-life Wells Fargo detective Fred J. Dodge. In the television show Dodge became character Jim Hardie who was played by actor Dale Robertson, and the t..v. bank detective spent his role armed. And, of course, there used to be checks issued by the bank depicting an armed cowboy galloping his horse towards – or perhaps away from – some unseen thing (speaking as a former Wells Fargo customer, I can say I do remember those checks).

This is the post that was made by Hogue Inc. on July 29th:


Here’s the text of the post:

“THIS JUST IN: We were just informed that Wells Fargo Bank would not do business with us, refusing to provide their services based on the fact that we manufacture “weapons” (aka knives). Incredibly, this refusal came after THEY initially pursued us to gain our business. Once we had decided to go with Wells Fargo, they then pulled the plug saying they could not provide their services since we manufacture weapons…Needless to say, we are shocked and confused – considering their logo is a stagecoach and driver with a shotgun too! We felt we needed to inform the firearm and knife community of this discriminatory stance Wells Fargo has taken. Please share.

There has been a serious increase in the number of banks refusing to do business with firearms industry companies. It’s too bad the industry doesn’t have its own banking institution. I’m sure they’d do phenomenal business both within the industry itself and by opening up to personal banking accounts. What do you think?

Visit Hogue’s website (and maybe give them some business) at www.hogueinc.com

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Well, that’s goofy because Hogue clearly doesn’t make guns.. However…

    I’m not going to take my business elsewhere, I enjoy the mobile deposits of checks and envelope-less deposits too much.

    • FLdeepdiver

      I bank with Chase, and they have the same features.

      • Cymond

        We have both Chase and WF (plus I have BBT). For some reason, we can’t get the Chase app to focus the camera correctly, but WF has no problem.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Because literally no other bank in the industry offers those services.

    • Vhyrus

      Unfortunately I’m in the same boat. WF has treated me way too well to switch over this, especially since it is actually the gov forcing these banks to institute these policies.

      • Greg Anderson

        The gov forcing banks to dance to a certain tune? That sounds like a cop out, since we all know which direction that power runs in our society.

        • XANI

          This is European way, non democraticaly elected people rules de UNion.

    • John

      Look at your local credit unions. Mine has zero problem with depositing checks by taking pictures of them with a smartphone.

    • CS

      If you read the screenshot of the post by Hogue inc, it says “KNIVES”.

    • Kelly Jackson

      According to Wells Fargo Hogue makes knives and that was their objection.

  • Count_Iblis

    Operation “choke hold” in action.

  • Scotty Benedict

    I highly recommend BB&T, They are good people, not Cali Commies.

    • QuadGMoto

      Uh, no. They openly and proudly support Obama’s immigration lawlessness. We left them because of that after they gobbled up my old bank.

    • Fourth Reich

      better off under your mattress- it pays the same 0% interest rate on your savings

  • Joseph Goins

    Nice to know. Too bad they haven’t looked closely at Wells Fargo’s logo as there is no shotgun.

    • Tim

      I’ll be damned. You’re both right…
      ” The stagecoach logo originally depicted one of the drivers armed with a coach gun, …”

  • gunsandrockets

    Dumped Wells Fargo decades ago, not long after they gobbled up my local bank. Wells Fargo played all kinds of abusive games with my checking account, games which my previous bank never indulged in.

    • kzrkp

      same. little bits of money started disappearing to arbitrary fees not covered in their literature. scummy institution.

  • LazyReader

    Wells Fargo, who protect their armored vehicles with… FIREARMS

  • Bill

    I wonder if there is something else at play here – I’m confident Wells Fargo does business with any number of weapons or defense industry members, it’s pretty big field.

    Or maybe I’ve caught Trump Disease and imagine conspiracies and evil intent in everything.

  • Brick

    Chase is the same way.

    • Mac

      Chase is horrible.

      • smartacus

        agreed. Chase is WF on crack

    • desertcelt

      Show me proof Chase is anti gun and I’ll switch banks.

    • NiteGoat

      Chase is the effing Devil.

  • Cymond

    As an institution, WF is super shady. I went in for a checking account, to make it easier to pay rent (landlord had WF). Somehow, in the fleet of papers, they signed me up for a savings account that i never requested, and they never explicitly asked. They also have a reputation for nasty things to maximize fees from checking accounts, like reordering transactions to generate more overdraft fees, but that’s never happened to me.

    However, our local WF mortgage guy was super friendly and helpful (plus a lower interest rate), so we went with WF for our preapproval.

    • Tim

      I can confirm Wells Fargo fee abuse

    • If I have an overdraft at my credit union, they automatically deduct any overage from my savings account to cover it. If my savings don’t cover it, they automatically apply a low interest loan for $250. If that still doesn’t cover it, they just decline the charge.

      To Hell with banks.

  • John

    I advise that Hogue–and everyone else–take their business to a federally-insured credit union or VERY local bank as soon as you are able to do so.

    You don’t want to be connected with known international money launderers for drug cartels anyway.

    That’s undoubtedly why Wells Fargo pursued, then dropped, doing any business with you. Their own liability.

    • It is frankly insane for anyone who has access to a credit union to do their banking at an actual bank. Individual bad examples surely exist, but credit unions in general are an infinitely superior way to manage one’s finances.

    • NiteGoat

      That’s what I did. After moving from Detroit to San Diego back in 2005, I closed my Credit Union account (located in Detroit) and opened a BOA account. BOA was where my then employer’s checks were drawn. After his business flopped and BOA became more and more ruthless with their money stealing schemes (fees), I closed my account and went back to a local credit union. Eveything’s been perfect since.

      My CU is Point Loma Credit Union in San Diego, in case there are any San Diegans interested.

  • So what guns does Hogue make?

    • Spencerhut

      Knives, this is over knives.

  • Gary Kirk

    Navy federal.. Never had a problem.. He’ll, they’d probably give me a loan to go by a firearm..

    • NiteGoat

      I was just speaking with my wife about that last night after watching a local CU commercial about how easy it is to get a loan from them. I said “What if I walked into that CU and asked for a loan for firearms, a generator and some quads?” “Do you think they would approve the loan?”

      • Gary Kirk

        Depends on how you were to word that, and your credit.. I know i can go in and get an unsecured personal loan for around 10k no problems..

  • Gunslinger

    Well they are based in San Francisco…. The city that ran every gun dealer out of business and is the land of NUTS, FLAKES and a whole bunch of FRUITS…Nuf said


    • Fox Hunter

      And controlled by perverts/deviants/ sexual anarchists, sodom by the sea.

  • O-S

    Boycott, boycott, boycott. Money is the only thing that these clowns understand.
    Go USAA bank.

    • Mmmtacos

      I was going to mention USAA as well. I’m sure they would be friendly to firearms businesses, or any of the other military-based banks out there.

      But not all those that need to open a checking account have served or are related to those who serve (or in the case of USAA: a resident of San Antonio).

      • Mojopin

        USSA has pretty strict enrollment requirements and I do not believe they actually offer business checking verse personal checking

    • AlDeLarge

      I can’t recommend USAA enough. I wish I would’ve started banking with them long before I did.

  • Will

    Consider contacting local American Indian owned banks/casinos.
    I BELIEVE the Lakota offered to bail out Colt but Colt went elsewhere.
    Wouldn’t that have been ironic?

  • Fourth Reich

    banks claiming the moral high ground- it would be funny if it wasn’t so repulsive

  • Kyle

    I’d sooner stuff my money under my mattress than do business with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo was pretty deep into the subprime mortgage market in the mid 2000s. Frankly they did Hogue a favor. They can now find a better bank to do business with.

  • n0truscotsman

    Yet they have no problem holding dope money from the Mexican cartels, you know, the same kinda fellas that behead people, torture kidnapped victims, and murder with impunity.


    So pardon me while I remain skeptical of their new found morality

    • Fox Hunter

      what morality? these people are baby murdering, deviant/other-than-hetero coddling, gun grabbing liberals, they have no morality, they think they are gods.

    • Paul X

      They shouldn’t have any problem with it – unless you want banking to be part of the police state. Personally, I’d rather they stayed out of it. Personally, I already lost about $10,000 to the federal government merely because the bank I was using for my savings account was alleged – with no proof – to be favored by drug lords (a made-up crime by the very same enforcers). Google “1mdc”.

      Try supporting liberty. That way you can avoid inconsistency.

      • n0truscotsman

        If holding dope money is going to be an acceptable thing, then why the sanctimonious bullshitting around with gun companies? thats my point.

        And with drug legalization, you wouldn’t have the sort of double standards and government/banking kerfuffles that have become so commonplace.

  • n0truscotsman

    All under the most ‘transparent administration in history’ of course (*spits*)

  • I still haven’t forgotten WF’s roles in the S&L Crisis and Subprime Mortgage Crisis, so they could already go to Hell and stay there.

    Garbage like this is part of why my financial institution is Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, named for Randolph AFB and Brooks AFB, the Air Force bases it was created to serve. Unlike WF, they’ve never been sued by investors or the federal government for fraud.

  • Hell of a competition, there.

    • John Yossarian

      Certainly – Wells Fargo seems to have just stepped out from behind the cover of the Federal Reserve System while they committed these particular crimes against humanity.

  • Ceiling Cat

    Oh looks, hook nosed bankers trying to screw over businesses. And we will be crucified for criticizing. How “unusual”.

    • smartacus

      it’s worse than you think.
      when i reminded them of Ilya Ehrenburg openly ordering the extermination of the German Race, they call him a hero! Not even hiding it anymore because nobody can stop them.

      They are going to win. They are going to subjugate our children into becoming their slaves and there is nothing left to stop them.

      • Ceiling Cat

        Stop with the defeatism. The only thing that will help the hook nosed semites win are the neocon here. And lord knows they have no balls.

  • xani

    I know the “Firearms, not politics) but its a politic article.I like USA, and politely, What is happening to UUSS, you were free country, and now your country its closser to resemble Europe (social controled weak men easy to invade vassals country where non democratically elected people rules the union ).Im European, and i dont like what is happening here. P.D. Im an not any tipe of extremist.
    If Wells Fargo renounces his past, maybe
    should disown the benefits obtained in the past.
    USA is a special country for me and for a lot of people in the world that like this peculiar freedom project.

  • XANI

    Do Wells Fargo meke bussines with Lockheed Martin??

    • XANI

      “make” Sorry

  • Pontificant

    Well… That’d make Wells Fargo a tease

  • RicoSuave

    Funny.. Wells Fargo recently had to pay over a billion dollars in fines and settlements for their mortgage violations. Yeah, WFB has a “high” moral standing.

  • Sermon 7.62

    Posted 19 hours ago in AK-47 / AK-74 / Everything AK

  • Wanderlust

    Kind of sad one of the world’s largest banks resorts to this. I wonder if ally would do the same, at least one can make decent interest with them

  • Fox Hunter

    first guns, then knives, what next martial arts? self defense itself? to hell with these libturds.

  • retrocon

    Go local if you can, but Dodd-Frank is designed to eliminate the small institutions, and create a pseudo-monopoly of a few large banks. WF, BofA, Chase, etc.

    At that point, Chokehold becomes universal. It’s the plan, along with Cloward-Piven, conceived at Obama’s old alma-mater. One more election, folks, and …

  • Jia Li

    I, for one, am skeptical that Wells Fargo Bank did this out of their “anti-gun principle”. Doesn’t it seem fishy that they courted Hogue with tempting offers and then suddenly dropped them? Ask yourself why would a business refuse a reputable & profitable big client?

    I believe the answer lies with our anti-2A government. They have “ways” of making ANY business compliant to their often not so implied threats. One of these I know is called “auditing”. Don’t listen to the government and continue to do business with arms industry? Guess what? Various agencies in control of your trade will start knocking on your door. If you think IRS audit is bad, imagine if they do that quarterly to you. The resource drain and stress is more than enough to “discourage” banks from doing business with such “un-savory” industries.

  • Ron Morton

    I find this disturbing.
    I do business with this bank it now I am concerned about making firearms related purchases through any of my accounts.
    Do they segregate or otherwise compile these purchases and if so, what might they be doing with the information?
    I dont like having to live this way.

  • thomas

    They should lose their FDIC insurance since they are a federal backed institution and making weapons is not against there law. Wouldn’t this fall under discrimination?

    • smartacus

      yes it is discrimination.

    • Imelda

      But then there’s that 0bama DOJ– laws are meaningless.

  • Rodney Steward

    More Obama butt kissers, and it’ll be the same or worse under Clinton!

  • yourmomsplaytoy

    Adding them to the list of companies not to do business with. I am going to send them an email too. Give your business to local credit unions and local banks who will loan you money and treat you with respect.

    • Imelda

      …and pay you more than .001% interest on your savings.

  • Aint So

    Wells Fargo, once an American Icon, has morphed into a creepy sick agenda driven morally bankrupt Gollumesque figure of its former self. Avoid them as I have done for years, leaving them to the inevitable end result of their self serving corruption.

  • That guy

    Cabella’s, your original calling is showing

  • Nick

    “It’s too bad the industry doesn’t have its own banking institution.”

    Except now there is after Bank of America pulled the same stunt with McMillan around 4 years ago – McMillan ended up creating their own bank

  • Schmiss

    Why would you ever trust a bank? Banking is an immoral institution.

  • will_ford

    The very reason I bought new HOGUE Grip and will buy a few more soon.

  • RICH

    Hopefully ‘Wells Fargo’ will loose a noticeable amount of business due to its’ blatant discrimination against Hogue, Inc. !

  • sanman99

    Wells Fargo screwed my elderly parents years ago, I would NEVER do business with them EVER!!! interest rate of 10% on a mortgage they were paying on time for many years. Rates dropped dramatically which would have cut their very fixed income payment in half. They refused due to lack of income due to being retired, on SS and small pensions. F**K Wells Fargo. Hogue go do business with a small community bank that will appreciate your business. Go to heII Wells Fargo…

  • Paul X

    These days, banks are just another branch of the US government. Par for the course…

  • william Grubel

    Time to stop selling firearms to their armed guards and disarm anybody who works or contracts with them. Let them move money around by unarmed couriers. It’ll be fun to watch how long that lasts. Also time to boycott them entirely.

  • NiteGoat

    BOA is also the effing Devil. Closed my account there many many years ago. Went back to a local Credit Union.

  • parabellum

    What else might be expected from a San Francisco-based company? I have been solicited by WF for merchant services several times. I’ve had to educate the sales drone on his employer’s history and reputation as it relates to its violations of certain civil rights, and inform them that I’m not going to be set up to have the rug pulled out from under me by them at the time of their choosing. (My black list also includes Chase and Bank de Amerigo).