Colt Introduces The CE2000 Expanse Carbine

Colt has introduced another rifle in their Expanse budget rifle lineup with a second model more in line with what shooters expect when buying a carbine AR-15. Just before SHOT Show 2016 Colt announced that they would be building a budget rifle that had a planned MSRP of just $699 to directly compete with some of the best selling carbines on the market. We have one of the CE1000 rifles in for review, and at a glance, it is nothing short of impressive. The amount of quality that we were able to purchase for under $600 street price is nothing short of outstanding.


Colt listened to dealers and found that buyers really wanted to be able to buy the Expanse with a Colt installed forward assist and dust cover installed from the factory. The two new parts added will boost the MSRP from $699 on up to $749, a hefty price for a forward assist and dust cover, but many buyers will be happy to pay the increase to skip installing the parts.

Both the CE1000 and CE2000 are chambered in 5.56 NATO, feature a 16.1″ 1:7 non-chrome lined barrel, an A2 style pinned front sight, DI carbine length gas system, a four position collapsible stock, and a Colt M4 Marked lower receiver.


It appears the new carbine is currently sitting on shelves at retailers, I would expect the street price to be closer to $640 to $660 when they become more common on the shelves. I am really excited to see Colt embrace the lower priced AR market with more than one choice for budget-minded buyers. You can learn more by clicking HERE to visit the Colt website.

Patrick R

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  • Mike N.

    I’m curious how this is different from a 6920 and whether the cost differential is justified. Only thing that I can tell is the barrel profile is different (no M203 cut in the barrel profile).

    • MemorableC

      6920 has a chromed bore to start with.

  • Bob

    Non chrome lined even though at least Smith, Ruger and Armalite all have some form of a treated barrel. Pass.

    • Shooting a bunch of corrosive ammo through your AR?

      • Frank

        no, but you’re shooting a high velocity round that will wear down a barrel that doesn’t have any sort of treatment or finish that will increase barrel life.

        • How many people are going to really put down the 6,000+ rounds where it might begin to matter? 99.44% of the people who buy this won’t put more than 2,000 rounds through it in it’s lifetime.

          • Frank

            It devalues the colt name imo. That was always the baseline for a durable military grade rifle. Why would someone who only puts a hundred rounds out of it a year bother buying this over a ruger for much less.

          • You said it, would you rather have a Colt or a Ruger. They are buying a name. People buy BOSE speakers even though they are crap, they trade on a reputation they haven’t had in 40 years, but people want to own and be seen owning BOSE because of the perceived brand equity.

          • Kurt Akemann

            I’d rather have the barrel durability and not need it as opposed to needing the durability and not having it.

      • AirborneSoldier

        I wont have a non lined barrel or chamber either.

    • Nicks87

      A 4150 CMV barrel is going to be just as wear resistant as a chrome lined barrel and it will be more accurate. If you aren’t out in the field for weeks at a time you probably don’t need a chrome lined barrel anyway. That being said, treatments like melonite sound like the future of bore lining and 416 stainless is my personal preference but you get what you pay for IMO.

  • Pistolero

    Good deal for the AR virgin. I’d prefer a 6920 for $750 (no furniture but c’mon, you’re gonna Magpul it up anyway).

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The 6920 is just so much the better deal. It’s a real Colt, as where this thing, is likely Anderson with a Colt logo on it.

      There are worse guns no doubt (Core15, etc) but I just don’t see why anyone would buy this over the 6920 OEMs.

      • Andrew

        You need to check current prices. The 6920 is now selling for $900-950. With the Expanse selling for $200-250 less than the 6920 that is a good deal.

  • TX

    At $650 street I think it’s an “OK deal”. If they could get this down to a ~$500-550 street price, Colt would appropriate a sizable chunk of the entry-level market. As it stands, the price is too close to the 6920 OEM model which I would wager would also hold it’s value better compared to the Expanse models. The tough part is that they are just so late to the party with these entry models (and arguably Ruger was too with the AR-556).

    • Andrew

      Totally unrealistic prices. A $500 street price would make it the cheapest AR on the market. Do you seriously think this Expanse should sell for less than a DPMS Oracle?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Same with the CE1000, it’s not actually a Colt. I’d really run not walk from this.

  • olivehead

    The OEM1 is a stripped down LE6920 (no handguards, buttstock, trigger guard, or rear sight, but does include the grip, which is needed to hold the safety/selector detent and spring in place). For about $100 you can add the missing parts to the OEM1 (M4 handguards, M4 buttstock, Magpul rear MBUS, and trigger guard of your choice) and have a LE6920 for $100 less than MSRP of a from-the-factory complete 6920. The Expanse in either available version (CE1000 without FA and DC or the CE2000 with both) shares (in some cases) the lower receiver (but not the FCG) with a 6920 and definitely does not share the upper, including the barrel (1/7 twist, heavy profile, not chrome lined) with the 6920. I’m not sure if the BCG in the Expanse is the same part as found in the 6920, but it is a FA bolt marked MPI like those found in the 6920.

  • TC

    It sucks to be a Colt advertising writer. How many times can you try to pass off a slightly different version of an AR15 or 45 acp as being an ‘exciting new model’? The pistol design is over 100 years old and the rifle is at least 60. Maybe they could come out with a good bullpup or a polymer framed striker fired pistol.

  • olivehead

    Other than being a 1/7 twist, I don’t see any advantage to the Expanse barrel over the Smith or similar, and most in the market for an AR in this price range will be fine with the 1/9 or 1/8 twist. Having checked out about 4-5 samples each of the CE1000 and 2000, I’d say the only guaranteed Colt parts (meaning in common with the 6920) are the actual lower receiver (assuming you get a LE serial number and not a CE) and the buffer tube.

  • SlowJoeCrow

    At this price they are clearly relying on the Colt name to sell since they are still too churlish to throw in the $40 retail Magpul rear sight that S&W and Ruger include for free. I feel no regrets over buying an M&P 15 Sport II with a 1:8 twist nitride treated barrel, and a full set of sights, especially since mine was $549 slightly used. I’d also seriously consider the AR556 with a chf barrel at the $650 price point. If I had $900-1000 to spend, then a pukka Colt or FN is more attractive than a priced down sort of a Colt.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Yep, they’re going out of business again.

  • Alex

    This and the outsourced Colt competition guns are the dumbest thing Colt has ever done for their AR-15 product line.

  • Sam

    Is this line a joke?

    “…at a glance, it is nothing short of impressive.”

    Colt has no idea what they’re doing. All of their rifles are outdated by at least a decade.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      The Expanse that I have for review is a rather nice rifle given the sub-600 dollar price point. I would put quality above every other rifle I have handled that has a street price south of $600.

      • Daniel Elardo

        Have you at least compared it to the M&P15 Sport II that sells around $600? I wouldn’t exactly put the Colt above it

    • Joshua

      Outdated how?

  • Jim

    I like my Ruger 556. Costs around $650 or less and it already has the forward assist, Dust cover, BUIS, and chrome-moly barrel. I did spend an extra $40 for a Magpul M-loc handguard!

  • Curious_G

    Then they would need to fire everyone that had them make revolvers again (assuming you aren’t talking about a whole new design), since a Python would cost nearly $2k.

    • RocketScientist

      Probably more… but so what?? They already sell in the used market for that much (or a LOT higher for one in near-new condition or a rare version). If they were anywhere in the same realm for fit/finish and quality, I can GUARANTEE you Colt would sell every one they could produce at 2k.

      • Curious_G

        Guarantee? Suddenly the revolver market would reappear? You are out of your mind.

        • RocketScientist

          I’ll use small words since your reading comprehension seems about on par with a 4th grader’s. I was no talk about ALL revolver market. I was talk about only COLT PYTHON. And even then only COLT PYTHON if built as good as old colt python. I know colt python built that good sell for 2,000 dollar, because colt python built that good, then used for 20 year, STILL sell for 2,000 dollar. Or even more dollar than 2,000 dollar. If could make NEW colt python, just like OLD colt python, why would not sell for same or more than OLD used colt python?

          Korth plan on sell new revolver price 3,000 or 4,000 dollar. 100 each month, maybe 200 each month. No one in america know Korth. Everyone in america know Colt Python.

          • Curious_G

            Well aren’t you a special little fellow – clearly an astute businessman as well. Clearly you have figured out something that no one else has. In an age rife with custom hand fit 1911s, NO ONE (including Colt) has identified it as a viable market. You are smarter though. Smarter than every manufactuerer and investor out there. Good grief. But I am the one with a reading comprehension issue.

            By the way, someone talking about reading comprehension should not put this gem of a “sentence” on display: “Korth plan on sell new revol ver price 3,000 or 4,000 dollar. 100 each month, maybe 200 each month. No one in america know Korth. Everyone in america know Colt Python.” You must be a North Korean rocket scientist.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Put the lightweight barrel on it and ill buy one.